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Love Jihad

Love Jihad

Mohan Das Karmachand Gandhi aka Bapu said that all religious are same and all must be together. If he is alive today then he would think again on his words. Tara Shahdeo case has proved that it is really difficult to make peace between all religions. Many cases are coming in news about this after this case. Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is an alleged activity under which young Muslim boys and men reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. This is the most controversial subject in India. But this is not new problem before India it was reported in United Kingdom. It was in 1990 when Sikh community of Britain complained that Muslim persons are trapping their girls in love and then converting them in Muslim. For this they were representing them as Sikh and then when once girl married then it was told that they had to change religion. Sometimes it was in form of brutality. The Hindu and Sikh religion girls were beaten by the persons to whom they dated for forcefully conversion. It was a big news in Daily Mail. But the best evidence that this form of jihad has been in operation for some time comes from a former Muslim extremist, who converted to Christianity. In the book, Why We Left Islam, a compilation of testimonies by former Muslims who left their faith, the unidentified apostate gives a powerful account of his days as a jihad Romeo in Egypt who targeted Coptic Christian girls.

Actually when violent Jihad of Muslim terrorism was failed then this stealth Jihad was planned to challenges rest of societies. This is the easy and legal way, legal doesn’t make it social acceptable. It is the way when trust of someone is broken. Muslims are really aggressive for their religion and in the name of Islam some people makes them to do illegal and inhuman deeds.

Love Jihad is a heartless and most cruel strategy to lure innocent girls with love and then convert them in Islam. After marriage, girls used to take husband surname and emotionally attached to her husband. This strategy is based on the concept to take advantage of these emotions.

This matter is related to religion so it is really sensitive issue. Governments are not able to take action against these because no law can prevent people to marriage in other cast. But no law allows forcing someone to convert their religion. That is why it is really difficult to stop. Girls are emotionally sensitive so many times they don’t want to spoil their marriage life which is based on love. So this is the most effective weapon for conversion of religion.

Actually problem is with some people’s mentality, they think more people accepting their religion will increase power of their religion. They can’t understand that it is not number which is making your religion stronger, it is education, technology and strong character which strengthen the religion. You can take example of Israel; it is small country but proves big man for all Muslim countries. I believe, Muslims are not bad some leaders are using their emotions for their dirty purposes. So to stop this type of behavior, the only effective step is to educate people and teach them to respect all the religion like their own religion.

2 Responses to “ Love Jihad ”

  1. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Good Article.
    We should have to deeply think about this Love Jihad, spread awareness against this dirty act so that it could be not repeated again.

    1. Right Rajesh
      deep thinking is necessary.

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