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Inside-Out (Part 5)



In class nine KID was all puzzled with a week body, confused state of mind, no interest in studies and no friend to study with. Teachers were hard and strict. They used to use sticks for boys of KID’s cadre. KID had no interest in going to school and one day he met VINOD. A classmate with gigantic body structure. He was like a hero for KID. One day VINOD asked KID to accompany him for movie. In lunch time KID and VINOD went to watch a movie. KID had no interest in watching movie but he was surprised of school system. No one noticed his absence. KID was just a roll number for teachers who were only trying to finish their syllabus and attract more and more students for tuition. That was additional source of income for them as school administration was paying them very less salary and had no objection on tuition culture. Paid extra classes were enforced to increase their incomes.

KID was one of the weakest students of class who rarely used to come to school. KID used to bunk the school and go to a park to spend his time with fishes and gene pigs. He used to feed them fresh grass every day. They were his friends now. Friend’s list only had one name SANJAY with whom KID used to spend after school time. Playing cricket was common platform for them as both were not good in it.  Now KID had one after school friend but at the same time he was searching for one at school too as there he was all alone. Always busy in his own world, No Friends no rivals.  KID was just waiting for summer vacations when he could meet his KRISHNA. And finally the days came. KID ran to RAKESH’s house nearly jumping with joy. Rakesh was also waiting for KID with a shocking news. His father was transferred to other city and they had to move. KID didn’t say anything. After vacations KID came back all alone. Once again he was alone in this world. KRISHNA had to go to dwarika and sudama had to take care for his needs.

One fine evening while walking alone in the colony, KID saw some children doing exercise and a senior training them some gymnastic exercises. KID also went to that teacher asking for permission to join and trainer allowed him to join along with Sanjay. From that day KID started using his reserved and spare energy in gymnastics and a new habit of exercising started rooting deep inside.  Now KID used to do heavy workout twice a day till complete exhaustion and thus he had no stamina left for studies. Things continued till midterm exams and as it was expected KID failed in exams. MA was disappointed and that resulted in slight efforts in studies. Sanjay was the one to compete with as now he was classmate too. In winters a new philosophy rose. Now science, English and mathematics classes were conducted co-education. Instead of studying hard KID always tried to hide in the crowd as he was afraid of being ashamed in front of ANUJ.


That day KID was standing outside the school with other friends during lunch time when he noticed a young lady sitting behind the scooter with one elder man who could be her father. KID could not stop himself from whistling while saying, “what if I am able to see this lady daily.” Friends surrounding KID laugh loudly. After lunch everyone went back to the classroom when suddenly the Principal entered the room and the same lady whom KID whistled during lunch time followed him to the classroom. There was pin drop silence in the classroom and KID could hear his heart pumping hard.

“Today I will surely be expelled from school.” Thought KID

“Good afternoon everyone.” Principal said in a loud sound. “As you all are aware our science teacher is on leave since long and will not be able to re-join till the end of this session. Considering the up-coming exams and pending syllabus the school management has appointed MISS as your new science teacher. She is appointed for the balance session and I hope you will co-ordinate with her.”

“MISS, generally the students are obedient except some. If you control these black sheep you will not face any problem.” Told principal to MISS.

“KID and Sanjay, stand up and come here.” This time the sound was louder.

Both obeyed and MISS gave a surprising look when she saw KID and KID’s heart was just trying to jump outside. KID could hardly manage to stand with eyes consistently on the floor.

“Though KID rarely comes to school, still whenever he is present just give him treatment as hard as possible. If you are able to control him you will not face any problem at all. He is the most notorious student among all.” Told principal to MISS before he left the classroom.

Next day MISS came to take first class and the first line she uttered was, “KID come forward.”

KID came forward with heart pumping loudly.

“Today will start with some punishment as she will surely take revenge of that whistle.” Thought KID

“Will you answer some questions?” asked MISS

“YES” replied KID with millions and millions thoughts running side by side.

And the rapid round of questions started which somehow KID managed to reply.

“You know the answers. I don’t know why you are marked as notorious. For me you are good. Why don’t you attend the school regularly? You have possibilities of scoring good marks but everyone says it will be very difficult to get passing marks for you. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..” MISS kept on saying and KID kept on waiting for the punishment for whistling.

“Take your bag and from today you will sit near my seat in the front row.”

“Now go and take your bag.”

“Go, what are you waiting for.”

“KID” MISS nearly shouted and KID awake with a shock.

“Sorry Mam” KID didn’t heard whatever MISS said.

“GO and bring your BAG.” MISS repeated.

KID went to his seat, took the bag and went outside the class.

“What will happen now? MA will be disappointed. What will I tell her about the reason? What will I say about why I am expelled from the school?” The thoughts broke when another sound hit his ear.

“Where are you going? I asked you to sit on the front bench and not to get out.”

KID stopped, looked at MISS expecting some punishment and went to first bench while he was unable to understand about what was going on. That day the last bencher got a chance to sit on the first bench for the first time since he joined YASHODA SCHOOL.

Soon he became regular in school attendance and became the group leader. A leader of group having most notorious students of class (All sections). He was awarded a liability to manage that group and get all classwork finished by all his group mates. Now KID was enjoying school and getting some seriousness in studies.

