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Never Tell a lie (Part 10 Final part)

“Maya Civilization, some time before it was in news. Their calendar was till 2012 only. Many people believed that in 2012 world will be destroyed. But it was a myth only. Nothing happened except popularity of a movie. But why are you interested in this?” Heena told.  Actually there was no one else so Sthir asked Heena about this. He told her that he is researching on it because of interest in that movie which he saw last night. He himself researched about this on internet but he was not satisfied. Maya Civilization is still a mystery for people. Nobody knows how Mayan disappeared from earth. They were rich and powerful people still no exact clue about their origin and disappearance. So he wanted to know everything even a story of grandma will be helpful. But there was no clue.

But he was sure about one thing, whoever it was, he didn’t get his objective fulfilled. Now Sthir has the maps which Priya dropped and now Priya is out of danger. He could do it with other students and it was necessary otherwise the person could take benefit of them. So in the same day he visited all victims and releases them from this nanotechnology device.

The time has come when he could wait only for next step of that scientist. So he was attending his lectures in the college with Heena. He and Heena were sitting with Sanju and Pooja. They were gossiping and Heena told that all people are cured now. Sthir was happy and asked that whether anybody told what happened but the answer was negative. Nobody was able to tell what happened that night when they became pray of that mad scientist.

Perhaps that is effect of that technology, it froze the cells of mind which store the information that’s why nobody is able to recall what happened” Sthir thought the reason for this but he didn’t speak this.

“It is like somebody was controlling them with a remote. If I could have that remote I can use that on our principal” Sanju laughed.

“Why? What you are planning to do?” Pooja asked laughing.

“I will make him to announce that every girl will report to me daily and their marks will be decided by me.”

“Great Plan”

Everybody was enjoying but Sthir got clue from this remote thing. What if that nanotechnology devices are still sending signal to that scientist. Because they were working on his command and it was not possible that the scientist was there every time except he is not invisible. But let’s assume he is human being because there is no other option to work on. So the only possible way is by wireless controlling.

“Hey Sthir, what are you thinking?” Heena saw him silent and she doesn’t like his silence.

“Nothing, I think I forgot the iron on in the room.” Sthir made a excellent excuse.

“What? Are you allowed to use iron in your room?” Sanju asked surprised because he knew ironing is not allowed in the hostel rooms because it consumes a lot of electricity.

“Go at once.” Heena told her. She remembered that once she forgot iron on and an expensive suit of her mom was burne.

Sthir came in hostel and started to work on the devices. But it was not easy because by naked eyes those devices were not visible. So he used his special eyeglasses. It could make anything one million times bigger than actual size. He started to work on that. He tried to catch the signal but it was dead. He tried many things to activate the signal but it was not possible. Whatever he tried it remains silent. He tried electricity, laser, x-rays, gama rays, electron rain and even cosmic rays but nothing was able to activate those parts.

At the end he decided to sleep. In sleep he got dream that he is a very small insect. He was eaten by a human. He started to flow in his veins. Through heart he went in to the mind there he visited a electro circuit area. First he was puzzled then he got it that he is in his mind. There he saw some black thing which is not part of the mind. He has blocked the way of veins so he was struck in it. He saw that by one part it was sucking blood and from other part it was throwing it. It was sucking red blood and throwing white blood. He tried to go other side but he was not able to stop blood flow he was sucked by that black machine and woke up.

Now he knew what to do. He immediately cut his finger and put that device in his cut hand. He was careful that it doesn’t enter in his veins, so he kept that alien device with him by which he healed all victims.The machine started to send signal again.

His tracking devices were able to track the signals. It was coming from near hostel. So the person is living in the hostel itself. He signaled hic cameras on balloons to move towards hostel. It was late night and mostly everybody was sleeping. Only the activity is in his room and in a room of other hostel near his. He could able to see hurry in other room perhaps because the signal was started and the person was not ready for that. Sthir was quick now because perhaps it will alert that person. So he jumped from the window and ran to the other hostel. Lights were off. He was checking his watch in which he was able to see the broadcast from his cameras. He was zooming it so that he could be able to see everything.

He was just below the window of that room. He started to climb on that. From window he saw that Mr. Upadhyay, head of chemistry department was in there. He was working on some mobile phone type machine. It was not mobile phone because it has small antenna on it which is bigger than the phone.

Mr. Upadhyay caught a shock he got up on his feet and started to working on his machine furiously. Perhaps he got the point that somebody is trying to track. He started to pack his machines in a beg. He was not interested in clothes or anything else. Perhaps he was planning to run. Sthir jumped from the window inside. Mr. Upadhyay was surprised and then smiled.

“So you got me.”

“Were you expecting me?” Sthir was surprised to see that Mr. Upadhyay was not surprised.

“I knew that somebody is after me. I knew when I saw the moving cameras. I knew that someone whith great mind is after me but I didn’t know who he was. But I am surprised how you got my controlling bugs because no doctor is able to track that. Who are you?”

“I am one of student of your college.”

“No you don’t because if it is true then you can’t track so advanced technology.”

“perhaps I am good at science.”

“I refused to accept this. How much you are good at science but you can’t come so far without any help. Tell me from where you got this technology. Did you get any help from Toltecs?”

“What? Toltecs are also alive?” Sthir was surprised. It was making him mad. First Maya Civilization, now Toltecs? While searching Maya Civilization he found about Toltecs. They fought with Mayan and won.

“So you are not from Toltecs? Who are you?” Mr. Upadyay told and tried to go near door but Sthir was ready. He came between door and Mr. Upadyay with inhuman speed.

Mr. Upadyay was surprised to see his speed. He looked on Sthir with amazement. Perhaps he knew something about him or he was calculating how he can get rid of him.

“You were checking on maps of new airport. Perhaps you and your Mayan people were trying to control on this.” Sthir bluffed. He didn’t know really about Mayan but he tried to show himself knowledgeable.

“HAHAHAHA, you think I am from Mayan. No my boy we Aztec are more powerful than them. And don’t try to be smart with me. I am not interested in airport. We got what we were searching. Actually those maps were to distract you. Now my work is over here. I need to go.” He pushed one button on the wall and the full room was full of smoke. Sthir knew that Mr. Upadyay will jump from window because on door he was standing. So he went towards to window. But nobody came to that side. When the room was clear there was only Sthir was standing guarding the window. Door was opened now. So Mr. Upadyay was clever he knew that Sthir will guard window.

He lost Mr. Upadyay but now he was sure that no student will be victim of him. But what he wanted from those students? Now what is link between him and Maya Civilization, Aztec Civilization and Toltec Civilization? He got his mission to know and find those people and to stop them from their plan whatever it is.


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