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Never tell a lie (part 3)

Never tell a lie (Part 3)

Police came and enquired the teacher who talked to Akshit last. He was taken to police station to identify the other person. The teacher immediately recognized the person that he was Akshit’s father. An elderly person came in sight shouting that the teacher is a liar; he did something to his son. Teacher was confused; police inspector told him that the shouting person is Akshit’s father. Now the question was raised who the other person is and why the teacher was lying.

The teacher Mr. Mehta told them that pervious night he caught Akshit taking drugs so he called to his father by his phone. His father told that he is coming and this person came and took Akshit. After that Mr. Mehta also left college. Now the mystery was who the other man is while Akshit’s father was in front of police. He told that Mr. Mehta is telling a lie. Police inspector asked for Akshti’s mobile which they recovered from him. He checked the number, Mr. Mehta told the time so they found the number from phone. The police inspector dialed the no, a person pick up the phone and asked,” Hi Akshit, what’s up?”

Inspector asked,” Who is this?”

The other person enquired about inspector and asked how the inspector is holding Akshit’s phone. Inspector introduced himself and asked about the person. He told that he is Akshit’s friend Rohit. Inspector asked him to come to police station immediately. All were waiting for Rohit now. The puzzle could be solved after Rohit’s story.

Sthir was outside the police station with other students. When the news spread many students came to police station. In first case, they didn’t react but second case was worst a girl was raped due to this sickness or disease whatever it is. Now the cases numbers were increasing. They wanted police to take action on this. Principal Mr. Chakrvarti also came. He went inside but Sthir and other students were not allowed to come inside. Others were talking but Sthir was listening everything from outside. Situation was critical. Ten minutes passed but Rohit didn’t come. Akshit’s father was becoming out of control, inspector ordered two constables to go to Rohit’s place. One of students knew his home so he accompanied them. After five minutes Rohit came with his father on his bike. Constables were still in search of him, inspector called them to come back. Akshit’s father caught Rohit by throat, police officers came forward and separate them. Rohit’s father got angry and shouted that he will call his lawyer. Inspector told him that two person had lost their mind and his son’s actions are suspicious in this matter. So if he will take any wrong action it will prove that his son is involved in this.

Rohit’s father’s temper immediately came down. Inspector asked Rohit what is going on. Who the other person with Akshit is? Rohit told that when Mr. Mehta caught Akshit then they immediately thought a plan. They removed Rohit’s name from Akshit’s phone. When Mr. Mehta asked his father number then Akshit’s friend gave Rohit’s number. Mr. Mehta talked to Rohit while he was thinking that he was talking to Akshit’s father. After this Rohit and his friends hired a junior artist to play a real life role as Akshit’s father. He came to rescue Akshit from Mr. Mehta’s clutches. He took Akshit and both left Mr. Mehta’s office after that that junior artist called to Rohit and confirmed that everything is ok. He told that he is goint to drop Akshit to his home and Akshit is still in influence of drugs. He told that after that he will come to his home for money but Rohit told that he will pay tomorrow and there is no need to come at night. After that there was no contact, the artist didn’t call in morning.

Now the situation was clear, Mr. Mehta was not guilty. Police inspector permitted him to leave. Rohit’s father slapped Rohit for this lie. He told that due to this Akshit and that man lost their memory. Akshit’s father was silent now. He realized that it was his son’s fault, no other was guilty for this. But what happened to Akshit? If he lost his memory due to drug then what about the other man? He didn’t take any drugs.

Police was bewildered; the situation was out of control. They didn’t have any clue what was happening in the college. Principal Chakrvarti ordered that no student will stay in college after 5 p.m. Hostel wardens were instructed to check every student after 7 p.m. every student must come in hostel before 7 p.m. Students argued that they have coaching and other work, this time is early but Principal was not in mood to listen anything. No teacher argued this time because this party incident supported that principal was right.

One week passed there was no other incident. It is Indian culture when there is no accident for sometime rules are eased and started to bend by people. Now teacher and students were less afraid but still no student was allowed to stay at college after 5 pm and every hostler must entered in hostel before 7 pm. Sthir was also bound to rule but thanks to his mind he placed his moving cameras all in campus. These cameras came back after party to him. These cameras had robotic legs which were folded but when Sthir sent signal they started to move to origin of that signal. He was not able to keep any eye on whole college so he put one at college entrance and one near bathroom where second incident was held. One was held near art block, one was on hostel gate and one was inside hostel which was moving everywhere so that he could check every place after some time, one moving camera was also marching in college. Next day when he came to college there was a huge rush. One more victim was wandering in the college, he was one of the student of Sthir’s batch.


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5 Responses to “ Never tell a lie (part 3) ”

  1. Simmi says:

    Every part of this story is awesome like a movie….good job sir

  2. bharadwaj says:

    Thrill at peaks sir, very well narrated, the police station scene is very nicely explained and penned.
    Waiting for Part 3 sir!

    1. Thanks Mr Bharadwaj
      Will post soon 4part

  3. jtsngh19 says:

    nice prashant its really like a amazing real movie…………

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