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Night of Horror (Part 2)


Night of horror (Part 2)


As soon as I knocked the door, the door flew open like somebody was waiting for us. There was a lady, she was wearing village cloths. I was surprised to see that she was from village still her face was glowing. It is not like village girls are not beautiful, but village girls don’t do make up also. Her face was glowing like she has come straight from beauty parlor. Anyway, it was not my concern I was with my beautiful girlfriend which became my girlfriend only 2 hours back. Kashish asked her about our stay for night and told her our story about bus and bull fight. She was ready to allow us but she saw both college guys suspiciously. See I know they were bad, it was written in their eyes that’s why I didn’t want them to stay with my Kashish sorry with us. But there was no other choice so they both came with us. I saw frustration on the face of Kashish and that beautiful village girl.


Anyway we came inside; it was a big house with many rooms. But it was little different from other houses from this area. Perhaps the owner was found of somewhere else architect. Actually in Haryana I have seen many havelies they all have a big empty place between and rooms surrounding it. But it didn’t have empty place or ground. It had rooms everywhere. One room takes you to in other room. But who cares about rooms when you are with most two beautiful girls of your life. One thing about village girls, they have really a gorgeous figure. Actually they do a lot of work so they don’t need to go to gym to shape their body. They are naturally slim and curvy. It doesn’t mean my Kashish was less beautiful; she had a fabulous figure and so beautiful face with beautiful eyes with a sweet voice with curly dark hairs with…. This list can be going on. Oh Man, I am so lucky.


That girl whose name was Purni (what a strange name) took us to the almost middle of the haveli. It was difficult to say in which part of haveli we are, because the haveli was big and I found all room was inter connected. Purni show one room to both of those boys and one room to me and Kashish. “Yes, yes, yes” Kashish didn’t object on this. I was really happy that atlast we are staying together. My mobile rang. Oh God, I forgot that I was travelling to my home and till this time I was suppose to reach home. Company of Kashish made me forgot everything else. Kashish was annoyed, I was able to see this in her eyes that she didn’t want any disturbance. I picked the phone it was my mom.


“Where are you? How much time it will take now?”


“Oh mom, actually my bus broke down and I am stuck.”


“What?? Where are you? Are you safe? I am sending your brother to take you.” Mom was terrified that I am in middle of way with no help. I tell you these moms, they think that their children are the most unsecure person in the world and they are so sensitive that they can’t handle a small situation.


“Mom relax; I am safe and I am with my friends. I got on the way. And how Rishu will come to pick me? I am far away and why bothering him and my phone battery is going down. So don’t worry about me, I am coming in the morning.” I was in hurry to cut the line so that I can talk to Kashish who was seeing me with so much cuteness.


“Ok, but I am worry.”


“Mom battery is going to shut.” Saying this I cut the phone. It was no way that I was able to assure mom about me. So why leave precious time with Kashish.


As soon as I switch off the phone, I saw a naughty smile coming on Kashish’s lips. As I moved to her side she started to show that she was looking somewhere else. It was my chance; I came near to her and sit on the bed. We were sitting side by side and our shoulders were touching. a smile came to her and her cheeks become pink. I caught her hand and she was little shy now. Both were speechless, I use my hand to touch her chin and moved her face to my side. First she saw to me and then she lowered her eyes. She was so near me and both go excited. My lips came near to her and I was about to kiss her. But what the hell someone knocked our door.


I opened the door and there was other beauty queen Purni. She asked that whether we are hungry. Oh God, atlast someone came to their senses and remind me about hunger. I forgot about how hungry I was. I came straight from office and after lunch didn’t get chance to eat anything. I saw both of those boys were outside. My God, whether they were sneaking in our room. But the point was useless I was not able to do anything. I saw to Kashish and she moved her head in yes. Purni told that she is going to prepare food. I thanked her and as she went I tried to close the door. Both of those guys who were looking to Purni moved their head towards my door. I cursed them in heart and close the door. Before I lock the door Kashish stopped me. She said that it is not good that Purni is doing all the work and we don’t help her. We are her unwelcomed guests. It is our duty to help. I was agreed and she went to help her in cooking. I was also wanted to go with her but she said it is not appropriate because perhaps Purni will not be comfortable in my presence.


I came inside the room and lay down on bed. I heard some hustle outside the room. I came outside but there was no one. I doubted because both of those guys were also not there. So I checked their room it was open. So both rascals went in kitchen following Kashish and Purni.


I was angry and unsecure. So I decided to go to the kitchen. It was hard to tell but I knew that Purni and Kashish went to right side of my room. So I moved that side. Other rooms were dark and they were full of some strange smell. In one room I smelled like raw meat. It reminded me of one time when I was lost in Delhi and went to butcher market. There they were cutting chicken and lambs and it was so horrible that I vomited. I never forgot that scene, many days I got nightmares. The smell was like that smell of market, I tried to see but there was no light in the room and I forgot my mobile in the room. I saw little light in other room and went there. The room was dark, light was coming from another room. I saw a shadow and thought perhaps both of those guys are coming so I moved to one dark corner so that nobody can see me. But no one came inside perhaps it was my thoughts only. Perhaps it was some animal or bird. “Hey hold on, I didn’t see any bird or animal near this haveli. Rest in the village we saw owl or bats but here near haveli there was none. It is natural in village that every home has buffalo for milk and this is a big haveli there must be a lot of buffalos. And one more thing is there no one else in so big haveli? Because if there is some man in haveli then he must not allow Purni to open the gate at night. Purni is living in this haveli alone is also not justified. I have heard property disputes in villages are really dangerous so she can’t secure this haveli alone. There is something wrong. I became worried about Kashish, she is alone with Purni. Oh God, save her.


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  1. Manikanth says:

    As usual the way you narrating the story is awesome sir.. and liked the way you defined the feeling of mother on her son

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