That year KID managed to pass the school exams with second division which was a surprise even for school principle. Next year was board exam of matriculation. KID had no interest in going to NANA’s house for vacations as his KRISHNA was not there and he decided to go the MAMA’s house which was near the place where his KRISHNA lived. Somewhere KID was afraid of getting unwelcomed response or something else from RAKESH still he asked MAMAJI about his willingness to meet RAKESH. That night went with thoughts and thoughts only. KID was going to meet his friend after two long years. Next morning MAMA assured about communication his message to Rakesh’s father with a doubt about whether he will be able to come to see KID or not. KID waited for MAMA Ji to come for lunch and when he came home kid ran and asked, “What happened? Did you communicate my message to uncle? When will be RAKESH coming?”

“He will not be.” Replied MAMA JI.

“Why?” Asked KID with millions and millions of thoughts running side by side.

“Yesterday Rakesh went to Kaithal to meet you as he was expecting you to be there waiting for him. Anyhow his father has sent him the message to come back and that you are here. He will be coming back by next week and till than you will be back.”

“I won’t. I’ll wait for him. Even if it is one week or two but I won’t leave without meeting him.” Thought KID as he wanted to meet his KRISHNA at any cost.

Same day KID was just walking on the road with various thoughts running inside his mind when he heard the sound of a bike coming nearer and nearer.

“Where are you going?”

That was Rakesh riding the bike with an always available lovely smile on his face. KID could not speak a single word. He just extended his hand towards Rakesh and Rakesh in reply gave a tight hug to KID. SUDAMA met his KRISHNA and it was hard for him to control his tears. KID didn’t want his KRISHNA to see his tears so he tried to hide them with a smile.

“You were expected to return next week. How come you returned so early?” Asked KID though he knew the reason.

“Fortunately the work for which I went finished and I had to come back.” Rakesh tried to hide while the increase of his pressure holding KID explained the truth and both of them gave a naughty smile to each other and spend the whole evening together till it was too dark and met the next day again. The last day KID went back without telling Rakesh anything as he could not see him going as another transfer was ordered and soon Rakesh had to move to Panchkula. Another partition and that too for a place where no relative to KID lived. With a belief in heart of re-union KID came back to home knowing that Rakesh will be disappointed by his action.

Matriculation was again a hard year of studies. Knowing the impact of the results of this year on his future KID joined the school. It was now his habit to sit on the first bench and KID did accordingly. He came early to school and grabbed the first bench. Soon the class teacher entered the room.

“Hmmm. Stand up.” Said the class teacher to KID.

“Yes Mam.” Said KID while standing.

“Did you pass your exams? Show me your report card.” Ordered Class teacher.

“I didn’t bring my report card along. Shall I bring it tomorrow?” Replied KID with a strange feeling as he was the only one asked for reports card.

“NO. You need not to. I know you hardly got the passing marks with grace as given by most of the teachers.”

KID was shocked.

“No Mam. I scored second division.” Replied KID

“Shameless boy. You dare arguing with me.” Class teacher nearly shouted while giving a hard slap on KID’s face. “Go and sit at the last bench with your friends as you don’t deserve to be on the first one. It is for class monitor and intelligent students. Students like you are burden on us.” Said teacher while pointing towards the last bench of class room.

KID picked his bag and without crying and eyes full of tears went back to the last bench. One year efforts of MISS were gone and now KID was again at the place and with the state of mind where he was one year back. Again he had no interest in studies. Again he started to go to same park and spend his time with gene pigs. He felt no difference between himself and those gene pigs and nine months passed this way.

Now it was the time for pre board exams and as expected KID failed in all subjects. Principal called MA to meet his class teacher who was willing not to consider KID as regular student in school records so that the results might not get effected. That day KID went to school after fifteen days. Sitting on the last bench he noticed MA standing outside his class with Mamta (his cousin) and class teacher surrounding her with other subject teachers making complaints after complaints. MA didn’t say anything and went back with a request to give KID last chance and assurance that she will try to make things right.

That day KID went back to home expecting another hard time but no one said anything except one line by MA.

“Do you feel good if someone complain about you? It’s upon you to decide what you want.”

That night KID could not sleep. He could feel the pain behind every word MA said. He decided to attend classes regularly irrespective of how much he is beaten at school. Irrespective of whatever teachers think about him and he was not wrong. Teachers gave him punishment and gave him treatment as hard as possible. Sometimes KID could not even grab the pen due to pain and swelling in palm caused by sticks. Still he was determined not to back off and results started to come as KID managed to score passing marks in pre-board exams. Now it was school management’s call about allowing him to be treated as regular student or to show him as a private exam candidate.

MA was again called to meet school principal. Class teacher with other subject teachers attended that meeting where everyone was willing to treat KID as a private student while MA was silent. When asked about her comments MA left it at the discretion of principle who finally decided to have words with KID.

“What do you want to say?” Asked principle.

“As you say sir.” Replied KID

“Take him as regular.” Ordered principle while closing the meeting.

“Your father was the topper every time in every exam. He topped board exams always and university as well and his son is struggling to get his name as a regular student.” Said MA to her friend while leaving school.

KID heard that and went back to class. He spent all that day sitting on the last bench crying and trying to hide his tears. Determination and dedication gave results and KID managed to score second division in final exams and now it was college standing ahead.

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