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Is marriage become business

Is marriage become business

Population is increasing so do necessity and so do new methods to earn money. By from some years dowry cases can’t we suspect that it become a new profitable business- first marry a man and then harass him to pay money otherwise charge him and his family with false dowry case.

If you see case history, police records and court cases you will find that more than 90% cases were false. Some survey suggests that this is more than 98%. I have seen one case in my neighborhood also. A reputed family’s boy was married to a girl who claimed to a MCA. They met by a matrimonial advertisement in newspaper. The girl told that she is poor so all arrangement was done by boy’s side. After marriage within one month the girl told them to give Rs. 25 lakhs otherwise she will go in court and make them suffer. Innocent family was horrified and they paid her Rs 20 lakhs plus all jewellary. But they were not satisfied and they hired a detective to know the truth. The detective gave them report that it was girl’s business she had done this three times before. It is not the only case, you can read more like this in newspaper. Actually it has become an industry which is growing rapidly.


It is strange that the main objective of law is “Innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t work here. In cases of sec 498A cases the man is always punished even before starting of case. When a wife accused husband and his family for dowry police arrest husband and all his family members and put them in jail. They will try to get a lawyer from behind the bars and get bail. After bail mostly girls stopped to come in court and Indian court doesn’t bother about man’s suffering. Husband and his family needs to come on every date but these conditions are not applicable on girl’s side. So section 498A has become a weapon without a safety lock. It will sure fire and when it fires a family is destroyed.498A


Some men are strong and they fight it life time but many are not brave because law is against it and how a person can fight with government. They found the easiest way to avoid these circumstances is suicide. Married men are committing suicide and this thinking is increasing. More married men are taking their lives to help their family against these cases, because when husband dies most cases are stopped so what law wants? To Kill a man?

men suicide details

Why government can’t stop this misused weapon? We claim that girl and boy are same then why the hell law can’t be even for both. In present days girls are not powerless like past, they are working and sometimes they are getting more salary and high posts. You can check most powerful women list by forbs for records.

So my suggestion is to stop section 498A and stop marriage to become a business for fraud girls.

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