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Night of Horror (Part 3)



Night of horror (Part 3)

I moved more quickly but this haveli was more like Labyrinth. No matter how much you tired you accidently comes from where you started. I was getting frustrated and running but these rows of rooms were not coming to an end. Should I take a look outside the window so that with position of moon perhaps I am able to find the way, when I opened the window I was shocked there was nothing else except dark. Perhaps village electricity is still out. But where is the moon? There are no stars at all. Even noise of mosquitoes was absent which is regular and most common thing in village. Where the hell I am? I know that I must get Kashish and leave this place at once.

But from where I must start? I moved to the gate from the window and I stepped on some wood or something. I picked it up and bring close to eyes. There was so dark that I was not able to see what it was. It was definitely not wood. It was hard and it was not metal also so what that thing is? I came near to gate where some light was coming from another room. What the hell! It was a bone, a human bone.

I didn’t realize I was sweating very much. I was in a ghostly place, holding a bone in my hand. Some killer is there in the home. Perhaps Purni is working for him. Perhaps she needs help. Perhaps she is kidnapped and compelled to work against her will. Oh God, how miserable she is. I must free her from that killer. First I need to find Kashish and her.

Now I was careful while moving rooms. First I was trying to find whether there is someone in other room or not. For this I was not able to believe on my eyes only because the dark was preventing my most valuable sense seeing. So I was using my hearing and sixth sense with my luck. When I entered in next room I start checking the room also perhaps I get something which can help like some weapon. I was unarmed so I need something by which I can fight with that killer. I completely forgot about those two guys and my concern about Kashish and Purni was also fading. I was also in danger. I need to save myself from that killer first then I can save others.

There was nothing in that room, it was completely empty, even no cupboard or furniture. Now I am in danger and I must find something to fight. What a fool I am.  I left that bone in that room, I know it is horrible but atleast I can hit someone with that or block some attack to save me. I came near to door and tried to listen any noise in other room. There was none. So I entered in the room. I start searching for anything and this time I got some table. Oh God please make light for me. But I am not a good person so why God must listen to me, when I don’t remember him once in a day.

“Please God, help me today and I swear I will go temple on daily basis.”

But still no help comes.

“I will be on fast every Tuesday.”

Still there is no light.

“I will pay half of my salary for needful people”

I am still in dark. Hey there is some noise in next room. Perhaps God has heard me and send some help. But I think half salary is really big amount. I will use Rs. 1000/- every month to help others after all if I will pay half salary to others how I will survive in New Delhi.

I carefully look in other room but there is no one. Still noise was coming, I must check the room there must be some way. I have checked the full room but there is nothing. But voice is coming from the wall. How come? There is no door to go that side. But there is a small window above. Actually this is for air passing between rooms. Fortunately there is table. I must climb on it perhaps I am able to see other side. Oh good, there is light in other room someone is sitting there and it’s a girl. My eyes are taking time to adjust to light. Oh she is Purni I think and someone is lying in front of her. Is it Kashish? No it’s a boy. Oh God, he is one of those guys. How the hell he found a way to get near Purni?

Purni’s back is in front of me. She is bending over that guy’s body. He is lying while eyes shut. Purni’s mouth was near his pelvis. So that idiot got Purni. I don’t know how that happened? Girls are girls. No one can understand them. Purni was looking sweet and innocent, how she falls for HIM and if she is with him then how she can give him a blow job immediately after meeting him. Before 15 or 20 minutes or it can be a little more they were strangers. Oh God, I have lost time calculation, don’t know from how much time I am wandering in this maze. Anyway I can’t do anything, But where is kashish now? I can be with her this time. Perhaps Purni and she has prepared the meal and she is searching me. Hey wait a minute. Where is the other guy? He is not with Kashish? NO, Kashish is good and she loves me. She can’t be with him. I must find her and the night will be ours. I got a idea of love making. Same like this idiot is enjoying Purni. But I can wait some time and see what happens next.

Wow, that idiot is really enjoying. He is not moving a little, lucky bastard. If I were him I must be enjoying very much and my full body would be vibrating and see him he is lying like he is dead. I heard a moan from Purni’s mouth like she was enjoying her meal. Nasty! She is enjoying this thing. What now? Perhaps she has completed the session. She is standing up. Now she has come to his legs, Wow I am going to see a XXX movie first time live. But why that guy has cloths on? And why there is red water all over his body and what Purni is doing? She has caught his legs and pulling him like a dead body. What position is it? OH Holy God, please have mercy on me. HE IS A DEAD BODY. His pelvis portion is full of blood. Purni’s face is also covered with his blood. She was not giving him a blow job. She was eating him. She is not a innocent girl. She is a Dayan.


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