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Inside-Out (Part 3)

First day in the new school was a new experience. Unlike the earlier school where one person was always there to take care of the KID, Who used to accompany him from the entrance gate to the classroom. The peon used to carry the school bag and the KID used to just jump here and there on the way to classroom while here there was no one to welcome him. No one to tell him the way to his classroom. No one to carry his bag. KID felt as if now he is the king of this world. There is no one to stop him from having fun and besides of going to classroom he went to the playground just in the middle of school compound.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you listen the bell? Go and do prayer.” That was a SIKH with Red Turban and well dressed in formal dress.

“Hey Bhagwaan, Now I can’t even play.” Thought the KID.

He immediately went to the gathering for Morning Prayer where he met with a cute girl. They saw each other and went to a separate rows. Fortunately the girl was standing along in the row on left.  KID tried to see her but immediately the prayer started and the loud noise hit the ears “ITNI SHAKTI HAME DENA DAATA, MAN KA VISHWAAS KAMZOR HO NA”

KID took part and followed the lyrics with other kids with closed eyes. After five minutes a loud voice hit the ears “SAVDHAN”

The KID opened the eyes and they opened wide to see the face of the same girl just in front. “How come she is here while she was supposed to be on the left side?”

Immediately the sound of national anthem hit the ears. During the complete anthem the KID was thinking why this girl came just in front of me and why everyone else is looking in other direction. And finally with the finish of last line of national anthem he came to know that it was he himself who changed the direction but for what a beautiful result. And immediately KID changed his direction and a sweet girl’s laughter sound hit his ears. The assembly started to move towards classrooms. KID anxious to see that girl again tried a lot for first one-two minuets but could not trace that girl as he could not recollect the image of that girl.

“I saw her twice and still can’t identify her. What a great kid you are. Let’s go to the class and leave whatever this is.” Thought the KID.

Two years went i.e. class three and four and there was no friend at all. During these two years the unbelievable and unforgettable experience in school was the fragrance of soil and diesel mixed with the tiny drops of first monsoon rain which used to come from vehicle workshops near the school building. Besides that no face no personality no teacher no other memory. Not even the studies. How the studies went and how these two years passed and even how KID passed the exams. NO ANSWER. Though some incidences in family turned KID in a matured person.

One Sunday NANI gave kid a glass full of hot milk to drink while KID was busy with his own thoughts. Dreaming himself to be superman KID waved his hand which hit the glass and HOT Milk was on the floor.

“See what you have done. You spoiled the milk. From where will I bring more?” NANI shouted from the kitchen.

KID stood surprised and still. He was not the superman he was just a kid living with his mother’s family. Immediately the memories hit him back.

“Keep him here or I will leave him anywhere as I am not going to take him back with me.”

“He is your child and will stay with you. We are not responsible to take care of him.”

“There are already many things to take care about family and now another responsibility.”

BLA BLA BLA………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

“I will not let the milk spoil NANI JI.” Said KID and started licking table to have his milk as he knew Dogs can drink milk without hands. No one noticed till NANI came and shouted “Now what is this. Leave this milk.” Said NANI JI

Next Sunday the scene repeated and this time KID didn’t let anyone know about what he have done. He drunk the complete mild by licking and went outside the house without making any noise. He didn’t want to go through same memories again. He went at the main gate of colony and sat on the big iron bucket of a JCB. That was his second home where he used to sit whenever he felt alone. That day he just closed his eyes and tears came from no-where. That day he cried for long time remembering his mother. He was angry as his mother left him alone but he knew the reasons.

“This is for your future only that MA left you here. She needs you to be calm and behave sensibly.” Thought KID and went back to home.

“Look what he have done. He spoiled the milk again. I don’t know what to do with this boy. Ask DIDI to take him back. We can’t tolerate this wastage when we don’t have milk even for tea. Your Love and shelter has spoiled him. He don’t value things. Later people will name NANA NANI for spoiling KID.” That was a speech for NANI.

Kid entered the home and went inside the room. There he took an old calendar having the picture of lord SHIVA sitting calmly in TAPASYA. Kid started cutting that picture. After a while there was a complete silence in home. Kid was alone doing his cutting work and consistently thinking about what wrong he did. His mistake cause NANI to hear such bad words. He thought to pay for the pain NANI had to go through due to his mistake and gave a deep cut in his finger with the blade he was using to cut SHIVA picture from calendar. Thick red liquid started to flow out of finger but there was no pain at all as this was anger flowing out of body and not the blood. KID had to repeat this for three times more as after every two three minuet the blood used to stop flowing.

