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Is our new generation is bad or old generation is not understanding

Is our new generation is bad or old generation is not understanding

Mostly it is said that new generation is not obedient, they are clueless and careless. But whether it is true? Can’t it be possible that old generation does not understand their situation?

I have seen in many families that old people wants everyone to take permission from them. For father son always remain little. But why can’t he understand that his son is older now and he can take his own decision. He is married; he is working and doing all the works. Now his son is in lead role of home. Father can’t take decision in same manner when he was in lead role. Now he can only advice but if he is expecting to take control of all things then universal truth came “Expectations hurts”.

Moreover when they do some house work then other his old friends tease like “you are still doing work, what are your children do? Are you home servant?” these teasers make them feel that they must not do house work as they are retired now and it is their rest period. But is this right? Even a child do house work what he can do so why not old people. They must enjoy this life and small work like drop grandchildren to bus stop is not a big deal. Doing house work is not bad as it is their own home. These days husband wife both are working so how can they expect that their son’s wife can do all house work also. This is the main reason in Indian families for fight and argument.

Traditions are changing, old traditions are modified now. Old time was different, now those customs or traditions can’t be followed in same old manner. For example: in old days marriage rules were different. Arrange marriage was the only way. But these days children are leaving home for job in other cities or countries. They met someone and fell in love then what is wrong if that other person is of other religion, other caste or other culture. It is their life and they can handle it. But parents don’t approve due to religion. Is it right? Can’t new generation live in their own way?

I was travelling in train and met some people. One was a old person. He was complaining because he got upper berth. He was saying that I am more than 70 years old so why didn’t I get lower seat. It is rail department fault. I told him that it is online system. I reserved the seat one month back and I preferred lower seat as full train was empty that time so I got lower seat. Now you reserved only 2-3 days back so there was no lower seat available. I was right but he got offended because I cut his talk. He told him in offended voice that he worked 32 year as a teacher and I am telling him about online system. I understood that he didn’t like but I was also in mood to teach him. Because yes I know he is old but it doesn’t mean he is right in every case. He was a teacher but a history teacher and he left job more than 10 years. So how he was so sure about online system? So I argued and proved with help of online ticket and internet on my mobile that I was right. He was not happy but when he came to know that I am a CA then he felt that I can have some knowledge. This incident shows that sometime old people doesn’t want to understand.

You can’t clap with one hand. Only problem can’t be with new generation or old generation. New generation is in speed and it is their necessity also. because in this completion era if they can’t be fast then they will be left behind. Old generation must understand now they are not on driver seat they are seating with driver. So they can’t expect life car will move on their intention. They can guide with their experience but they can’t run the car as before.

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  1. I was reading your post, seeing some valid points in what you say but also see a lot of anger in you. So, let me explain me. I am one of “those older people” LOL and this is how I view my children. They are both grown and moved out and so they are their own men in their own homes. I do not have a say in what they do and the only request I have is that they treat me their mother and as their elder…with honor and respect. That does not mean they have to agree with all I say but that does mean they do not try to argue me down and prove me wrong or be disrespectful of me.
    My sons are older than you I think and so wisdom comes with age. There was a time they wanted to prove they knew more than the older people and now they want to hear what the older have to teach them. It is this desire to prove manhood that made and makes great warriors but manhood comes with wisdom of life and that is not found in a computer but in how to deal with life.

    Sometimes silence is the key. What difference did it make if the old man was complaining of having the upper berth? At seventy, one does not know what pains he lives with in his body. Now my sons….without me saying anything would have offered up their lower berth because the man was an elder and was older. They would not have tried to humiliate him and argue him down and prove him wrong. But like I say, my sons are older and wisdom in life comes with age. There is knowledge such as how to do a computer or an ipad that had nothing to do with wisdom and there is wisdom that comes from understanding life. I am part native American…I have learned much from my elders. I did not agree with all but I did not disrespect them. I moved away because I could not agree so that I was not hurting them and so I could live my life.

    I do think that some things change as the roles of men and women have changed and not all are at home anymore and so some roles have to be reversed. Some men stay at home now I notice..younger generation…and are the homemaker and the child care ones while the woman goes out and works. That is change. But what is not changed nor should it change is the universal need for respect of each other and yes, respect of elders. You have many valid points but when you try to prove them with anger, elders do not listen. Sometimes we have to make changes and live our lives by our rules so as to not offend the beliefs of our elders. I live with my son now as I am old and have health problems and so I abide by the rules in his house. When I was healthy, I lived on my own so that i could have my own rules.

    Keep writing son for it helps us all to sort out this generation gap. You have valid points in some areas…just keep the respect in what you do for you will never change the older ones with anger or with proving them wrong. Learning changes like me learning a computer come with patience and time. Come visit my blog sometime. I would love to have you. and yes it is all about expectations and sometimes we expect too much…elder to younger and sometimes younger to elder.

    1. I agree with you Ms danLrene and thanks for your so thoughtful views

    2. Dear danLrene
      I myself gave my lower berth to that old man. 🙂
      I agree with your all views and respects your each word. But i am not complaining. It is just to tell people that try to understand each other situation

      1. yes and understanding is important. Life changes quickly so we must hold to core values and learn to respect differences in other things. 🙂

  2. It seems to me that while you may be a grown man, you have failed yourself in the way of “respect of Elders”. yes you can clap with one hand if you are creative. It is not a matter of a teaching moment as much as it is a matter of being an adult who reveres their Elders, those who have walked a path before Internets, modern convenience and given up much to allow you the things that you now seem so very proud of in your life. Would it have been so very difficult to extend kindness rather than teaching as you moved from your “ego” into a place of gratitude while offereing your berth to someone who may have had difficulty in rising up one level, which would have elevated you while honoring someone who spent a life teaching… yes times change however someone built the very foundation on which you are now standing as you seem to still be a teanager in many ways declaring your rights and entitlements … it is not to late to remember those who walked before you and honor them with kindness and compassion. If you are lucky some day you too may be older and hope that the next generation will not look down upon you as you have those who you mention. Good luck.

  3. bharadwaj says:

    Your theme is correctly conveyed sir. But its vision and change in vision of people which matters all, that i feel sir, yes sir expectations hurt, but still sometimes expectation may be just, which the new or old generation feel unjust. So finally adjusting with each other is a good solution in times.
    Its my view sir, i am not contradicting yours. Allover, its a different articles sir!

    1. right Mr. Bharadwaj
      you are right, it was a different type article
      thanks for reading

  4. catarannum says:

    neither new generation nor old generation is bad…it is only difference of thoughts and experiences. If both try to let go small things and be ready to accept and understand views of others, the situation will be different. old generation should understand that change is necessity of life and new generation should accept that it is not possible to change their parents 100%. But they also should keep their views before parents and explain the reasons behind the change.

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