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First ever birthday celebrated of Mahatma Gandhi

narender modi

As per records we have celebrated birthday of Mahatma Gandhi many times but it is the first time when we really celebrated his birthday. Only declaring national holiday is not the way to celebrate the birthday. That person asked everyone to do their work with more efforts and government declared holiday so that nobody work that day. It was the opposite, so in other way government was ruining his morals. PM Narender Singh Modi is really doing great. He is changing everything in a positive and real way.

Congress was assuming Mahatma Gandhi as its property and used his name only for votes. Never it followed his principles. Gandhi Ji told to abolish Congress after freedom but Jawahar Lal Nehru who was greedy for power refused to accept that. After Gandhi Ji death Congress used him as a vote weapon in every mean. They told every person that others are against Mahatma Gandhi, but now Modi ji have proved that he knows the value of Gandhi ji and his principles more than Congress. He took initiative to start “My Clean India” campaign.

He himself took the broom to start this mission. It was not like previous times when congress leader Rahul Gandhi a.k.a Pappu posed as a labour and did nothing, Modi actually worked. That is the only reason youth is with him because we are fed up with only talking, we need real work now and Modi ji is doing that. We are ready to sacrifice national holiday on 2nd October and do the any work that day which can convert India in India of Gandhi ji’s dreams.

My Clean India campaign is the real way to celebrate birthday of Gandhi ji because it was the work he always pursued everyone to do. India don’t need holiday on that day, India need to work double that day. I am supporting Clean India and ask everyone to join this mission to give tribute to father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.

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