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Shaheen (Part 6)

Shaheen (Part 6)

A shout stopped Hussain who was now opening his clothes now. Actually what happened that Molvi Sahab was teaching students and through window he saw Hussain and Shaheen going backside. So he came to check that where are they going. He came inside and caught Hussain by his shirt and pushed him stand up. Molvi Sahab slapped Hussain many times. When Hussain’s hand left her mouth Shaheen started to cry. Molvi Sahab helped her to get up and arrange her cloths. Her full dress was covered with dust and blood was draining from her mouth. Hussain got chance and he ran away. Molvi Sahab took Shaheen outside and immediately calls Rahmaan to come at once. Rahmaan was puzzled but by hint of urgency in Molvi Sahab voice he knew that something is wrong. When he came Molvi Sahab was outside with weeping Shaheen. He told Rahmaan all in one breath and told that Shaheen was safe. Rahmaan took Shaheen to home and told Raima all things. Raima checked Shaheen for how much Hussain did to her. She asked Shaheen what Hussain did to her. Innocent Shaheen told her that Hussain beat her. He tore her cloths. Raima wanted to know every detail but Shaheen was unaware of those things. She was confused why mother was asking so much; she never cared for her fight before. When Raima was confirmed that Shaheen is safe then she told to Rahmaan. Both took breathe of relief. Shaheen was still in shock. This was first time when she was physically harassed by someone. She didn’t know why it happened to her but this incident brought a fear for boys in her mind. She knew that boys are dangerous for her and they can do a big harm to her what harm she didn’t know; but her parents worry told her that harm can’t be cured easily.

Samayra also came home early. She complained why Rahmaan brought only Shaheen. Shaheen told her that Hussain beat her. She told her mother that she must complain to Hussain’s mother for this but her mother told that both must not tell anybody for this incident. Samayra understood what happened. Her mother slapped her also why she didn’t care about her younger sister. This made Shaheen wept more. Now both daughter and mother were weeping. Without any offence or mistake they were punished by a person and this was their misery that they even can’t complain for this.

Shaheen didn’t go to school and Madarsa for some days. Samayra also didn’t go for two days. She went first time when Armaan was ready to go but Shaheen started school after one week and she became ready to go Madarsa only then when Armaan told Hussain is not coming from that day.

Life started again but Shaheen was different now. A happy child becomes shy nature. She was afraid of boys. Mostly she was silent and if there is necessity then she talks only to girls. She stopped making new friends. Molvi Sahab was also not asking her much. She was surprised when her mother didn’t allow her to go to street to play. She argued that she didn’t do any wrong why she can’t go outside. Her mother didn’t answer her just told her to go inside and play with toys or do study. But time heals something not everything but something can be cured.

Shaheen was now allowed to go outside to play. She was shy and afraid. That one cruel incident changed her life forever. Only at eight year age Shaheen got the cruel truth of dirty desires of a man. She knew a man can harm her in such way that she can’t tell anybody. Nobody can help her after that even her parents and if this happened she can’t face the society only she will be locked inside her home to hide her face.

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  1. Simmi says:

    Nice part sir ji

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    Oho ji…..ji…ji….

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    nice story prashant

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