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Shaheen (Part 2)

Shaheen (Part 2)

Childhood of Shaheen was very happy. She had a big brother and an elder sister to protect and for love. She was the youngest so favorite toy of full family. Soon Samayra started her school. When Shaheen saw her going in colorful uniform, she always struggle to go with her. Both sisters wept. Samayra didn’t want to go to school and Shaheen wanted to go with her. Neighbors advised Raima and her mother-in-law not to send Samayra in big school as she is a girl. Why should spend so much money on a girl when she will go to other home. But it is Samayra fortune that she got nice parents like Rahmaan and Raima. They didn’t differentiate between Samayra and Armaan.

Time has wings it fly fast. Next year Armaan took admission in school. Shaheen became more upset, now she was alone in home. She was small enough to be kept in home. So she always runs here and there in home. Raima started to take extra care, not of Shaheen of things of home from Shaheen. Whatever thing comes in her small hand scattered in pieces within minutes.

As she was only child at home, she was star of her grandma’s eyes. But bad luck was also an essential part of her life. Her grandma closed her eyes. Shaheen was too young to understand but when all were weeping her tiny heart told her that something terrible happened. She also wept and when she didn’t find her grandma lap to hide from this sorrow she wept more. This sorrow made her ill. Now her parents were more tensed because they were dealing with funeral of mother and illness of daughter.

This time his brother took responsibility of her. He was himself very small but he was not intelligent in study but was capable of understand social responsibility. He left his school for some days and spent entire time with his younger sister. He played with her and took her outside to see market. Small Shaheen was happy now, his innocent heart forget the sorrow of grandma, but when she is at home she always went to grandma room to check whether she is there or not.

Time passed and Shaheen got admission in school. Her wishes to wear uniform and went to school in rickshaw completed. She was happy not only to join school by meeting and making new friends. In her home she was not allowed to meet other people very much. Here she got friends, a girl named Gulshan became her best friend. They always set together and took lunch from each other’s Tiffin box.

She was safe from bullies of his class because she had a big brother and sister to take care of them. So her life was going well. But when she was four and her brother was five something happened. Her brother became ill and didn’t talk to anybody. Her parents were taking care of him but didn’t take him to doctor. Shaheen was her favorite but he was not talking to her. He kept crying and weeping in pain. Next day, Shaheen tried to pull him from his bed, he refused. Shaheen was stubborn she pulled him with full might. But how much strength she got to pick her brother. She couldn’t lift her brother; lost control and fell on his brother. Her tiny hand touched him on his pelvis. Armaan cried in pain. Their mother came running and seeing this slapped Shaheen. Little Shaheen didn’t understand what she had done. She wept but her mother was not giving any attention to her. She was looking after Armaan. Even her brother didn’t take care of her. He was weeping. When she told this to her sister she told that Armaan bhai got Khatna. Shaheen didn’t understand what that was but she understood that something terrible happened to Armaan bhai.

After some days Armaan started to walk, it took about more than 15 days when he becomes about normal. This was the first tradition which Shaheen came to face and didn’t understand why it was necessary while nobody enjoy it or need it.

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  1. Simmi says:

    Hmmm nice

  2. catarannum says:

    hmmm… eager to know more about your shaheen

    1. Hahaha
      Dont worry
      You will know soon
      And i believe Shaheen will become part of your life also

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