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Never tell a lie (Part 2)

Never tell a lie (Part 2)

Nobody knew what happened to Priya and Rajeev. Rumors was spreading that they both ran away and married now, but these rumors were stopped when police find out Rajeev. He was found near a temple. His situation was same like Jai. He didn’t know who he is? Police asked about Priya but he was unaware about himself how he could tell about anybody else. Police used force because they thought perhaps he was telling a lie. Police was thinking about human trafficking. But it was wrong because doctors find that Rajeev really lost his memory and motive to will. He was not interested in food and living.

Sthir was thinking about this now he rejected the possibility of drugs. Why Rajeev and Priya will use drugs when they were going to Goa together. Rajeev was found in city it means he didn’t go to Goa so did Priya. Now the question is what happened to both and where is Priya? He second question was answered by police next day. Priya was recovered from slum area. Her situation was critical. She was molested by some criminals. Priya was in the same state of Rajeev. She didn’t know what to do or what not to. Police forced those criminals to speak truth. They told that they found Priya wandering on roads. She was lost and didn’t know where to go. Priya was beautiful and young so they brought her to slums. She didn’t object and came like a child who believes on everyone without any doubt. After reaching here they raped her but she didn’t fight and didn’t shout. She was behaving like she didn’t care about herself. She didn’t eat from two days, that’s why her situation was going down. So they decided to drop her on road so that if she died due to molestation and hunger then nobody doubt on them. In doing this process they were caught by police.

Sthir was the one who reported police about this. Actually he was searching for Priya and any clue about this terrible incident. He was using his special powers. He could hear from a long distance and most valuable power is he can differentiate all voices from each other. So he was able to hear in traffic noise also. When he heard the talk of those criminals about a mad girl who could not defend herself, he went there and found Priya. Priya’s parents came to hospital and wept by seeing the situation of their beloved daughter.

Principle Chakrvarti announced next day that no student must tell lie and go alone at night. Student heard that boring lecture and left the hall after meeting. This age is like this, they don’t think about any danger. They plan only for today not for future, enjoyment is the first priority and safety is secondary. Arts block organized a party. As usual Principle was against it he didn’t allow to use college campus for this party but all teachers told him that if party will be in campus then they could apply rules and they could keep an eye on students else if party is organized outside then anything can be happen because there will not be any rules.

Women protection society organized a rally outside college. They were blaming college management for not safety of Priya. This came in news and become a major issue. Now principle thought about teacher’s advice and allowed the party in campus. Students were happy. Shikha a first year art student asked Sthir for party. Sthir was not interested to go into a party but by looking present situation he was ready to go to keep an eye on students. When Heena heart about this she was angry, she was a science student like Sthir and was not allowed without any invitation. So she asked Harshit an art student who had crush on her and she knew that.

Now both Sthir and Heena were going to party. Both were not interested but Sthir was going for safety of students and Heena was going for safety of Sthir from other girls. Sthir took some spy cams and made a cap with that. This cap was amazing, it had lights on this which were changing and revolving around the cap. Actually spy cam was hidden in that by revolving in cap it could capture 360 degree view of party. He gave this type of caps to some other students also as gift. They took it happily because these were cool. Sthir put wireless connection between spy cams and his pc now all recording was saved in his computer.

Party started, Sthir was with Shikha and Heena with Harshit, and both were not interested in their partner. Party was good, dance started and some students went on floor to dance. Harshit asked Heena but she rejected but when Sthir was ready to dance with Shikha she became ready. Sthir didn’t want to say no to Shikha as she was the one who provided him permission to come to party. He caps were doing well. He noticed that some students were going in bathroom and when they are coming their body movements were changed. He went to bathroom and found that they were using drugs. Sthir was angry but he didn’t have authority to stop. Neither he could stop this himself nor could he tell this to any teacher because it will show him teacher’s spy and no student wants this label for him. He came outside and sit on a chair. Heena also came there. Sthir knew why Heena is there. they started to talk. Harshit and Shikha came there also. They eat and took soft drinks. After three hours party was over. Everybody was going home. Some students were in influence of drugs. Akshit had his gang, he took overdose of drug because his girl Nikita dumped him. He was trying to get benefit of her in party, his friends also misbehaved with her when she objected He told her that it is common. She was angry because she was not a thing. So she left him and he took overdose of drugs.

When Sthir was leaving the place he heard a teacher caught Akshit and his friends for taking drugs. He was calling to his father. His father was coming there, so teacher asked Akshit to stay. Every other student left the place only teachers and Akshit were there. Sthir also left the campus. He was statisfied that no student is harmed now. He went to drop Shikha after the party. When he came back he used his powers to find any clue in campus. But there was no one. So he was happy that everybody went to home safely. Next day news spread that Akshit and one unknown person were found near bridge unconscious. They don’t have memory of previous night.


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6 Responses to “ Never tell a lie (Part 2) ”

  1. Manikanth says:

    Every Part of your story is like some suspense thriller…. thanks for sharing sir… waiting for next part

  2. bharadwaj says:

    Suspense continues sir! Nice narration sir! But very sad to feel situation of woman in such areas.

    1. You are right Mr. Bharadwaj
      In these cases a woman is always mistreated. You can read the statistics of rape. As per my view these criminal must get capital punishment for rape.

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  4. jtsngh19 says:

    Its great to see that you are narrating now on these topics also……..nice one

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