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Country-which require everything free

Country-which require everything free

I read a story in childhood. Once there was a king who knew how to make gold out of iron. He made a lot of gold and start distributing to his people. Everyone was happy as without doing anything they were getting money. So every person stopped working and started to live on donation of gold by king. A neighbor king came to know this and he attacked on that country. Kind tried to fight but all soldiers were lazy and people also didn’t able to fight back. So he lost the battle. Neighbor king killed the king and make slave of full country. His minister asked him why he killed the king because they can capture him and he could make gold for them. Neighbor king answered “Money without work is poison for manhood. The King’s ability could make me greedy then my situation would be same like him. So I killed the king”

Does this story seem familiar? In India whether we are not seeing this again? Politicians are promising for free things. A state government is giving free laptop to students and students are happy but they don’t care who is paying for this. Because government doesn’t produce money, it only regulates the money so free stuff will be paid by tax amount which student’s parents are giving.  A government is giving free mobile to labors. Some villages in which these mobiles are being distributing don’t have electricity. Some are giving free food, free cloths, free transport, free onions etc.

Isn’t it making our people beggar? People are demanding free everything. But who will pay? This is a part of corruption. This free stuff is being purchased from relatives of these politicians. Obviously they charged much extra and even quality of these is not up to mark. You have seen free food in Bihar. Many students were died. Nobody is arrested or punished for that and from where money to purchase these things will come? Definitely from tax of people, which must be use for infrastructure and development. Now, that part is still under development after more than 66 years of freedom we are still developing country.  Why? Because our politicians are making us to lose hope, to lose strength, to lose self respect they are making us beggars and the universal truth is Beggars don’t write history.

7 Responses to “ Country-which require everything free ”

  1. bharadwaj says:

    Extra-ordinary draft sir!
    Hope, this thought passess to the breadth!
    You have staight-fowardly illustrated, how the politicians policies are effecting people working nature! If, yes beside supporting the poor, if more infrastriucture and a straight forward plan would have made, then definitely, everyone would be interested in earing the same from his job!
    India might would have reached abroad and far of all the countries. But its a mile, that is stopping us to reach further! And yes its time only which can help us cope up with!

  2. bharadwaj says:

    Innovative article sir!
    Your message is truly in its spirit!

    1. thanks Mr. Bharadwaj
      people must know this free stuff is making our country poor and hopeless

  3. Dinesh Mittal says:

    Thanks Prashant, IF you permit or aloow put this message on Face Book.

    1. Dear Mittal jI
      This is already on FB.

  4. Jake Peterson says:

    This a stupid story and not true! Even with free money there are things that will need to be done. Things fixed, gardens grown, children schooled. Better weapons could be made, solder’s better trained, defenses strengthened. Over all without a greed based society people would be happier and healthier.

    1. Dear jake
      This is not story. This is reality. It is based on India. Here it is happening in reality

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