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Inside-Out (Part 6)




KID had no one to back with suggestions about which stream of education to go (Science, arts or commerce) or which college to select (there were three colleges in the city). Even the carrier path was unclear. The only way was to collect knowledge from wherever possible. KID tried and the result was one college is for science students other one for arts and third one for commerce. As per the first Cut off list for Science College admission requirement was minimum 70% which was beyond imagination. KID decided not to opt arts as according to his belief that was meant for dull students thus the only option left was to opt commerce. KID and Sanjay both went to get admission in commerce.

The first ever feel of a college was excellent and beyond imagination. No one bother others. Everyone was in a hurry. No system and noise everywhere showing the level of discipline and control. Kid was happy to see this as he was fed-up of discipline and punishments for violations. Carrying the form Kid and Sanjay were roaming here and there with no idea of what to do. There they asked many boys (it was difficult to ask a girl due to internal hesitation cultivated deep inside both of them) about the place to deposit admission forms. Suddenly a voice appeared from nowhere” come with me if you are searching for room to deposit commerce section admission forms.” Both of them turned back to find a slim medium built boy carrying a big smile on his face. “Hi, I am Arun. Arun Sharma. I am here for admission in commerce division. Bla bla bla bla and he continued till next one hour. With his help both kid and Sanjay deposited their admission form and left the college. Now it was waiting time till next two weeks to get the first cutoff admission list.

After two weeks both kid and Sanjay went to the college with a hope to get admission in commerce and surprisingly both were eligible for science and not commerce as the cutoff list was much higher as compared to that which both of them achieved in their matriculation exams. After the opening of second cutoff list that was much higher, both of them decided to go for a school with a bad reputation. It was the only option available to continue studies in desired stream. Uncle (Sanjay’s father) was very much disappointed with both friends as they could not even score to be eligible to get admission in a college. Now both of friends had to study with a very bad group of students. Destiny had another page yet to be unfolded.

After one visit to that school both Kid and Sanjay found the whole carrier going to be sunk as they were not comfortable with the atmosphere of school. Though there was again no one to ask them about what they are doing in school just like the college but this full freedom was not acceptable to both of them. They could not complete even a full day when a sudden loud noise hit their ears. That was an ugly boy walking in the school with a sword in his hands and shouting on teachers with bad words while asking all the students to get out of their classes. That was a scene both Kid and Sanjay never expected. Though the school didn’t had a good name still the scene going on was beyond words.

Both Kid and Sanjay followed the instructions and other students outside the school building saw the scene that immediately became worst. Some boys started throwing stones on school building shouting bad words against school administration. They were those who didn’t get the admission and they were alleging the management about filling school and selling education in the name of management quota. While both Kid and Sanjay were enjoying the shout, sudden police vehicle siren voice surrounded the atmosphere and the next scene was even beyond imagination. Police Force was there as requested by school management (the owner has a good name in regional politics) and suddenly they started LATHI CHARGE on students. Now everyone was just trying to escape. All students were running to escape from arrest. The police force which was just double of the students agitating were trying to arrest as many agitators as possible. Kid and Sanjay both started running and stopped just at their house which was 2-3 KM from that site. That day both decided not to study further and go back to that school also.

After another week of fear both friends decided to check the college again. Both went to college to check their luck and what. Arun was there at the entrance gate with the same smile on his face. “Where were both of you since last one week? You know this way you will not be able to manage your attendances which might cause problem later in exam appearance.” Arun nearly shouted.

“What on earth he is saying,” both kid and Sanjay thought the same thing while looking towards him.

“I didn’t knew your address otherwise I would have been at your home to tell you about this. You both got admission in the last cut-off list as two students shifted from commerce to non-medical.”

Arun bought heaven on earth for both friends and they ran towards notice board to confirm the same. While going through the final cut-off list they could not find their names.

“Check it again yaar” said Sanjay.

“I can’t find our names. Perhaps Arun was not right. I have already checked it thrice.” Said Kid.

After searching for five minutes both were in a very bad mood and suddenly came Arun.

“What are you doing here? The final list is with Dr. S.C. Sharma. Go to room number 12” Arun said

“We don’t believe you. You come with us and in case whatever you told is found to be false you don’t know what we both are going to do.” Kid was in a very bad mood and it became worst when he saw Arun smiling on his words.

Finally both Kid and Sanjay accompanied Arun who show them the way to room number 12. There was a long bench and four teachers were sitting on the other side of bench. Dr. S.C. Sharma was just in middle with a list in his hands.

“Sir he is Kid and he is Sanjay.” Said Arun

“So what can I do?” Said Dr. Sir

“Sir there name was in final cut-off list for commerce admission.” Arun

“Are they Prime Minister or President that they came so late? Are we going to wait for them forever? Now all seats are full and are you there advocate who brought them here for admission. This is a college and not shrine. You better go back and take admission in any other school.” Dr. Sir.

