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Night of Horror (Part 1)


Night of horror (Part 1)


It was the day which was full of dullness, boring meetings and a lot of work. I never understand why it happens when you need to leave office early your boss find out this and give you so much work which he was preserving from last month. 17 September was the same day when I was getting f**ked in my office. My boss called for a meeting at 5 p.m, I was about to leave office because I was in hurry to get a bus to go Hisar my home town. If you are leaving in New Delhi and your home is far away from it then you can understanding my problem. On Saturday evening there is a huge rush on bus stand and railway station to go home. My office is six days week so no leave on Saturday even sometime I need to work on Sundays also. So Namita came to me that Mr. Mateen called a meeting so you must hurry. Mateen was my Vice President, an idiot who don’t have any respect for other feelings. I got the clue and I was angry because I told him in the morning that I need to go early today and it was a blunder. He got the idea and he searched for all old files of works. Anyway I went there and as usual the boring work started. He started to give us his expertise advice and this advice was so lengthy that we lost counting of time. We he left us it was 6 p.m. every extra time after 5 p.m. make the journey time doubles because the crowd on Delhi road increases after this. But thank god he allowed me to leave office after office hours.


I came to my room in hurry, I packed my beg in the morning because I knew there will be no time to pack in evening. I ran to the main road. With help of a shortcut which goes through a broken old home I came to main road early. Now there was a long queue for bus. When I comes to walk with my friends on this road then it is full of TMS buses but when I need it then there is no TMS buses. I decided to take an auto. You know Delhi auto drivers, never agree to go on meter. He asked for 150/- I told that I will give only 100/- because I am daily passenger and I know the rate. He disagrees and starts seeing others who can hire him. I know there behavior so I showed like I am looking for other auto. When no other asked him, he called me and agreed with 110/- last offer. I also agreed. So I came to bus stand and become ready to jump as auto stops. Actually traffic police doesn’t allow auto to stop on gate of bus stand. They are forced to stop auto about 100 meter away and it is difficult to come back this long distance with baggage. So I paid him just before and jumped as well as auto stopped, it took only 10 seconds.


As expected there was a huge rush and I get in to line. While waiting bus I was looking for a beautiful face. When you are a young man and travel often you always look for a beautiful co-passenger. It helps to reduce long ways. But there are always separate lines for male and female I don’t know why, because boys also need to get seat first. After a long time and after two buses I got the bus and got a window seat. It was first good thing happened. Second and best thing happened after that because a really beautiful girl stepped in the bus. She was in pink top and navy blue jeans. Her color was fair and she had long hairs which I always liked. She got something in her every person in the bus moved to her and she came to me. “YES” I won the battle she came to next seat to me. There was a wining flash in my eyes and others were looking me with jealous look. The bus started and I was thinking of anything by which I can start talking to her. She gave me the reason. She asked me that whether she could seat on my seat because she was not feeling well. I know this problem, many girls or ladies got this problem. Their stomach can’t bear the pain of travelling of bus. I was happy to change the seat with her because now she was only near to me. Now I was between one more passenger and her. The passenger looked at her hopelessly. I started to talk:


“Are you ill or is this only bus problem?”


“Oh yes, I don’t likes bus journey, but this time trains are not available.”


“Where are you going?” I was not ready to leave this small talk now.




“Oh great, So we are neighbours.”


“How, I didn’t understand.” There was a little alertness in her eyes.


“Hey, don’t worry, I am from Hisar. One stop ahead of you.”


“Oh that, yes we are neighbours.”


So our small chat started and become long talking. Her name was Kashish. She was in Delhi for study. She was in B.Tech. I was thinking to get her number but was not ready to show my eagerness.


My smart phone vibrated there was a message on FB. I replied via Facebook messanger.


“Oh so you are on FB.” She asked and I understood that she want to talk more because these days who don’t have any FB account.


“Yes, I am on FB. Are you also? What is your Id?” I got the first opportunity to get a contact detail. If I will not be able to ask her phone number atleast I can be in her contact with FB.


The bus was on full speed. It was Haryana Roadways bus and if you have travelled in one then you know how fast they are. But my luck was not with me or it was with me. The bus vibrated and stopped in a halt. Everybody got a push forward because all were in motion and bus stopped. Many got hurt by this, I was also one of them but I didn’t care for myself. First I checked to her, she was alright but I was caring for her like she was the one who was hurt most. In this process I touched her cheek once.


But now the time was to look after the bus. With some other people I also stepped down from bus. The driver was trying his best to repair it. When I get down then I came to know one more terrible news that the bus was out of route. The bus driver tried a shortcut and entered in the village of Maham. Now there is no way that we can get another bus. If we will be on main road we were able to get a new bus with same ticket after all it is Haryana government responsibility now to securely drop off in our cities. But now we were stuck. The bus was not in position to move. Many decided that they must go to the main road so we can get new bus. There was no other option so everyone was ready for that. I came to Kashish and told her. Her expressions were unreadable. She was not seemed sad perhaps she was happy that she is getting more time to spend with me. We took our luggage and step out of the bus. I saw many eyes moved to her side. It was night but many people were there and one thing is good about Haryana. People are always ready to help each other. So we all started to walk to main road which was about 3-4 kilometers away. I saw two college students which were standing near our seat started to follow us. I knew their eyes were on Kashish’s fabulous figure. But I was not able to object, they were not doing anything wrong. They were just following us.


Kashish was with me and she was almost glued to me. Perhaps she was terrified with night or she was taking advantage of this situation. I was enjoying this but my enjoyment was short lived. Two bulls were ready to charge each other on road. Everybody stopped. It is really dangerous. If they started to fight no one was safe because they could be come near anyone of us. More than 500 pounds charged bull was really dangerous for any strong person and we were not wrestlers so what they can do with us. We all left the road and start praying. With our horror bulls started to fight and slowly start moving towards us. Our queue was broke Kashish caught my hand and ran towards near street which was empty. I found both college students also came after us 4 more people with them. All were in hurry because bulls came near the end of street so we had no other option except keep walking in the street. We waited but bulls didn’t move from there. Kashish told that we must try to get other end of street. We all started to go to find the other end of street. One bull lost the balance and ran for his safety in the street. The other bull ran after it to punish its arrogance. We were in trouble two furious bulls were following us in a narrow street we got no other option except running now. Nobody was caring where he is going we moved from one turn to other for safety. Kashish and I were running and our hands were together. Our baggage was lost in the street and two other idiot college boys were following us. Rest of people got other turns and they were somewhere else now. The bulls were also lost. Now we four people were standing nowhere. It was dark. I was worried now because if they two boys were thinking of doing something horrible I was alone and not able to fight both of them in one time. A owl screeched and fly above our heads. Kashish’s hold on my hand becomes tight. Mostly area was covered with dark, in village people sleeps early and mostly electricity is unavailable most of time. So we had no way to go except one. Kashish saw a light some far away. There was a big home on some distance. This was the only hope that we can get someone and I was really not ready to be with two young guys whose eyes were on my new girlfriend. So we moved to the light that both a**holes were not leaving us. When we reached to the light it was a big old haveli (big house of old type). There were bushes everywhere and cobwebs were on the door like nobody is living there, but there was light which was coming from window. It was like a horror scene of Ramsey brother’s movies. I was not ready to go inside but Kashish was holding my hand and I looked in her eyes, she was not comfortable with those boys whose eyes were still on her body like they are searching every part of her body with their eyes. No other way was open for us, so we decided to enter and I knocked on the door.


 The Haunted House

But that was true




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