With the help of this blood the boy stick that cutting of SHIVA picture on a cardboard. That night before sleeping KID heard some words from NANI while she was having some discussions with her daughter in law.

“Always follow the instructions of your elder. Even if the elder asks you to jump in the well do it or at least go to the well. Your elder will not let you jump. Even if he don’t stop you jump and you will surely be benefitted as you followed the instructions of your elders.” Said NANI and KID went to sleep with these words printed deep inside the heart. Today KID got a lesson from NANI.

That night KID got a dream where he was standing on high at the top of a building when someone pushed him from behind and he started falling down. KID could feel the fall but had no pain again. Just a thought “Why it is done to him.”


This was done by NANA JI daily to wake up KID but this time the message was clear for kid.  Birth of a human being is not to be wasted. Wake up from inside. Pay your debts, do for what you took the birth.

That was Saturday morning. The teacher came to the class room and she was happy. KID was busy in doing something unproductive with head down on the floor.

“Let’s have some fun.” Said the teacher. “Will someone sing any song or tell any story.”

“Madam, NIDHI is good at singing.” Said someone from the back side of classroom.

“Come NIDHI.” Said the teacher.

KID was busy with his own thoughts until he heard the song “DIL KE TUKDE TUKDE KAR KE, MUSKURA KE CHAL DIYE”

“Hey Bhagwaan, She is the same girl. She was in my class since last two years and I was searching for her outside.” KID thought.

The same day SINGH Sir (The P.Y.I. Master) also was also in good mood. He shared a song with students which he used to sing with his army battalion (He was retired army solder).

“Chamcha Chamcha Chamcha Chamcha Chamcha Chamcha Chahiye.Kadcha Kadcha Kadcha Kadcha Kadcha Kadcha Chahiye”

All students repeated in the same manner and that was fun.

Finally that was the time for exams and after exam vacations. KID got a chance to go to DADRI. To spend holydays with his MA and SISTER. Those days MA had some teeth problem.

“How come your gums are bleeding” Asked KID.

“I fell from the stares and MA (DADI MA) didn’t allow to visit doctor due to orthodox thoughts of not allowing any stranger to see the face of her BAHU. As I could not get the treatment this resulted in PYRIA” MA replied.

“How you fell from the stares” asked KID

“This is nothing as compared to what happened to your sister. One day I was drying cloths on the roof in noon time when I heard your sister crying. When I saw her she was crying bitterly just behind me and could not stand on HOT Cemented Roof as she was bare footed. When I picked her up her feet sole was hot red due to heat. There was no one to take care of her even for a while.” Said MA and every word was printed deep inside the heart of KID with RED HOT IRON.

“I will break this wall of backward thinking. BAHU of my family will never face this problem.” Thought the KID.

With lots of thoughts KID returned to NANA’s house. Still there were some more days left for the new session to start. One day in the afternoon KID decided to listen the songs of and found the tape recorder not working despite of repeated attempts.

“Perhaps this is electricity issue.” Thought KID

“How does this work. Current comes from one hole and moves inside the equipment. Then it returns to the other hole. I can see this. If I see the current this will be the fault in tape recorder and not electricity” Thought KID and took one bare copper wire, turned it in “U” shape and inserted it in both holes just to check the flow of electric current from one side to other.

“BANG” sound came from electric meter. There was no light in complete house. KID was now more curious to find what mistake he has done. He went to neighbor’s house to check and found there was no such issues. There was electricity supply in their house but it was not there in ours, thought KID.

He came back to home and found NANA JI sitting with anger holding that “U” shape copper wire in his hands. “What is this” NANA JI nearly shouted.

KID told him the complete story and was feeling proud of his new idea of testing electricity supply, till he saw NANA JI coming back to him with a thick electric supply wire in his hands and BANG BANG BANG. KID didn’t cry or try to defend himself as he was surprised of what wrong he did.

“What are you doing? This way you will kill him.” NANI JI came for defense.

“Take him away. Send him back to his MA. I am fed-up of his complaints.” NANA JI shouted.

With nothing in mind KID went outside the home and again went to same place. Looked towards the SKY trying to find out what went wrong.

Same year in winters. That was a sunny day and KID was busy with his own thoughts while NANI JI was busy in making lunch. That was nearly 2 PM and it was time for NANA JI to come for lunch.

“KDICK” sound came of wooden main door opening. In came NANA JI with his bicycle. Parked the cycle and went to bed.

“How was your exam” asked NANA JI.

“Good, I knew everything. The paper was easy.” KID replied.

“Show me the question paper.” NANA JI

Those days there used to be at least one choice for every questions to be answered. NANA JI asked all questions and KID replied them all. Now NANA JI asked for question selected for answering in exam.

