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The Haunted House (Part 9)

The Haunted House (Part 9) When she got this clue she became restless. Yes, it was only a view by glimpse of her dream but she accused Ravi due to that dream also. So it was clear to her that there is something wrong because if that dream was true then it must be true […]

Story of a CA (Part 10)

Next day they all went to office early because Mr. Ganesh was coming today. Prakash was not ready but it was necessary so there was no other option. Prakash’s phone beeped in the way, he checked this was message from Divya. This time it was not forwarded message. Good Morning, I don’t know what is […]

The Haunted House (Part 8)

The Haunted House (Part 8)   Next day, Meera came after Ravi went to office. She was happy because that Tantrik was ready to help. Ritu told her to ask him to come. Meera called to her husband. He messaged the tantrik. The tantric Baba Prachandnath came to home. He was average size, dark color […]