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A small Love Story

A small love story

I was shifted to Ambala from New Delhi. New Job was better than old. That’s why I changed my job to a small city. This was not the first experience for me to live in a small city. In my job I have travelled almost all over India and some cities were smaller than Ambala. So basically I didn’t have any problem in shifting but this point gave me a certain hike in my salary.

Company provided me car to go to office and come back. On exact 8:45 am company driver Jagmohan was ready with car on my doorstep. On the way I usually try to remember shops so that on any requirement. Routine was set and I was happy with new boring, scheduled and satisfied life. Don’t you think satisfaction is really strange? When you don’t need anything more I mean you are satisfied then you get bored in life. Everything is scheduled, fix and great. But where is the charm or excitement? Human need something new in life, it is human nature.  Work was good, office timing were fixed so no late sitting like my old company. Salary was good and timely so no financial problem. To sum up all I was satisfied with my life.

In the way to my company I was crossing almost whole city. There was a small school in my way. School timing were almost same with my office timing so everyday my car was stopped on that point because students crossing the road. Like a normal day when my car was stopped near the school I saw a girl and a boy chatting. It was a normal thing near a school but the girl was from school as she was wearing her uniform and boy was older I think he was in a college. The girl would be in 10th class and boy probably in graduation. I noticed them because the girl’s hand was on boy’s shoulder and she was standing closer than require. It was her school so students were watching but she was not bothered about them. Both were laughing. Road become clear and Jagmohan drove the car away from them.

Next day I had forgotten about that incident but when I reached near school both were again there, in same position. I laughed in my heart whether they are standing from yesterday. But boy’s dress was changed. Again the road was clear and I was on my way again

Next day when I came near that school I purposely saw there and the couple was again there. This becomes routine and I was observing surrounding also. I noticed every time the girl had a chocolate in her one hand, I believe this was a daily gift from that boy. The boy was not seemed rich by his cloths but he was managing to bring a gift daily for that girl.

Some day we changed our route from normal because one person Mr. Garg he was also going in same car and we were picking him from a certain point which was after that school was on leave. So my driver was taking car from other side which was short than our routine road. So I was not able to see the couple some days. I also didn’t find a reason to tell driver to take long route and truly inside from me was telling me why I am caring for that couple. If the boy is luring the girl then it is girl’s parents who should worry and care.

After five days Mr. Garg returned from leave and we took the same routine way. The couple was there again, this time the girl had some flowers and a gift in her hand. Perhaps it was her birthday or their anniversary I can’t say but there was some occasion that’s why the boy brought some present for her. One more thing I noticed that there was another boy who was sitting on his bike near them. He was watching them. The boy and girl both saw towards him and he smiled. So he was one friend, most probably from boy’s side.

Then this routine was same but I saw the difference. Now the girl was not putting her hand on that boy’s shoulder and that bike person’s bike position was coming near to them. In some days he was joining the chat with them. The boy was not looked so happy but girl was happy and laughing in same manner in which I saw her the first day.

I was frustrated with my routine job so I decided to take a leave and went on a vacation. Leave was not a big problem so I took Jammu Tawi train and went to Saharanpur and then to Dehradun. The environment and beauty of masoori was great. I spent almost full week there and then I returned. That was Sunday. I normally don’t like to come from a vacation on night because on very next day morning going office is a punishment. So I came in morning. In evening I went to Zaika Restaurant for evening snacks. There was a loud laugh from the corner table. First I didn’t pay attention but chatting and laughing was high and continuous so I looked to that side. I saw the same girl with a boy. I thought the couple has come this far. I was happy for them because girl was looking happy. From my side boy’s back was visible only. The waiter brought my order I started eating my chowmin, the couple completed their date and stood up to go outside. Their way was from near my table. That time I saw the boy’s face. He was not the first guy he was he biker guy. I was shocked, it was odd but I was staring them from back. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Next day, when my ride picked me, I was sure that today the girl will be with other guy. When our car reached there, there was a crowd. Police jeep was also there so we took other route but I knew that something happened there. In evening newspaper I saw my answer; police caught a guy for sexual assault a girl. The girl said to police that this guy was stalking her from a long time and commenting on her. He was forcing her to be his friend. When she refused then he threatened her. Today on her friend suggestion she called police. There was the photo of the culprit it was the same first guy who was with girl before the biker.

The same day, I requested to company HR to provide two vehicles so that Mr. Garg can come from other and we can come from a short route. It will save our time and patrol. The real reason was I didn’t want to go to that place where I saw a small love story.

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