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A Strange Love Story


A strange love story

Suhash was again upset, his father again shouted on him in the morning. Suhash was a post graduate and didn’t get a job according to his degree. But he was not lazy he was a hard working guy. He found a job in Civil Hospital. He was morgue keeper. His work was to keep dead body safe. His father was not happy with this. He always criticizes him for not getting a respectable job like it was his fault.

He didn’t eat breakfast in anger and came out of the house. His duty timing was from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It was 7 only. So there was no use to go to hospital now, he sat down outside home on a bench made by bricks. He was looking the movement of street. He saw a sweet cute girl going to school in white school dress. She was his neighbor but he saw her when one year back. Her name was Rati. Her parents were in Government job so were earning well.  H was two guys who were on bike started their bike when they saw Ravi coming out from her home. When she went to school on her scooty they started to follow her.

“These days, boys don’t have any work except following girls.” He was thinking. But it was not his matter. He went to hospital after one hour. Normally he comes to hospital early because everyday his father was making his morning hell.

His work was boring, nobody was to talk, and nobody was to complaint. But it was his work and only source of his income. At 6 he left hospital. It was his daily routine. He wanted to change his job for that he was taking interviews but all was in vain. In government jobs they demand bribe which he was not able to provide. In private jobs they demand experience, his hospital job experience was not enough for that. His job was not such in which he can interact with a girl. So he was living with this, lonely.

Next day he was again sitting outside his home. Today Rati wore a pink dress and she was looking really cute. Perhaps she was not going school today. But she had her bag. Same both guys followed her again. Again he went to hospital, sit there till 6 and came back. In evening he searched for job and applied some. His mother told her about Kishan neighbor guy who got a job in a big private company. Kishan was Rati’s big brother. Rati came to give sweets on this happy news. She was in same pink dress so this was the reason she didn’t wear school dress today morning. He was taking sweets but she put one ladoo in his mouth with her hands. He was also happy and was wishing that his parents must be in government job so that they can give bribe money or know some big personality. Anyway he was happy to see Rati happy.

Next day morning he woke up by shouting of his father. From morning he was shouting about Kishan’s success. So there was same option to go out from this, Suhash came out from home. People were still in their beds. It was only 6 he saw Rati came out from home on her scooty. She was going for tuitions. How hard she is working. She saw him and stopped to him to say good morning. He smiled and responded. Now he went inside and be ready for work. He went again early without breakfast. His normal breakfast place was hospital canteen. At 9 he was on his duty. About 11 he got a call from a consultant about a job interview. He was supposed to attend the interview next week.

In morning first person he met was Rati and he got job interview, so she is lucky for him. He decided to wake up early to say good morning to Rati daily. He smiled on himself on this thought.

From that day he started to wake up early and sit outside the home.  He soon founded that Rati’s class is 4 days in week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It was looking odd to sit outside so he started to go on jogging.

Next week he went for interview and it was good. There was a chance that he will get that job. Only next week he got the job confirmation. He was selected on a good salary. Now his father was also happy he brought sweets and distributed in whole neighborhood.  Suhash brought some sweets especially for Rati. Next morning he woke up early and waited for Rati. When she came and put sweets in her mouth. She was also happy on his success.

He went to hospital and informed HR that he will leave this job. HR was also happy for him because he knew that this job was not for him. But he asked him to give one month notice so that they can get a new person for this job for which he agreed.

When he came to home in evening his mom told him that Rati got accident. He was shocked. She told that two guys were chasing her when she was going to school. One of them tried to catch her hand on moving scooty. She lost balance and fell down. A coming truck crushed her. She is serious now.

An anger rose in him. He knew the guys but he was not able to do anything. Next day he didn’t want to go but he was sleepless, so he went for jogging. He saw both the guys on their bike. They were chasing a girl now. His anger was on highest. He picked a brick from side and throw on them. The brick hit the guy who was driving the bike, both of them fell down. Bike was in speed so they really hurt badly. A car was coming, the driver applied brakes but it was late. Car hit one of them. People started to gather but Suhash didn’t wait to see what happened to both guys.

He came to hospital. After some time a dead body came to morgue. A school going girl’s body who was crushed by a truck. He was about to faint when he saw the name. It was Rati. He removed the sheet from her face. The beautiful face of Rati was now full of wounds. He started to weep. The assistant who brought body caught him because he lost his balance. He wept full day. He left hospital without seeing the time. It was night. He didn’t go to home, he didn’t know where he was going. He came to rail track, the train was coming. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was still weeping. Train came near it was only about 4 meter away. He steps forward on the train track. He never expressed his love to Rati neither Rati did this but still there was a love bound and this was the end of this love story.

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10 Responses to “ A Strange Love Story ”

  1. Simmi says:

    So sad story yaar…..

  2. catarannum says:

    death should not be end of any stroy. …

    1. but some stories don’t have happy ending

      1. catarannum says:

        but it should not be death yr

  3. jyoti says:

    ha bahut sad h death kisi chij ka solution nahi h

    1. true, but sometime people don’t understand this

  4. anitharaj003 says:

    d end of story is not supposed…n not satisfied…it is very sad..:-(

  5. bharadwaj says:

    Its a strange one of course sir!