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Modi Magic Again

Congrats BJP

Indian people have again showed their belief in Prime Minister Narender Modi.  Once again he has shown miracle in Indian Politics. First time in Haryana BJP got full majority for making government. In Maharashtra it is the biggest party with more than 100 seats alone.

This is not the result of publicity only which congress and other parties were saying. It is Modi Magic. But is it really magic? No. It is the belief of people because PM Narender Modi has shown people of India that he is able to do all the things which he promised to us. He is not playing dirty politics. He is fulfilling his promises. It is not a big work but Congress had forgotten this work. Now people don’t want free things they want work to do. I have already discussed this in my previous alrticle- Country Which require everything free

You can’t give them only money by selling their lands which Ex-CM Haryana Mr. Hooda did. People are ready to change there are not illiterate now they can think wisely and they want a person who can think wisely and do that work. People don’t need a leader like Rahul Gandhi a.k.a Pappu who can’t say a line without written paper.

USA visit of Modi is a big factor in these elections because people saw that how most powerful country in the world welcomed Narender Modi. This showed his power and respect of India in world which was not shown before when other PMs of Congress visited there. In Japan visit Modi successfully gave message to world that Indian is ready to help them in progress which was a really different view from our previous PMs who asked for help always. Modi has shown that we are not less than any country in the world, we are one of the biggest powers in the world and every Indian was dying to feel this self respect.

In Haryana Congress policies played biggest role because people were frustrated. CM Mr. Hooda was called CM of Rohtak not of Haryana but his party lost Rohtak seat also. Why? Because of policies only. Congress must learn now that people can’t be manipulated by false promises now. They want development real development not only in papers. Mr. Hooda says that he developed Rohtak but how? Only making roads and street lights is not development. I have seen this in every six months new roads were made but what about the use of them? Rohtak was not developed in industry; main work agriculture was also destroyed because farmers sold their lands. Now what work is available? People know well that what he has done.

In Maharashtra even BJP and Shiv Sena were against each other still BJP got more than 100 seats. Raj Thakre’s party got a big defeat. It showed that people don’t want division between Marathi and Non-Marathi; all are Indians. This ‘divide and rule’ policy can’t work more. Modi Magic again shined.

Now time has come when Congress needs to analysis its weakness. Only arguing and complaining is not the way of wining this Indian Lion Narender Modi. First they must accept their mistakes; their ministers were involved in many corruption cases and they were not ready to stop. People don’t want Inspector Raj they want work to do and a reliable and honest government. Congress must accept when Modi is doing good job. Sacking Shahsi Tharoor when he praised Narender Modi showed how afraid is Congress from Modi. A good work is always good no matter who did that, so accept the goodness and learn to praise it. It will show the maturity and people will think that when you can praise the good work then only you are able to do good work yourself. When Congress is not ready to praise good work how people can assume that they can do good work themselves and it is the biggest weakness of Congress.

This election clearly showed that Modi has won hearts of people so it is not a big deal to won their votes.

First ever birthday celebrated of Mahatma Gandhi

India under the spell of Modi magic



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