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Shaheen (Part 8)

Shaheen (Part 8)

Shaheen started to go school. Gulshan also joined and some other old school friends also met there. Actually the school was not famous or expensive, her previous school was also less expensive so all middle class family students were getting admission there and now they find the same standard school again.

Now she was in sixth class and in teen age. She was developing her body and she was really getting more beautiful. Boys started to tease her. Some of her school boys always came near her home following her from school. Shaheen was always with Gulshan. Some of them tried to purpose her but she didn’t like any. Her fright of boys was stopping her to talk to any boy.  Soon she cleared sixth class with good marks; she was topper of her class.

She and Gulshan came to seventh class which was a milestone in their lives. Rahmaan Hussain purchased a home in sharing with his cousin.  Now Shaheen had her own home, she was very happy but this home was far away from her school. She started to go to Gulshan’s home first and then both go to school. When Shaheen and her family shifted to new home one of neighbor was staring her. There was something in his eyes which Shaheen can’t forget. That was a strange feeling. But she ignored, the boy was big enough. He was in college; his brother was in Shaheen’s class but in different school. When they shifted they came to Shaheen’s home to know the neighbors. Shaheen got tuitions as she was getting problem in English. In her home her parents were not able to help her and her brother and sister were losing interest in study. His brother’s marks were getting low each time. She was the only one who was intelligent so Rahmaan Hussain decided to do whatever he could do for her daughter.

One day when she was coming from tuition a bike came very close to her. First she was afraid that it will hit her but it stopped near. The same neighbor who was in college was riding the bike, he told that he is going home and asked her whether she wants to come with her. Shaheen ignored. This became habit of that guy named Ali. His small brother Karim started to come at her home for study purpose. One day he came and when they started to study and Raima went outside Karim brought out a Red rose from his beg. He told her that he loved her, Shaheen was in difficult situation. She told him to put back that rose in his beg if her mother would come she will be in trouble. But Karim was stubborn. He started to insist to accept his love. Shaheen knew that if her mother would know her study will be stopped. She begged him but he was not listening her no. Gate opening voice came in their ears, it seems Raima has come back, Shaheen was statue with fear but Karim put the rose back in his beg. Raima came in room and saw Sweat on Shaheen’s forehead. She cleaned the sweat with her dupatta (a cloth which Indian female wear with suits). Shaheen was happy that her mother didn’t notice anything. Now she decided to not to talk to Karim and told her that he must not come to her home for study. It was strange Ali and Karim both were purposing her in their own way.

One day when she went to Gulshan’s home to take her to school. Her mother told that enjoy some more day after that she will not go to school. When Shaheen tried to ask Gulshan caught her hand and pulled her away from her mom. On the way Gulshan told her that her marriage was fixed and next month she will be married to Ahmad. Shaheen was surprised why so early. She asked that you are so young to marry but Gulshan told her weeping that she was lucky that Shaheen’s father understands otherwise in Muslim family marriage in younger age in not rare thing.

When Shaheen came home she asked her mother. She told her that it is normal. Girls are for marry and for take care of home. parents home is not their real home, their real home is their husband’s home, there a girl go in Doli and came on four people shoulders (means girl will left her husband home when she is dead only). She told her that it is their destiny. When Shaheen asked that will she be married in such younger age she told that no, if it will be in her power, she will not let it happen.

Next month arrived and Gulshan was married, Shaheen’s best friend left her forever. She went to her real home. When she was going in Doli Shaheen was weeping she was not understanding why a girl must left her home for the happiness of others. Don’t a girl have heart or they are just cattle whom can be carried away by any strange man.


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3 Responses to “ Shaheen (Part 8) ”

  1. simmi hussain says:

    Some parts of ur story is true like gulshan’s india muslims are so backward they have’nt enough money to educate his children in a private schl nd thats why there thinking is not so big they married there daughter in small is must I m also belongs to a muslim family thats why I know

    1. Right Simmi
      Muslim families are still far away from light of education. It is the main reason that they are still backward. When they will get education then their view to see the life will be changed and they will join main stream.
      Thanks for reading

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