“Sir is there any possibility?” Asked Kid with a very low voice.

“No means No.” replied Dr. Sir.

“Thank you sir.” Said Kid and took the steps back with Sanjay and Arun

“Wait.” That was a loud voice

The three monkeys looked back and saw Dr. Sir holding a paper in his hands.

“Take this and deposit you admission fee.” Words from Dr. Sir were like ……………………..

Kid could feel tears trying to jump out of his eyes.

Now you will know the importance of time….If you were late by just an hour you would have lost the last possibility to get admission in this college, in fact any college in this city. Always respect time as the time never comes back once it’s gone”….. Each and every word from Dr. S.C. Sharma got printed deep inside of both Sanjay and Kid.

Both friends went back to their home to collect money for their admission and returned in no time as that was the last day for admission. When they went to the window of fee counter they found it closed.

“New admission.” That was a female sound.

Both looked back and found a fair complexion cute girl looking towards them.

“Yes” both replied together.

“It’s late. You both follow me and I will get it done.” Said the girl.

While walking towards the administration block she told about herself. She was Hemlata Sharma, Secretary of CRMJ college students union. She noticed both of them in confused state and thought to help them.

Kid and Sanjay were standing just behind Hemlata while she was shouting on office staff for closing the window five minutes earlier. Both friends had a single thought running in their minds “How a student can be so powerful and helpful” as that was the first experience of such type for both of them. The arguments closed with completion of admission formalities of both friends. While returning a loud screaming and shouting sound hit their ears. Hemlata stopped and immediately started to run on other side shouting some names while Kid and Sanjay both followed the sounds and soon both stood freeze. They could not believe it as some four – five boys were beating a boy with hockey stick, bicycle chain, hand punch and one of them was having knife in his hand. The boy was shouting for help and everyone in surrounding were just looking and not helping, including both new faces Kid and Sanjay.

“What is all this. How you dare to enter in my college. I will not leave you. Move Move. Let me come out.” That was a loud and directive commanding voice from the room outside of which all of this drama was happening. There was a name plate on the room gate stating “Principal”. The noise kept increasing and increasing till the one holding knife did his job……………………………………

For some time there was a pin drop silence till a dyeing AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh you bustards hit the ears of Kid. All five boys ran from there and no one dare to stop them. The boy who was attacked was just to fall when some hands picked him. “Take him to the hospital immediately” Shouted Principle sir.

The boys ran towards the college gate as the college was surrounded by many hospitals. At the first instance the hospital authorities refused to attend the case before the arrival of police. Everyone requested the doctor to attend him but no-one was there to hear them till a loud sound appeared from behind, “Doctor, we are students. Attend him or within one hour there will be neither any hospital nor any doctor. We will abolish this bloody structure which can’t even help a needy. What are you here for? Don’t take me lightly as I am not alone. This strength of three thousand students will make your hospital disappeared in no time.” That was Hemlata along with some more students who were perhaps her team mates or college student’s union office bearers.

“You don’t worry kids as now I am here.” A person shouted from a car stopping just behind the crowd. He was a rich looking person with a stethoscope in his hand held firmly. He was walking through the crowd with confidence when one of the doctors denying to take up the case said”Sir this is a police case.”

“So what? Still he needs our help and what the hell we are doctors for if we can’t even help a person in need? He is from my college. I too studied in this college and whatever I am I am due to the blessings and teachings of our respected teachers. He is also like my younger brother as he is from my college. Take him to O.T. immediately and ask policemen to wait till I am free.” Shouted the senior doctor while walking to the OT.

While the doctors were inside the OT with the student all others were praying outside the hospital for good health of injured student. All students were talking about the confidence and goodness of the senior doctor who actually was the owner of that hospital who came to attend the case on phone call of Principal Sir. It didn’t took long when the doctor came outside in sad mood and everyone could see tears in his eyes while he announced the student dead. He said it took too long to give medical attention and he could not bear that delay. With the announcement he advised all the students to leave the site as police could reach there any time and as per him giving statements and handling policemen etc. could be difficult for youngsters. He confirmed that he had discussed the situation with Principal Sir and he was about to come with family members of that student.

After repeated requests by Doctor, students started to move with an announcement of one day off from college in condolence.

Kid and Sanjay also reached back to their houses with admission slips in their hands but now there was no joy or happiness on their faces. Still there was something and that was respect for Students Union, Hemlata, Principal Sir, and Doctor and above all there was respect for all students of college who were there. There was one more thing with KID.


For Kid and Sanjay this was the first day of their admission in Chaju Ram Memorial Jat College.



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