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He came back (Part 2)

He came back (Part 2)

When he started to the school then he found that elder people of village were outside their houses and discussing something. He saw outside the village on hill many people are gathered. This place was seen near his way so he went there and found there was round burn mark on the ground. All grass was burnt and earth was black. People were gathered there and discussing about this. So this was the matter. Perhaps that thing which he saw at night came here. He was sure now that it was not lightening. He had heard about stories of UFS’s, so his mind went there immediately. Then he remembered that how almost all the stories went false so he also removed that idea.

In the school all children were discussing that there is something happened, but nobody knew exactly as they were from other side of hill. Now it is Sthir turn to be the center of attraction. He told everybody what happened and told about night incident also. Students were asking more details so he added one or two lines from his side also. So the story was spread. After lunch principal called him and asked about the story details then Sthir came to know that after adding his lines students added one or two line from their sides also. Now the story which was finally decided was that Sthir was outside yesterday night. He saw some lights from sky. When he looked above then a UFO was coming down. Sthir saw that a UFO landed on the earth and one alien came outside and tried to catch Sthir but Sthir ran away and hide in home.

Sthir was surprised how the story took so many twists. He tried to explain but Principal was same old typical Principal who doesn’t listen, doesn’t understand students. He was punished, two more classes after school time for three days. It was too much, he was not able to attend the class for whole school time, now he need to attend two more classes its mean more one and half hour. A message was sent to his home by principal because his punishment was started from same day.

After that boring class, he started his lazy journey to home. When he was in the way, he felt that someone is following him. He looked back but there was no one. This is the first time in life he felt that. He thought he heard some noise but after a great try he didn’t hear that sound again. He was a little frightened. It was like someone very near but he was not able to see him.

At last he came home, today the way to home seemed very long because he was continuously looking back. His mother didn’t let him go to play because his principal called. He was furious without his fault he was punished in home and school both places. But he was brilliant in these cases. As he was a great mischief master from beginning, when he was grounded he always do some experiments. Today again he started to play with wires and electricity. He was trying to produce laser by these equipments. Soon he was able to produce laser light by this. This was not like he wanted; laser was produced but in small amount and for some time. He tried and tried but he was not able to think the reason. He need more time to complete the project. But when he watched the watch it was night about dinner time. When he decided to go for dinner he sensed the same feeling that somebody is with him, somebody is watching him.

He came to dinner table and got a great lecture from his father. It was routine so he ignored. At night he slept dreamlessly. His mother woke him up but he was very sleepy. That was not normal. He was a bit lazy but so much laziness was not his nature. It was like he could sleep the whole day. But going school was his biggest responsibility. His mother told him to clear the table on which his yesterday experiment was placed. He came there and found that his whole sleep was gone. His experiment was changed. Somebody has touched his experiment; not only it was touched it was modified. Who can do this? His parents don’t know about science and moreover his father will never come to his room at night and mother will not touch this scrap (in her view). He checked the project and became surprised to see that it was working perfectly. Somebody added some adjustments with this and it was working well. The unknown person added a trigger also to control the laser. When he produced laser he found it was really powerful because where it touched the table, a burn mark there to prove that laser burned the wood.

It was like a basic laser gun now. But who did that? It was a secret. He asked his mother whether somebody came to his room at night, his mother gave negative answer.

The whole day in school he was thinking about yesterday night. He brought that laser gun to school and when his principal came to give class to them. He got a chance and used his laser to burn his chair. It was not so powerful that it could burn the chair immediately. He used the gun in small time so that the plastic didn’t burn immediately. He used the gun many time and it was a big black spot on chair. When principal set on the chair it was not able to bear his weight. He sunk down in the chair and the whole class was on their foot laughing. Nobody was able to explain how this happened. But this incident didn’t remove his punishment; today again he remained in school for two periods horribly by principal himself this time.

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    Its a differently humoured one sir!

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