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Modi Magic Again

Indian people have again showed their belief in Prime Minister Narender Modi.  Once again he has shown miracle in Indian Politics. First time in Haryana BJP got full majority for making government. In Maharashtra it is the biggest party with more than 100 seats alone. This is not the result of publicity only which congress […]

First ever birthday celebrated of Mahatma Gandhi

As per records we have celebrated birthday of Mahatma Gandhi many times but it is the first time when we really celebrated his birthday. Only declaring national holiday is not the way to celebrate the birthday. That person asked everyone to do their work with more efforts and government declared holiday so that nobody work […]

Is marriage become business

Is marriage become business Population is increasing so do necessity and so do new methods to earn money. By from some years dowry cases can’t we suspect that it become a new profitable business- first marry a man and then harass him to pay money otherwise charge him and his family with false dowry case. […]

Why Government employees do strike

I was reading newspaper today and read about the roadways employees strike in Haryana. It is from two days and millions of people are affected by this. The problem is Government is giving permit to private buses. I don’t know why these government employees are always ready for strike. For private bus service, I am […]

Sec-498: An abusive section against families

I was reading a newspaper (sometime I really do) and surprised to see a news about suicides by husbands due to sec 498 (sec 498 is about case for demanding dowry from wife. In this husband and his family member were declared guilty without any proof and they were put behind the bars without any […]

Is our new generation is bad or old generation is not understanding

Is our new generation is bad or old generation is not understanding Mostly it is said that new generation is not obedient, they are clueless and careless. But whether it is true? Can’t it be possible that old generation does not understand their situation? I have seen in many families that old people wants everyone […]

New useless Plan of Govt of India to get more money for market

So government of India is trying to save Rupees from falling, to save share market from falling, to save inflation. See they are considering to increase PF on gross salary not only basic. But is it really reason for that? Sometime before government planned to use PF money in share market it helps shares for […]

Country-which require everything free

Country-which require everything free I read a story in childhood. Once there was a king who knew how to make gold out of iron. He made a lot of gold and start distributing to his people. Everyone was happy as without doing anything they were getting money. So every person stopped working and started to […]