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He came back

He came back

Have you ever think whether we are alone in universe? Do you ever think what these UFO’s are? If you believe in scientist theories that these are illusion of light, sand and some electromagnetic rays then believe me you are purely wrong. If you don’t believe on outer space then you don’t need to read this and you must live your simple beautiful life without any fear from space.

Sthir was going to school. He was really bored by this watch bound life. Daily at 5 a.m. his mother woke him up. Sleepy he gets ready for school. His school was not very far away from his home so he usually go on foot. His school was other side of hill. When his father drops him to school on his bike, they go by road which is around the hill and took much time. When he goes school on foot he uses a small path which go straight up the hill and go down to school. It was small and short but only problem was it was made only for walk. Sthir was very much used to go on this path. When he is early then he runs to school because in that case he can play a 5 over match of cricket, but this happens rarely because normally he is late. In routine there is no problem but when it is rain or sky full of clouds then it is very difficult and dangerous way. That time the path become slippery and there is no arrangement of light on the way.

That night was cloudy and there was heavy rain in the evening. It was a small hill not a big mountain otherwise life will be really tough in rainy days. Still rain on hill is not comfortable. It was dark; due to rain electricity was not available. Sthir mom made him sleep early. It was silence everywhere. Sthir was not able to sleep because due to rain he didn’t go outside in the day, so he slept. Now he was not sleepy. He was looking outside the window. He was not able to see anything but he was sitting on his bed. He saw some lights on the hill and heard a big noise like something big hit the earth. This happened in just some seconds then everything became normal. He was not sure it was lightening hit the ground or something else. But it was not his concern and he slept after that.

Next day it was normal but his father dropped him as the hill way was slippery. In school also everything was normal. After lunch principal came into the class and announced that there will be a competition organized by an NGO. Whoever will win the competition will get a big prize. Sthir never liked exams but competition was something different and a big prize. He was excited. He was not the topper in class but he was a brilliant student with distinction in mischief.

Next day NGO’s people came to school and start the competition. It was not like a typical competition in which you all get some questions and write the answers. NGO’s people called students one by one and asked different questions, not related to one topic but of other topics which are not related to study at all. These people were strange also. Although they appear normal with no strange hand or magic wand but their behavior was different. They were very much interested in students. Normally when somebody came to this place from a far away city they don’t like the environment and they are always in hurry to go back, but these were not showing such interest. They were talking students with pleasure and making fun with them. They also played with students.

When Sthir was called he was little nervous. The person was very jolly he welcomed Sthir with a smile. He started to ask Sthir about his family, his interest and his favorite game cricket. Sthir was eager to talk about cricket. But he was surprised when the NGO person didn’t argue or react when he mentioned that he make five runs by hitting the ball hard (in cricket there is 4 run or 6 run. 5 runs are rare only when there is no ball or wide ball etc). But it was minor thing. The person asked him about science actually he didn’t ask he discussed with Sthir. They discussed more than other students talked to others. When Sthir was coming he saw a big smile on that persons face like he found a treasure. This made Sthir confident that he will won the competition.

But when the result came, Aakash the topper of school won the competition. He got a really big trophy. Sthir was angry and frustrated. But in childhood this anger is short termed. Next day he forgot the thing and was busy in watch bound time table again.

Three days spent after the competition. Sthir was sleeping in his home. This was a normal day and there was no reason for a person to wake up at night. But a noise in the room make Sthir woke up. He opened the eyes and found 6 very big eyes looking at him, two from right side, two from left side and two from above his head. He shouted with all might. In some seconds somebody switch on the lights. He opened the eyes and found his parents were in the room with worried look. His father asked him about shouting. He told them but there was no body in the room. So they thought it was a dream. His mother took him in their room and he slept immediately.

In the morning, when he woke up himself (strange thing because his mother always woke him up) he found nobody in the room. He came outside and found his father was in the drawing room with some neighbors, his mother was in kitchen with two neighbors ladies. They were discussing on something. His mother brought tea for all, when she saw him she told him to make hurry to go to school. He knew something is wrong because nobody was interested to prepare him for school.



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  1. bharadwaj says:

    Nice to have from you sir!

  2. catarannum says:

    nice…keep writing….krish part 4??/

    1. hahahaha
      sure if I will get the chance

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  5. Simmi says:

    Ur writing skill is really vary good

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  7. I.yamini says:

    awesome prashant ji……we eagerly wait for your new articles and stories….pls keep sharing…very interesting….

    1. Thanks for admiration
      I will post new parts after Diwali
      Keep reading

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