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Night of Horror (Part 4 Final part)


Night of horror (Part 4)

Oh My God, I must get out from here at once. Where is Kashish?

This is the only thought I can think about and this is the best plan escape from this haunted mansion at once. Otherwise I and my dream girl Kashish will be dead. I can’t believe Purni is a Dayan. When I came inside the house, she was looking so innocence; but what is the point in that. She is a Dayan and the beautiful face which she had some time ago was a trap for young people. I get my lesson that never trusts on a beautiful face. All glitters are not gold and all beautiful girls with innocence face are not meant for you.

I should go to the other room but I will be careful that I should not open the door of other side of mansion in which that Purni is eating her prays. One college guy is dead then where is other. First of all I must step down from this table.

Now where should I go? Left side or right side? From left side I have come, so I must go to right side. Where is Kashish. Is she alright? Oh God, save her. Doesn’t that Dayan kill her and that guy? I don’t care about that idiot but Kashish must be safe. How to find her? This place is a trap and now I understand why this is like a maze, so that no one can run away from this place.

Next room is also empty. How many rooms are there in this haunted mansion? There is a loud sound, what is this? Kashish is safe or Purni got her. I don’t know how many Dayan or vampires are in this haunted mansion? Oh no. why didn’t I think about his long time ago. There can be more vampires and I am wandering in this place so easily. I must be careful.

But from where this sound came? Next room is not empty. There is something and that something is really smelly. Oh I have come inside now how to search that smelly and a big question is why to search that. What is this near my leg, some woods? No, these are … light is low I must pick one, oh no, these are bones and what is this sticky. Shit there is some skin sticking with the bone and it is smelly. Oh God, I can’t stay here. I must go. I don’t know how but I must not stay and I must hurry.

What about kashish, how can I save her? First I must find a way out then I can go to police and bring them here. They can save her; if I stay long then I will be dead like that guy. This is the best solution. Oh God, please save Kashish till then. I will be quick. But where the hell is the way out. I must go again to left side.

What is the noise in this room now? If is coming from other side of wall. Should I see? Perhaps Purni got another victim who is it? Oh God, it must be that other idiot guy, I can’t bear to see bloody carcass of Kashish. What if Purni see me? Now she will be busy in eating she will not see me. There is the table near wall. Oh this is the same room from which I first saw Purni eating that guy. I must hurry; I must be quick. Oh this table is not stable. I should not life full head. There is Purni near the door of that room. Body of that eaten guy is near her. Someone is coming, Oh God, my fear was true, and there are others like Purni. But who is that? I can’t see the face. I can’t tell that is he or she. But that is talking to Purni. They are whispering I can’t hear a word. That person is going back and Purni is pulling that body to other room.

That’s it, I can’t be here anymore, where the hell is the gate. Oh God, that is my room in which I and Kashish stayed. She is still not here. Perhaps she is also searching me. Should I call for her but no I can’t. It can attract other vampires. My room is here so I think gate must be two rooms from here. I must hurry. Thank God, here is the gate, I am saved, thanks God for saving my life. Now please help my Kashish. Gate is not locked and here it opens. Wow that is great, fresh air without any fear. Now I must go to police, please God save Kashish till then.

“Varuuuunnnnn” I heard a loud voice, Kashish is asking for me. She is safe thank God. But I must warn her not to shout otherwise those creatures will catch her. I am coming kashish; please don’t shout. Where are you?

I think that voice came from left side, should I go inside again or go to police. Kashish is ok and she is searching me. I can’t leave her here. I must take her with me and I get the gate and I think the voice is from near so she is near. I can take her and leave this place. First room is empty. Why didn’t it occur me before that we took right side from the gate perhaps left side is safe. Next room is also empty but first time a room has a door to the middle side of mansion.

I must be careful because there are atleast two Dayan or vampires are searching their prays. This door is open. Oh no, Purni is there. I must go back to door at once. I am going back to the door because I don’t want to be eaten by that Dayan. God please help Kashish, last time you help me listen her, this time let me see her. Here is the gate and I am going outside. There is the our room in which I and Kashish will be together if Purni were not a Dayan. Hey, there Kashish is. She is coming out from our room perhaps she came in search of me. But where she is looking? I am here then to whom she is smiling. She doesn’t know about Purni. Perhaps she is welcoming her. Oh No, Kashish stop. But no, this is the second guy. Why Kashish is smiling to him and why she is allowing him to come near? Her hands are stretched like she is inviting him to embrace her. What is happening and why her hand comes to his stomach? What she is doing and why this guy’s expressions are changed? Kashish took something from his chest and the guy fall down. Oh my God, she has his heart, full of blood. It means Kashish is also Dayan. I can’t bear it, why my head is giddy? I am losing my consciousness.

“Hey, wake up.” A harsh voice came in my ears and somebody shake me.

Oh no, perhaps they got me. Help me someone. I don’t want to open my eyes but it is not useful. Why there is so light outside. It is day and the person is wearing police uniform. It is police, I am saved.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

I must get up on my legs. There is no haveli, where I am? There is nothing. Was it a bad dream? No it can’t be. How I came here and what those two skeletons are doing here?

Best thing I am saved and I swear that I will never trust any beautiful girl.

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