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Story of a CA (Part 11 Final Part)

for previous part, please click here This time Parkash really worked hard. He and Divya decided to work together for study. Divya’s attempt was in next time but she was taking coaching from now on. So they both made a plan, Parkash was good with finance, tax and Law, Divya was superb with Audit, accounts […]

Story of a CA (Part 10)

Next day they all went to office early because Mr. Ganesh was coming today. Prakash was not ready but it was necessary so there was no other option. Prakash’s phone beeped in the way, he checked this was message from Divya. This time it was not forwarded message. Good Morning, I don’t know what is […]

Story of a CA (Part 9)

Next day when they were getting ready in hotel, Prakash got a message. Jayant was in bathroom so he opened the message which he normally doesn’t. This message was from Divya, again forwarded message of good morning. This time also he didn’t reply, but he decided that in office he will reply her on orkut […]

Story of a CA (Part 7)

Trip to Delhi was great, he saw corporate office of that company first time and liked it so much. It was like five star hotels. All walls are covered with shining glass or paintings. Big reception and there were two beautiful receptionists. When he entered, he was so busy to see all decorations that he […]

Story of a CA (Part 5)

Seminar was good. But Prakash was neither enjoying nor learning from it. His mind was upset from his breakup with Anu. But why didn’t she say sorry, when she knew she was on mistake, she told a lie to him? Why this happened to his life, he didn’t asked for this from God? “Prakash, note […]

Story of a CA (Part 4)

“Anu, this is for you, it is Deven” while taking receiver Anu saw glimpse of anger in Prakash eyes. “Hi, Anu here…….” Anu started to talk. Prakash went away to corner chair. Anu was looking to Prakash while talking. In only two minutes she came to him and told that Deven wanted to know about […]