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Never tell a lie (Part 8)

How Priya is working like this? She had lost her memory and moreover she must be in hospital. Sthir was confused. He came back near to Priya’s home. His leg hit something. Sthir’s hand was near his face, his nose was bleeding. He was covering this with a handkerchief. In same manner he bowed to see the thing. It was a long small thing like a stick wrapped in cloth. He took that. A sudden flashback camein his mind which reminded him that this was the thing Priya was holding when she came out of the home. So this was the thing for this the unknown scientist was attacking people. He didn’t open that unknown object here. He came to hostel, when he reached to hostel gate a new problem came. He was supposed to stay with his uncle today so he was not able to enter in hostel. He decided to break the rules; actually he was not a model student in following rules. He trespass the hostel boundary. A 10 feet wall was not a big deal for him. He came into his room and put the thing on his bed. First he went to washroom and washed his face with water. He applied some antiseptic cream on his newly found wounds and scratches.

Now he opened the thing. It was not a stick it was a bunch of rolled papers. He unrolled them and found these were some maps. He studied the map, these were related to some airport and underground construction under that airport. He remembered that there was news for a new airport near the city. But now this was not in highlight and construction work has been stopped. Perhaps these maps were related to that airport.

So the person is after the airport security. It can be some foreign secret agencies and it can be some alien work who wants to control that airport for their own purpose. But first he needs to cure the students which have been turned into zombies. They couldn’t hear, understand or do anything. They are alive but without any brain.

He met Heena that day, topic was of course this strange activities. He didn’t tell Heena about last night incident. Revealing his all secrets was not a good idea. Nobody knew his past experiences, not even his parents.

“I don’t know why somebody wants to make this people suffer.” Heena said sadly.

“Perhaps the person is targeting the children of some powerful persons or important persons.” Sthir decided to discuss this with Heena because there is no one else on whom he can trust.

Heena thought for some time and then said surprisingly,” Oh yes, I didn’t think about that. All students were from rich and powerful families who have influence in government working very much. Do you think somebody is trying to blackmail them? But how? How he is doing this?”

“I don’t know yet. But there is something which these families had. Perhaps some secret or something important.”

“I don’t know about this, only I want that those students must be ok. It is like somebody had stopped their mind to think. They can see and hear but their mind reaction is blocked.”

“What did you say? Ohh yes, it can be possible” Sthir was shocked to hear. He got clue from this.

“Thanks Heena, you are a genius” saying this he got up and moved outside.

“What is possible? Hey stop, Sthir, listen” Heena was surprised, she tried to stop him but he was in hurry.

Now he knew that perhaps by those marks from which he was thinking that somebody took all memory is not for sucking memory from mind. These were to control the mind or block the mind. These marks were on their nervous system line by those mind control the full body and if this system is not working, person can’t move any part of body. That is the main reason of paralyses. Now if someone got a way to enter in the mind through this and cut the connection from other senses then the person will act like this.

He came to his room and opened his laptop. He searched some sites about this type of behavior. Actually there was not exact knowledge but he wanted to know all about nervous system. While study his doubt was getting stronger and at the end he was sure that this will be the reason of this state of those students.

For question that how Priya was doing that action work, he thought that perhaps there is a machine inserted in her mind and when that scientist wants he can make her obey the orders. By studying he got the reason for extra strength. In one state of mind, which people know mental state mind produce hormones which give body strength and speed. With help of nanotechnology a machine can compel mind to generate those hormones.

Now the big question remains that how he can reverse the effect or can remove that blockage from their mind? For this equipment of hospital are not competent. He needed some help, a help which he can’t get on earth.


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