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He came back (Part 5)

He came back (Part 5)

He knew that his parents are very superstitious. He immediately becomes innocent about the thread. When his mother asked he told that he doesn’t know anything. He told that when he slept the thread was there but now he doesn’t know where it went. Somebody suggested that perhaps the ghost found a way to separate the thread from Sthir. Nobody doubted on an innocent and small child. They checked the room and found the thread in the dustbin. So it proved that the ghost did the act in the same time it proved that ghost is really powerful.

The night was sleepless for Sthir’s parents. But Sthir knew the truth so he was not worried but he was thinking about that person who was in the room. He kept asking his mother about the ghost.

“Mom, what was the look of ghost?”

“sshhhhh. Don’t talk about that.” His mother was worried like if she will talk about the ghost then the ghost will come.

“Please mom, tell whether he had four arms? What was his color?”

“Sthir, go and sleep. Don’t talk about the ghost.” His father told him in high volume.

This was the indication that talking is over. Now he is not able to talk. He went to his room offcourse with his mother as she was not letting him to be alone. He took his science experiment which he was making for a competition organized in the main city. It took him three round with his mother to bring all the equipment in his parent’s room. His father didn’t allow him to work in his room alone. Competition was in city and his presence was not compulsory. He needed to submit his project by courier till next week. He was working on this since last 3 weeks. He was making a space project which was based on a rocket travelling to space. This rocket was going and there was other galaxies and one black hole also. For black hole he used a electric magnet.  When time spends its power increase and it attracts other planets which were made of steel balls. For sun he used a bulb when rocket came near to it its power increase and it become brighter like you are in rocket and coming near to it. It was really great project. It was about to complete he got night and completed the project. Next day he took leave as he didn’t sleep at night.

His father packed the project and went to Overnight express courier service. He told them that it is made of glass so needed extra care. The agent took the parcel and charged very high amount. He assured them that the parcel will reach city next day. Sthir was relaxed. Now they went to Tantrik for exorcism. Tantrik heard the whole thing and announced that the ghost is more powerful than he imagined. He told that now it took more money and a big ritual which will needed one more tantrik. Sthir knew that the tantrik is making fool of his parents but he was helpless, nobody listens to a small boy.

So in evening another ritual was performed. The whole home was full of smoke. Two tantriks made strange performance and got a big amount from his father. All three of them were given most powerful threads in the world. Now no ghost was able to touch them. So everybody in home was secure.

Night was silent. No ghost appeared in their home. Next day he went to school, he told his father to confirm courier person about the parcel. School was normal. Mr. Ramanuj asked him why he didn’t come home. He told that he was ill but by looking at Mr. Ramanuj eyes he was sure that he is not convinced but he didn’t argue.

Day was as normal as it can be. It was normal that principal shouted at him. It was also normal when he felt that someone is following him. It was normal when people were talking about strange thing. It was normal that his father is worried. But this time his worry was not due to ghost it was due to courier service. The parcel was not dispatched; main courier service returned the courier due to packing is not sufficient. They said it is glass item so needed more safety measures. So his father purchased a lot of cotton and wrapped that parcel again and dispatched again from Overnight express itself. Now the agent told that it will be reached next day definitely. Now Sthir was worried because one day reduced and if there is some problem in reaching then he will be disqualified.

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  1. bharadwaj says:

    Suspense continues sir!

  2. Simmi says:

    Ur writing skill is really awesome……itna acha kaise soch lete ho

    1. Thanks simmi
      Your words always inspire me

      1. simmi says:

        waiting for next part……….

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