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He came back (Part 4)

He came back (Part 4)

When he came outside his bedroom, environment of drawing room was tensed. His father was not reading newspaper and mother was also sitting with him. Why is she not in kitchen? There must be a big reason. He asked them what happened but his mother gave him routine reply to get ready he is late for school. But when he was getting ready his father asked him whether he went outside at night. He said “No”. His father didn’t ask anything else. He asked his mother why his father asked this. His mother told him that in morning they found front door of home open. This happened once before that time they thought that perhaps they forgot to lock which was about to impossible because his father always lock the door when he came from work. Today not only gate was open in kitchen they found refrigerator was kept open. Somebody ate some food also. It means some thief came inside at night but he only ate food because they didn’t find anything missing. His mother asked him his things are also moved or not because Sthir asked sometime that whether she touched his things.

So Sthir understood that this is same unknown person but he didn’t tell his mother about this. He wanted to keep this secret. Moreover the unknown person didn’t harm anybody which he could if he wanted. He was sure that that unknown person is testing him only. But this started to happen after that dark earth and UFO as people say case. Is it possible that some UFO came and some alien wants to test him?

He came to school but still thinking about that person or alien whatever he was. His mind was still working on UFO’s theory when his principal introduces them their new science teacher Mr. Ramanuj. New teacher asked him his name but he was lost. So principal was compelled to shout. But the level of shouting was not so much necessary. Every person in class including Sthir stunned to hear the shout. But Mr. Ramanuj was not affected by this. He smiled and asked Sthir’s name. It was like he doesn’t care about principal. This was his behavior which saved Sthir from Principal’s punishment. The new teacher was really cool. Science was Sthir’s one of favorite subject. He was very much interested in space. Other teachers were always angry with Sthir because he asks questions on every stream of science. But this new teacher was happy to listen Sthir’s queries. He answered with a smile every question. At the end of class Sthir got another favorite teacher.

He became habitual of that being following feeling while returning home. He was sure that someone is keeping an eye on him and he is the one who is coming to his home at night. When he came home he found many people gathered outside his home. He frightened about thinking some mishappen. He run inside home and found a Tantrik (an exorcist) was there. His parents were sitting in front of him and he was doing some strange rituals. Sthir was surprised and angry on his parent’s superstitious nature. They were assuming that some ghost is doing all this.

The Tantrik called him and give him a thread to bind on his hand which his mother immediately bound to his arm. Sthir didn’t want to do so but he didn’t dare to object his mother. Till evening the tantrik did his rituals and at last when he was satisfied that no evil soul can survive now in the house then only he left the home. Surely before leaving home he got handsome money from Sthir’s parents.

Night was not ok. Sthir woke up by scream of his mother. When he woke up he found his mother was screaming at the door of his room. There was a strange light in his room which immediately stopped. He didn’t understand from where the light was coming. His father came to his room running. His mother followed his father and embraced Sthir at once like she was afraid to lose him. His father switched on the lights and asked his mother where is he. Sthir asked “Who?” But nobody was paying attention to him. His mother told that he was there. Sthir asked his mother “Who?” His father looked beneath the bed and searched in bathroom also but there was nobody. His mother took him in their bedroom. She was not ready to leave him alone. A knock was on front door. His father opened the door and found some neighbors were there with Lathi (big stick) in their hands. They heard Sthir’s mother scream and thought that there is some thief. Sthir’s mother told that there was a ghost in Sthir’s room. She woke up at night and found a light was coming from Sthir’s room she thought that Sthir left light open. So she came to switch off the light and found there was a ghost with big head about to jump on Sthir. So she screamed. Sthir was surprised that everybody took this as universal truth. In evening Tantrik did his ritual this made everyone clear that there is a big violent ghost in their home. Everybody start talking and it was decided that Tantrik will be called again because somebody suggested that perhaps due to rituals ghost is angry so he presented itself in front of them. But they were safe as they all wore the holly thread given by Tantrik. His mother checked the thread on his arm and it was no there. Sthir was in trouble now because in evening he removed that thread from his arm as he knew there is no ghost.

11 Responses to “ He came back (Part 4) ”

  1. bharadwaj says:

    The Horror continues!

    1. hahahaha
      it will continue

  2. catarannum says:

    daravni kahaniya kyo likhta hai??meko dar lagta hai…

    1. darane ke liye hi likhta hoon

  3. Anjali says:

    Quite interesting story..waiting to get it completed.

    1. it will be completed soon

  4. Simmi says:

    Mast writer ho sir aap

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