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Shaheen (Part 5)

Shaheen (Part 5)

Shaheen was enjoying her childhood oblivious to all these things. She was busy in her study, fight with neighbor boy, playing with friends, learning to read Quran properly. So much was there to do, what a little girl can do after that. While playing football in Madarsa Hussain hit Armaan on leg. Hussain was wearing leather shoes so Armaan was hit hard. It was a mistake but impact was big for Armaan. He was getting problem in walking. Molvi Sahab called at home and Rahmaan came to pick his children. They took him to doctor. There was no internal damage but muscle of leg were torn slightly so doctor advised to take rest for 2-3 days. Now Samayra and Shaheen were going school and Madarsa alone. It was not fun for Shaheen because her brother was taking more care for her than her sister. Samayra’s nature was little different, she was happy with her friends. Armaan was different he was always careful for Shaheen that’s why Shaheen was saved that day from Hussain. Now there was no one to save her in Madarsa. Perhaps it was the plan of Hussain it was not clear.

Next day Shaheen and Samayra went to Madarsa without Armaan. Hussain was waiting for Shaheen as usual. He always played with Shaheen so nobody was taking care for this much. Samayra immediately mixed up with her friends andHussain got the chance he asked Shaheen to come with him to play again. Shaheen was ready on one condition. She told him that he will not touch her under her skirt. Hussain agreed at once. Shaheen asked Samayra about going. Samayra was busy with her friends. She listened half and told her to go and play. Hussain took Shaheen behind the Madarsa. There was a old room which was not in use from years. The door was broken. This was a dangerous building so nobody was allowed to go there. Hussain told Shaheen that he normally played here so Shaheen also agreed. In this small age children have curiosity for everything they can easily break the rules if someone inspire them.

Shaheen and Hussain were alone in the room. Hussain gave Shaheen a chocolate which was her favorite. She opened the packet and start eating. He was sitting on the dusty floor and asked Shaheen to sit but she refused as this will spoil her cloths and mom will beat her for this. So Hussain made her sit in his lap to save her cloths. Shaheen was eating chocolate and Hussain started to move his hands on her body. Shaheen tried to stop him but he gave her two more chocolate and told if she will not obeyed him then he will take chocolate back. Little Shaheen didn’t know what he is planning to do or what harm she can get by touching only. That time chocolate was more valuable for her. So she ignored his hands. Hussain got courage and he started to open her shirt’s button. Shaheen was small but she knew that it is wrong to remove cloths in front of others. She objected and handed back chocolate to Hussain. He didn’t stop and put his hand under her shirt. She threatened him that she will shout. Hussain put his hand on her mouth. Little Shaheen was unable to speak. Now her innocent brain knew that she is in danger. She started to fight with him. But she was small. Hussain hand moved under her skirt and removed her underwear. Shaheen was throwing her hands and legs. She pinched as hard as she could on his hands. She tried to bite him but her mouth was tightly closed. Hussain threw her on ground with one hand other one was still on her mouth. Now Shaheen started crying, no voice was coming out only tears were rolling on her white cheeks. Her defense was losing she was tired to remove his hands from her body. Hussain removed his hand from her mouth and put his mouth on her lips. Shaheen opened her mouth but Hussain bite on her lips. Blood started to run from her mouth. Her clothes were opened and she was helpless lying on the floor under heavy body of Hussain.

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  1. Simmi says:

    Omg…she is totally helpless….bt nice story sir waiting 4 next part

    1. It will come soon simmi
      Thanks for reading

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