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14/6/1976, Karnal, Haryana a night when the storm was at it’s peak. The rain and lightning was as heavily as it was at the time of Ravan’s birth. It was complete darkness everywhere. The dogs and cats were not there on roads. Everyone was hiding himself and kids in houses. The streets were empty. It looked as if the complete city is empty. A family of husband, wife, three son and a daughter was worried as the daughter was expecting a baby any time. In late night they had to run to hospital to take medical assistance. The night was just to complete but rain and lightning didn’t stop. Infect it went bitter and bitter. 4 AM 15/6/76 the emergency light of hospital is gone. Now the only hope of any light is candle. The support staff of the hospital went back to their houses as the storm turned worst. The complete city was now full of rain water. The only assistance available was a lady doctor helping in delivery. Complete family was waiting outside with fear. No one knew what’s going to happen next. At 4:20 a boy took birth. And anyhow there was no noise, no storm, no lightning and no rain at all. It was complete silence everywhere. The doctor handed over the kid to his NANI wrapped in white cloth. She saw the kid and suddenly tears came out. She took the kid to her husband who was waiting outside the room for the whole night.

Nani:- Sharma Ji, Want to see the kid’s face.

And she uncovered the face. It was just like the baby monkey. Hairs all over the face, Dark Pink color with no forehead at all.

Sharma Ji:- I have seen, now you will please cover the face again. Take him away. What it is.

Three years passed.

The Kid is walking on the street with his cousin. He noticed some one pointing towards him while talking with someone. He is a shop keeper talking with his friend or someone else. The kid heard the words “ this is the boy. His father died last year”

The kid felt uncomfortable and rushed to his house. There he saw some ladies sitting inside the main door. This was an old haveli type of house with a huge iron gate and two big cemented areas for visitors. Everyone was sitting on the floor and crying badly. The kid is confused and more confused when he saw his NANI and his MOTHER sitting together and crying. He went to NANI who gave him a hug and said “ what will you do now. You lost your father. How will you survive all alone in this world” The boy had no idea what she was saying.

Six Months later. Ma got ready for office. She got an ex-gratia job of a clerk. That was sufficient to survive. But the orthodox family was a big issue. It was not easy to handle them. No one wanted MA to do job and there was no one serious about the study of kids. The kid had a one year old sister too.

MA came back from the office. She found KID holding the tail of a pig and running behind it in garbage pile. No one stopped him. In fact all elders were watching and laughing. MA got angry. Held the hand on KID. Gave him a slap, brought him inside the house and started doing packing.

Same day the complete family of MA, SISTER and KID was at NANI’s Home. The kid was outside the room when he heard a loud noise of MA “either you keep him of I will leave him on road but I will not take him back along or he will just be one of them”

Finally next day the KID wake-up in the morning and found MA and SISTER gone back.

After one year:- The teacher had a cold water bottle and a wet hanky in her hands holding the KID in her arms and rushing towards hospital in rickshaw. The KID’s nose was bleeding badly for no reason. The doctor did examination and asked teacher to take the KID to home. After some days a peon came to the classroom asking for the KID. “Madam , The principal has called him”

Madam:- You go. I will bring him to principal’s office.

Madam was coming down the stairs, holding hand of the KID who was skidding on the stair safety wall along. KID heard the words of principal “He is the only who do so. We are always afraid of him. One teacher and one peon has to keep an eye on him always. Every time he comes the same way.”

KID turned and was surprised to see his MA standing with the principal. He just ran and hug MA. So happy. That moment he had the world under his feet.

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