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Inside-Out (Part 2)

At the age of five when the kid wasn’t familiar with his own name he got a friend named VINOD. A medium build, gray complexion and medium height (Equal to that of the KID). Both standing outside the class room on third floor of the school building in the lunch break. The KID had two toffees which he had just taken from nearby confectionery shop. VINOD and the KID took one each. VINOD took his and threw the wrapper in the dustbin while the KID was watching all this. He too repeated the same and what’s this. He threw the candy in dustbin and the wrapper was in his mouth. Surprised to know the mistake he had done. Now he will not be having any candy. The teacher ANGURI MADAM was watching all this and offered another candy to the kid which he refuses by saying “I have already taken my share”.

After half an hour the teacher rushed to the KID sitting at the last bench as he again started to bleed heavily from nose. This time the bleeding was so high that they were unable to take the kid to hospital. While everyone was surrounding the KID he was surprised as if why everyone is so serious. Behind the crowd VINOD is standing worried. And this was the last moment when they saw each other. As the exams were approaching and everyone was busy in studies, the KID had to sit with ANGURI MADAM, who used to take special care of the KID. She used to be so caring that the KID didn’t require any other friend. ANGURI MADAM was soon so attached to the KID that she took him with her for movie (On Sundays). Though we forget the faces we never forget the feelings. The leave marks deep inside us.

Final exam preparation is on and the KID is doing mistakes in Tables. He is not able to remember them and oral exam is just two days away. NANA JI is worried. He asks the KID “What is the problem. Why can’t you remember even the table of eight? It’s so easy.”

The kid replied “I can’t remember the figures.”

“Then what on earth can you do”

“I don’t know”

“OK let me tell you the other way to remember the tables”


“How fast can you do addition?”

“I don’t know”

“OK what is eight plus eight?”

“Sixteen” The kid replied immediately.

“And sixteen plus eight”

“Twenty Four”

“How you do this”

“I just add” The kid replied.

“Then don’t you know that eight multiplied by two is sixteen and three is twenty four”

“…………………………….” What the hell is this? It’s so easy. The kid thought and confirmed NANA JI that now he can do any multiplications and answer any table.

NANA JI thought for a while and asked “tell me what 28 X 5 is”

“It’s one hundred and forty” The kid replied immediately.

“HOW ON EARTH you did this” NANA asked surprisingly.

“It’s easy. As twenty added five time is hundred, eight added five times is forty and both added it’s one hundred and forty”

“You go. I can’t help you this way.” Said NANA JI

“You will pass your exam” Added NANA JI

“But my revision. Is it over. Shall I play outside” Asked the KID

“GO” NANA JI said the magic words.

During the exam the teacher and the principal were sitting on chairs and all the kids were sitting on the floor waiting for their turn. It’s KID’s turn now. He was asked to get up and reply. The KID stood with his hands folded behind.

The teacher started asking the tables and KID answered all of them but taking some extra time as compared to the other students.

“Why are you taking so long” asked the principal.

The KID told her the complete story and method he was using to reply. He admitted that he don’t remember any tables but can reply any question.

Now it was the turn of principal. She asked straight way “what is 99X3”

“It’s two hundred and ninety seven” The kid replied.

“How you did this so quickly while you took extra time for much easier table” Asked the principal.

“Madam one hundred minus one is ninety nine. Three hundred minus three is two hundred and ninety seven” It’s easier.

The kid was free from exams and was busy in playing. Gilli Dunda and Kunche the best ever games on earth.

This was the time to join a new school. Days Laxmi Vyapaar Mandal were over and now it was the time to take experience in Om Prabha Jain Senior Model School. The first day a meeting was arranged with the principle of that school. It was a big Hall like office and NANA JI was having some chat with principle.

Principle “What is his name.”

NANA JI “What is your name SONU” (Sonu was the nick name)


NANA JI “Is this your name. Yes it’s KID”

Principle” In which class you want the admission”

NANA JI “SONU which class it is”

KID “third”

NANA JI “Are you so old”

KID”I am already in third standard.”

(It was a migration.)

Principle to a teacher “Please take his test for admission”

Teacher “But sir we are not having any seat.”

Principle “Take the test first and then we will decide what to do.”

NANA JI “SONU I am going to office and you come with your MAMA JI after your test”


The teacher asked to sit in a vacant room and gave one paper to solve. Kid was able to reply only some of the questions and left the others.

KID “Is it over Madam.”

