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Cheapest country in the world

Cheapest country in the world

If you are hungry and don’t have enough money to feed your family then this is great news for you. I am telling you the cheapest country in the whole world in term of fooding. Here you can eat food in only 2 USD. Not for one time, not for one day but for full month. So tell me, what you say? Isn’t the cheapest country in the world? Do you want to know the name of this country? Offcourse it is INDIA.

Ruling party’s ministers are telling the way, how we can eat in less than 2 USD (120 Rs. approx) for a month. Mr. Farook Abdulla told that a person can eat in 1 Rs. only for one time. So for three times a day cost is 3 Rs and for one month it is 90 Rs. still we have 30 Rs, with that we can eat sweets or anything for luxury food.

In Delhi (capital of India) it is some expensive. Here you can eat in 5/-Rs. for one time so for one day it is 15/- and for the month it is 450/- (8 USD approx). Still one of the cheapest foods in the world. Mr. Rashid Masood of central government clarifies this.

But one of the most expensive city in the world Mumbai is really expensive, here you can eat food for 12/- Rs. so for one day it is 36/- and for the month it is 1080/- (18 USD approx). Mr. Raj Babber told this to the world. But still it is less expensive from the other cities in the world.

So what are you waiting for, come to India. You can eat life time in a one month salary of average person in USA (5000/- USD approx).

But you must aware that this data is only for food. For rest of things, I can’t guarantee you. Here electricity bills is much high then other countries and if government get still loss due to their officers illogical expenses then they can charge extra amount in electricity bills for surcharge or any other name. Petrol is also much more expensive than any other neighbor countries even from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri lanka. If you get robbed, then police can charge amount for note down FIR. So always keep some extra money in your shoes for that purpose.  If you got accident then no guarantee that an ambulance will come within one hour but if you able to call for pizza then it will come within half hour. So you can wait ambulance with enjoying pizza and your wounds.

Still you want to come in India to live then make sure you are not a girl, because if someone starts to like you and you refuse then he can throw acid on you. OR it may happen that you will be pulled in a bus and raped in major places where you want to visit. But after that if media will raise this issue then you will be treated in big hospitals even in foreign countries.

So what are you waiting for, come to India.


3 Responses to “ Cheapest country in the world ”

  1. bharadwaj says:

    Well thats what inflation in india can be counted at peak!
    Informative article sir!

  2. shilpi says:

    kuch bhi ho yr india inta bhi bura nhi h we are living here………

  3. catarannum says:

    I also love india….

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