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Inside-Out (Part 6)

INSIDE-OUT PART-6 DON’T KNOW WHY TEARS BURST OUT WHENEVER I TRY TO LAUGH FROM HEART KID had no one to back with suggestions about which stream of education to go (Science, arts or commerce) or which college to select (there were three colleges in the city). Even the carrier path was unclear. The only way […]

Inside-Out (Part 5)

INSIDE-OUT PART-5 In class nine KID was all puzzled with a week body, confused state of mind, no interest in studies and no friend to study with. Teachers were hard and strict. They used to use sticks for boys of KID’s cadre. KID had no interest in going to school and one day he met […]

Inside-Out (Part 4)

INSIDE-OUT (PART-4) We don’t even know anything about what going to happen next and we plan for future. This is general human tendency and kid was not the exception. Without noticing what loss is incurred the kid was busy in his own world of thoughts. That was summer vacation time and NANI Ji had to […]

Inside-Out (Part 3)

First day in the new school was a new experience. Unlike the earlier school where one person was always there to take care of the KID, Who used to accompany him from the entrance gate to the classroom. The peon used to carry the school bag and the KID used to just jump here and […]

Inside-Out (Part 2)

At the age of five when the kid wasn’t familiar with his own name he got a friend named VINOD. A medium build, gray complexion and medium height (Equal to that of the KID). Both standing outside the class room on third floor of the school building in the lunch break. The KID had two […]


14/6/1976, Karnal, Haryana a night when the storm was at it’s peak. The rain and lightning was as heavily as it was at the time of Ravan’s birth. It was complete darkness everywhere. The dogs and cats were not there on roads. Everyone was hiding himself and kids in houses. The streets were empty. It […]