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Never tell a lie (Part 9)

Never tell a lie (Part 9)

In the night a UFO was circling near the hostel but everybody was sleeping except Sthir. He saw the UFO it was coming down, he ran towards it. UFO rose from the ground and came down immediately. Sthir came to his room holding a machine which was like headphone except there is one lead going backside. Sthir looked tired like he didn’t sleep last night. He saw his watch, it was showing the next day date. He checked the mobile it was showing the accurate date and time. he corrected the date in watch and lay down on his bed. Soon he was asleep.

In the morning he went to hospital instead of college. He straight went to Priya. She was sleeping and nobody was near her. Perhaps his parents were at home for bringing breakfast. (they were not wrong, Priya was in such a state that she was unable to recognize anybody and hospital staff was strictly ordered to take extra care of Priya. Sthir showed his college card to the nurse which was looking after Priya to prove that he is Priya’s friend. Nurse didn’t suspect and she was relieved that somebody came to look after her. Now she was free and went for other work. Sthir was alone with Priya, he took out the device and put on Priya’s head. The two sides moved and from each a narrow ray generated and entered in Priya’s ears. Third lead was on the black marks behind her neck. Priya was restless now. She was still asleep but her body was twisting. No voice was coming and the light on the device was blinking. Sthir’s full concentration was on door, he was not able to close the door and it was great possibility that someone can come anytime. But the risk was necessary to be taken because at night he was not able to come due to hostel rules and if he would come no one in hospital will allow him to meet Priya alone at night.

After 10 minutes which were like 10 hours Priya moaned. She was coming to her senses. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Sthir. She was about to scream but exact 1/10 second before Sthir put his han on her mouth.

“I am your friend. You are safe now. Please don’t scream otherwise that person will come.” Sthir told her. He didn’t know about any person who would come and from whom Priya will be horrified. But he was sure there must be some person who did it to Priya and she must be afraid of him.

Priya became silent. She was still afraid but understands that she is secure now. Sthir asked her what happened to her. He knew that it will give her stress but didn’t know that it will be painful too. Priya was not able to recall everything. Her memory was coming back but the machine which was inserted in her had done some effects on her mind. Perhaps that is temporary effects but she was not able to tell him exactly what happened to her. She was remembering in parts, she knew herself now. She remembered that she was raped. She started weeping but first time Sthir thanked to her state of mind because she lost that in some time. Now she was not weeping. Sthir told her to try to remember what happened when she and Rajeev were alone. Did somebody attacked on them? She was trying hard to remember but it was really painful. Her mind was still not working properly. From a long time she was in influence of a machine which was controlling her mind, now her mind was still trying to work. But it was taking time. What she remember a big white room, three persons in white dress.

“Try to remember their faces, do you know anyone” Sthir was trying to know that whether they were aliens.

“No, I dunno remember. Their face was covered with white cloth.”

“Were they speaking?”

“Yes, they were talking but I can’t remember.”

“Please Priya try to remember, it is necessary. Otherwise I can’t help you.”

“They said about ‘Maya’ and were talking about some experiment.”

“MAYA? What that’s mean?”

Sthir got some footstep noise. Someone was coming to the rom. He removed the device from Priya’s head and put it back in his pocket. He advised Priya not to tell about him anybody. Priya surprised first but she understood. After all she knew one thing that it was Sthir who saved her. She didn’t know how but he is the first person he met after a long sleep.

Sthir came to college now. He missed two lectures. Third was about to start when he reached in class. Heena was saving his seat with her. She beamed when she saw him but immediately her expression changed like she is angry. Sthir smiled and seat near her. In the mean time lecturer came into the class so he was not able to talk. He took her notebook and wrote “Sorry”. Heena saw him and smiled.

After class they started to talk and he got a story that he got up late story ready. She was not surprised because it is normal for hostel students. She advised him not to wander with hostel boys till late. They went to library. Sthir asked Heena about Maya. Perhaps it is the name of person. But he was himself not sure about this. Heena told that in old Hindu history Maya was used as power of magic which was used by Rakshas and Gods. But that doesn’t fit either. Sthir started to search ‘Maya’ with the help of internet. He used google for this.

First he got some software and some other companies but then he got ‘Maya Civilization’. This word stroked something in his mind. He started to read about this. ‘Maya Civilization’ was a vast and powerful civilization and it disappeared without any trace. Does Mayan have something to do with this? The machine was a great example of Nanotechnology which is still future thing for people on earth. Can Mayan still exist? This mystery is becoming more confusing.

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