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Shaheen (Part 3)

Shaheen (Part 3)

Shaheen was spending her childhood easily. There was no tension. When Armaan started to play with her she forgot about that bad incident. When they return from school they never took the straight road, always came from a long route which comprises many streets and parks. They enjoyed to pluck flowers from school and parks, sometime they got caught in school and teacher shouted very much but that was also fun. Shaheen liked most to enjoy swing in park. On daily basis she went to nearby park and spent time with friends. When mother asked why they were late then the common excuse was there was an extra class. Her mother knew that there can’t be any extra class for these small children but she knew that they were enjoying in the way so she never argued and they always thought that their mother took their excuse truly.  Shaheen, Gulshan, Armaan and Samayra all four were a group while returning home. First they drop Gulshan to her home after that all three came to their home. It was a different matter that Gulshan’s home was far away from school in comparison of their home. Samayra and Armaan was very close to their lovely little sister.

On Sunday, she was ill so was at home. Some neighbor’s women came to her home. It is normal in India women gathered in one home and start gossiping, it is best time pass of ladies. While talking one of them start praising her son that he is really good in Urdu (a language, which Muslim speaks). She told that he can write Shayri (a type of poem) in Urdru. Now the subject of talking moved to children’s education of Urdu.

“Arey, Sister, what I should tell you. These days this new generation doesn’t respect elders and their values. Children don’t want to learn Urdu. They prefer English.” One of them spoke.

Other spoke in her favor,” yes, you are right. My Akram also feel shame in speaking Urdu. He says that it is not necessary. Now English and Hindi is new language. In school other students make fun of his wordings.”

“This new generation is going to hell. I don’t know what will happen to them. When they will not learn Urdu then how can they understand our culture and our values? Allah, forgive them and show them the right path.”

“What about your children, Raima? Are they learning Urdu?” one of them asked Shaheen’s mother and now the full concern of all ladies shifted to Shaheen and her brother and sister.

“No, I mean…..Yes, I am teaching them at home.” Raima hestily told them.

“But why you don’t send them to Madarsa (religious school of Muslims). Molvi Sahab will teach them accurately. My son is going there since he was five. Your Armaan is elder than him na.”

“They are small, I don’t think this is right time for them to go Madarsa. When they will grow up I will surely put them in Madarsa.” Raima protested weakly. In Muslim families religion is most effective and respectful. Everybody must obey that even they don’t like or those don’t match with current world behavior.

Shaheen was listening all this, she didn’t speak between them because she was told strictly in this tender age that when elders are speaking girls must not speak between. She wanted to argue because it was her life but she was silent.

In evening when Rahmaan came to home Raima told everything to him. She told that neighbors are making talks on this so it was decided that all three children will go to Madarsa to get knowledge of Urdu and religion. Next day Rahmaan went to Madarsa and arranged their training with Molvi Sahab. Immediately from next day all three were ordered to go to Madarsa. So now three small children’s life became busy, they came from school and in evening when the time was to play they started to go Madarsa. Shaheen was missing her games very much. She was ready to give anything to change this time from learning Urdu to Play time.

This was second encounter of little Shaheen with again not desirable culture.

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    intersting yaar

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