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The Haunted House (part 11)

The Haunted House (Part 11) Ritu was at home, she didn’t have much work. So went to bedroom to sleep. She opened the cupboard to get her night dress as her saree was heavy. As she opened the cupboard she moved backward with horror. White face of Aina with red eyes was in front of […]

The Haunted House (Part 10)

The Haunted House (Part 10) “What was that? How it can be? There can’t be two Aina?” Ravi was also confused when Ritu told him the whole incident. “That bad Aina was frightened to see the other Aina” Ritu differentiated both by judging the incident. “I hope we get rid of both Aina. I don’t […]

Country-which require everything free

Country-which require everything free I read a story in childhood. Once there was a king who knew how to make gold out of iron. He made a lot of gold and start distributing to his people. Everyone was happy as without doing anything they were getting money. So every person stopped working and started to […]

Story of a CA (Part 11 Final Part)

for previous part, please click here This time Parkash really worked hard. He and Divya decided to work together for study. Divya’s attempt was in next time but she was taking coaching from now on. So they both made a plan, Parkash was good with finance, tax and Law, Divya was superb with Audit, accounts […]

Visiting Jaipur?-Think again.

Visiting Jaipur?-Think again. Last week I was in Jaipur-Pink City of India, one of the most visiting cities in India. That’s why I was not publishing anything last week.  If you are also planning to visit Jaipur then think again. You are planning to make a dream tour but corruption and cheat people can spoil […]

A Strange Love Story

A strange love story Suhash was again upset, his father again shouted on him in the morning. Suhash was a post graduate and didn’t get a job according to his degree. But he was not lazy he was a hard working guy. He found a job in Civil Hospital. He was morgue keeper. His work […]

The Lost Highway (part 2 of 2)

The Lost Highway They found people were coming to them running. It was clear that they were Sarpanch’s men. Mohini caught Karan’s hand and run to one side. Rohit and Ramesh followed them. Mohini was from same village so she knew all streets and shortcuts. She was changing the streets quickly. Rohit got his leg […]

The Lost Highway (Part 1 of 2)

The Lost Highway Karan and Rohit were going to their grandfather. It was May and their college was closed for summer vacation. Both were in college Karan was elder and Rohit was 2 years younger. Their parents also wanted to come with them but their father got a urgent work at office so he didn’t […]