Teacher didn’t reply. She just took the answer sheet and left the room. Kid waited there for some time and then left the room with his bag and a water bottle on his shoulders. After waiting for some time for someone to pick him he started to move slowly towards home. For the first time he was going alone as always there used to be someone to pick from and drop to school. Anyhow the kid entered the colony which was at a half an hour walking distance from home when he heard a voice from behind,” what are you doing here. How you came from school. How did they allowed you to move alone.” It was MAMA JI, the youngest brother of MA who those days was struggling for his own carrier and settlement being his other two elder brothers already working as a government servant. Anyhow he just asked the KID to come with him and he turned his bicycle towards the school and the kid was thinking “NO NOT AGAIN. Why we are going back. I have already done my test.”

After some hot arguments between MAMA JI and the teacher the test started again with an allegation on the KID to run from the test. (The one taken was only of one subject and there were some more.). Anyhow MAMA Ji asked the KID not to go back to home this time and wait for him till he comes to pick. Again the same thing happened with every test. Only some answers were known and others left blank and un-replied. Finally the test was over and the kid was waiting outside the school building again to find no-one to pick him. KID waited for and then saw one water tank just nearby. He saw someone drinking water there.

“I have some extra water in my bottle. This will be useful for someone if I put it in the tank.” The KID thought and went to the water tank. Now how to put the water in the tank. Obviously there can be only one way for exit and entry. Like we have one door in room and the same is used for entry as well as exit. Surely this tap is the way. The KID opened the cap of his bottle and attached it with the tap. Waiting for the water to reduce.

“Strange. Either the tank is full or there is some mistake because the water is not going from bottle to the tank.” Thought the KID

“Yes this is the mistake. I didn’t open the door yet. How the water can enter the tank till the tap is opened.”

He opened the tap and what’s this. The water is coming out of tank. No No I has to correct this. The thought process is on with experiment of filling the bottle and emptying it in ground till late evening when again a voice came “What are you doing behind the tank. I am searching you since so long and you are here behind this tank and playing with your bottle. How many times did I told your MA not to give these sort of things to KID. This is for drinking water and not a toy to play.”

That evening KID was standing in front of family and busy in listening, “He can’t do anything. How I can get him the admission in such a big school. He could not even pass the basic entrance test. How many times did I asked his MA to take him back. He will fail and spoil our name as if we did something wrong in his upbringing.”

“What happened.” A sweet voice came from behind. That was MA who came just to see KID.

“What happened. What wrong he has done now.” Asked MA

“Ask Him. He failed in entrance exams.” Said NANA JI

“Is it so. You have ruined my dreams. How much he scored” Asked MA

“Only passing marks whereas the minimum requirement for admission is first division.” Said NANA JI

“Why it is so. Why didn’t you replied? You knew the full syllabus of your current class and still you failed to reply. Tell me the reason.” Said MA

“MA everything was new for me, still I replied whatever I could. It was too hard that even my teachers can’t pass this exam. What I can do when I am studying in the worst school and the worst teachers in this world are teaching me. ” KID replied.

“Shame on you. You are saying bad things for your teachers. Even your mother is a teacher now. What if someone say the same for your mother. Show me the paper. I will tell you the answers and the mistakes you have done.” Said MA.

NANA JI gave her the paper and there was complete silence in the room for some time.

“What is this?” MA said with anger

“This is the last year question paper for fifth class Haryana board exams. How a student of third class pass this and still KID scored the passing marks.” Said MA

“Are you sure? Please be confirmed what you are saying. If this is so I will hand that man.” Said NANA JI

“Yes I am sure as I am teaching fifth class these days.” Said MA

“You come with me”

After just an hour there was complete noise in usually silence principle office.

“If you don’t want to give him admission say NO out rightly. How you dare to do this. A fifth class question paper for entrance exam for a third class student.” NANA JI is angry.

“Sharma ji you please take a seat. Madam what is this. Why you did so. This is your mistake. Tell me what you want to say.” The principal shouted on the teacher like anything.

“Sir, I asked him but he didn’t reply. I thought it must be the transfer to board class only. I will take fresh test.” Replied the teacher.

“No test at all. If he is able to score passing marks in final paper of fifth class he is selected for third. Sharma Ji you just deposit the fee and we will give him the admission.” Said the principle.

And that is how a new chapter of life started. A chapter where the KID met his forever friend and his first love. (YES THE FIRST LOVE)


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