“Question one- Assay or story which one you replied.”


“Question two- A or B which one you replied”


“Question three- Letter or application, which you selected.”

“………………………………..” silence

“Which one you replied.” NANA JI nearly shouted.

“No one.” Said KID

CHATAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKK NANA JI slapped KID on right cheek so strong the KID fell on the ground.

“You will kill KID. What wrong he did. Does this matter if he didn’t reply one question? He will pass anyway the exams.” NANI again came to defend.

“He didn’t get the slap for missing one question. He got because he knew the answer and didn’t reply in hurry to be back to home.” NANA JI said.

That slap changed the complete way KID look towards issues. He learned irrespective of how hard situation is check every aspect of it and try as hard as possible to resolve it till the last breath.

After some days while playing outside KID saw a beautiful red bicycle and a sweet, innocent, tall and handsome boy riding. KID wanted to ride the bicycle but didn’t know cycling at all. That boy was his new neighbor in A/7. There was something which didn’t let the KID rest that night surely not that red bicycle but that boy. Next day KID was surprised to see the same neighbor in his school. In Lunch time both of them met again where the new neighbor said “Hi, I am RAKESH. I know you. You lives near my house.”

Both RAKESH and KID opened their lunch box. One more classmate was there with them.

“Meet him. He is PRABHJYOT” said KID.

Without any other discussions all sat together for lunch.

“PRABHJYOT what is this.” Asked KID

“This is our home made pickle.” PRABHJYOT replied kid.

“I will take this” KID


“Yummy, what this is made of” KID

“Don’t ask me or you will not feel good.” PRABHJYOT


“What is this?” RAKESH

“Mutton pickle” whispered PRABHJYOT

“How you dare to offer non-veg to a Brahmin knowing he don’t eat non-veg.” RAKESH

“Don’t worry. That was tasty.” KID

“Are you sure. Don’t you have any problem?” RAKESH

“NO. Let’s go to class room.” KID

That evening RAKESH offered KID to ride his bike. KID sit on bicycle while RAKESH was holding it tight.

“Start to paddle the bike, don’t be afraid, I am there. You won’t fall at all as I am there with you. I won’t let you fall down.” Said RAKESH and for next one month daily whenever possible RAKESH used to teach KID cycling. Holding the bike and running behind KID every time till KID was fully trained in cycling.

“I know you love reading comics and pocket books. I will take them on rent and we both will read them. I will take two at one time and both of us will read them one by one.” Finding KID slow in reading RAKESH started reading the comics loudly for KID. Both of them used to sit in primary school building after school time and read comics till it is dark.

One day RAKESH came and announced the arrival of his relatives from abroad. He invited KID to play with his relatives. KID felt a bit hesitated but with support of RAKESH went along. That was a totally new world. Lavish style, Royal dress-ups, Beautiful princes and princesses all around. With them there was an ordinary boy whom RAKESH introduced them as his best friend. Everyone was playing there except KID who was acting to show himself comfortable.

“Look RAKESH I got the book of Peter Pan.” Said his cousin.

That was so beautiful. KID had never seen any such book yet. That was shining. So strong as compared to comics. That kid in book standing on the tree so cute. But this is in English.

“Doesn’t matter. I need this.” Thought KID.

Next day there was some noise at A/7.

“My Peter Pan book is missing”

“Where it is.”

“I didn’t read it yet.”

“Tell me where it is.”

“I missed this in your home. You are responsible for this.”

KID heard everything from outside but didn’t enter the house. That evening when RAKESH came out KID admitted the mistake.

“I have that book. I took it and hide it somewhere. I will return it.” Admitted KID but inside his brain only. He didn’t said anything to RAKESH and though RAKESH knew it was KID who took the book didn’t took his name. RAKESH took all allegations but remained as a shelter for KID. KID met his forever friend RAKESH. The one who always forgive him for his every mistake his every non-sense and who always stood along with KID as a shelter. Both of them were happy with each other. RAKESH taught KID to drive bicycle. KID taught RAKESH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOTHING. RAKESH taught him flying kite. KID taught him >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOTHING. RAKESH gave him comics and KID gave him NOTHING and NOTHING and NOTHING.

KID was surprised and ashamed as he was unable to offer anything in return and that feeling continued till KID heard the story of KRISHNA and SUDAMA. And that day KID knew he was with his forever friend he was with his KRISHNA. And then the day of partition came when KID had to go to HISAR for class seven. Surprisingly there was no sorrow as KID always knew my KRISHNA is always with me. Irrespective of whether they talk or not they meet or not they are together and attached from heart.

Only those who are from the luckiest persons on earth gets friends like RAKESH.


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