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Archives for: September 2015

The Curse (Part 10)

The Curse (part 9) At night he woke up due to his hunger. He was on his bed. He saw the mirror which was right side of his bed, he was looking normal. From internal he knew that he will be converted soon but whether he converts every time he feed? Nooooooooo. He seems normal […]

The Curse (Part 9)

The Curse (Part 9) There was police outside his home. How dare policemen come near to his home? Whether they have got some clue about his night eating work? He needs to ask them. He stopped the jeep outside the gate as there was no way to enter. A policeman came near and tells him […]

Inside-Out (Part 6)

INSIDE-OUT PART-6 DON’T KNOW WHY TEARS BURST OUT WHENEVER I TRY TO LAUGH FROM HEART KID had no one to back with suggestions about which stream of education to go (Science, arts or commerce) or which college to select (there were three colleges in the city). Even the carrier path was unclear. The only way […]