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He came back (Part 3)

He came back (Part 3)

It was the nightmare, principal normally don’t take this type of classes. But today he doubted that Sthir did that to his chair, but he didn’t have the proof. He asked Sthir about today’s incident which he obviously denied to know anything. It was odd incident so principal was also not able to blame him undoubtfully. That’s why he asked him by many means but Sthir was very clever for him. So he made him to listen so much that Sthir lost the count of time. Years spent and the lecture was over. Sthir and principal both took breathe of relief.

When Sthir was coming back he again feels that feeling that somebody is following him. He stopped and started to undo his shoe laces and then knot again, immediately he turned back but still there was no one. After some steps he started looking his favorite bird which was never be here and again did the same. He looked back and everywhere but there was nobody. Now he went back and started to look behind trees. But the result was the same. At last he gave up and started to his home. Perhaps his instinct has been malfunctioning.

At home everything was normal. It is really good about Indian people they forget everything soon. So that dark earth incident was not so lucky to be remembered more than 2 days. He took his dinner with his family, listen his father’s lectures, tried to watch TV, listen his father’s lectures, and demanded to eat some sweet, listen his father’s lectures. At last he decided to go to bed. He slept soon. He woke up in the morning again by himself. It shows something again happened. He came out his bedroom, situation was tensed, and it was his feeling, because there were no other people only his mom and dad were there. But both didn’t talk to him. They were silent due to some reason. He tried to ask his mother but she told him to be ready as he woke up late.

When he left home for school he was expecting that he will able to ask some people. He was thinking that perhaps that UFO incident happened again. But in village everything was normal, nobody was talking about some mystery. So whichever is happened it was in his home only. This thought troubled him but he was only a child. Nobody wants his advice or questions. So he entered the school to deal with principal again.

He didn’t use his laser gun again in class. Yesterday incident was still warm, every student was talking about this and this was making principal in very bad mood. End of the school time, good news came. Principal was not giving him extra class. Today was his last extra class. Ms Neelam was incharge today. She was very nice. She gave him some work to do and after that they talk some time. So in total it was not his bad day.

He started to his journey full of suspicious again. Same feeling, today he didn’t turn back because he knew he will not find anybody. He was getting used to it. But in the way there was a paper wrap thing was placed. It could be dropped by somebody by mistake but normally people are not hurry who uses this small road. So there is very less chance that somebody dropped it by mistake. Somebody has placed it but why? Perhaps for him, it can be the same mysterious person who made his laser gun and who is keeping an eye on him or it can be a bomb also. But who will get so much benefit to kill a small boy.

So he picked the thing and opened the wrapper. There was a box inside and when he opened the box he was surprised to see the incomplete model of his laser gun. But if it is here then what laser gun he had in home. Perhaps this is a test by that unknown person whether he can complete the gun or not. He took the challenge. He came back to home with that incomplete model. He tried to find the complete laser gun for help but it was nowhere. He asked him mother. He knew the answer and he was proved right. His mother didn’t touch his cupboard so that unknown person really wanted to test whether he is able to complete it or not. Now he had seen the complete model and he really tried to understand that. He started his work. He really works hard to remember all modification on that model. After 3-4 mistakes he completed that but when he tried to use laser produced and broke. There were five wires which must be stick together with a very little gap. So they must be near but shouldn’t touch each other. He tried to use glue but it was not enough as it was not perfect glue. It was ordinary glue for papers. What should he do? He tried to use paper but in this way all wires touched each other. He didn’t have such equipments or medium. If he would be in school lab it was easy task. Perhaps he can do tomorrow at school. He left the project but after dinner he got a thought. What if the unknown person wants him to do it now? Otherwise it will not a task if he had all the equipments. So he started to think, his mother told him to keep rest roti (Indian bread for eating) for cows (it is Indian cultures that they give food to cows as cow is a holy animal). He got the idea. He went to kitchen and keeps roties separate and took some flour. He put some water and use wet flour to keep all wires together with distance. The idea was successful and the laser did the work perfectly.

Next day his mother didn’t wake him up again. When he woke up he checked his project first. But it was not there. So he was right that unknown person was testing him. But WHO IS THE PERSON? WHAT HE WANTS? AND AS HIS MOTHER DIDN’T WAKE HIM UP IT MEANS SOMETHING AGAIN HAPPENED IN HOME.

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  1. bharadwaj says:

    Its hilarious of its own kind sir!

    1. it will be more in next part Mr Bharadwaj
      just wait

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