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Rahmaan Hussain was neither so intelligent nor so smart that he would get a very beautiful wife. His would be wife Raima was a normal girl. He always wanted to marry a girl who looks like Hema Malini (a famous Indian actress who is known by name of Dream Girl). But it was not happening. His parents fixed his marriage in a typical Muslim family.  The girl completed her school education and her parents decided that now it is time for her marriage. She was not so educated, not so good looking but she was an expert in home. She could take care of home efficiently and was a great cook also. She wanted to study more but in Muslim families it is her parent’s wish which she must obey. So both were not so happy but still both were married.

Early time of marriage was not so special. Rahmaan Hussain had a furniture shop. Earning was good for a middle class family. His routine was fixed, in morning go to shop and at night come to home. Raima had big dreams about her marriage that she will go to a hill station for honeymoon but home responsibilities didn’t allow her to go. Her father-in-law was mostly ill. She needed to look after him. She even didn’t understand the meaning of marriage she became pregnant. In very first year of marriage she became mother of one daughter. Yet that was a muslim family they were not orthodox. Rahmaan took his daughter as Allah’s gift. She was named Samayra. But desire of a son was not completed. Rahmaan’s parents were pressurizing them for a son. Rahmaan and Raima were not happy because Raima was not so healthy. Even doctor said to keep time gap between next children. Rahmaan brought medicine for birth control because he didn’t want Raima to suffer. In the mean while Rahmaan’s father got a stroke. Doctor said that his condition was critical.

His father told his son his last wish that he wants to see his grandson’s face before death. Now Rahmaan was helpless. Those medicines were thrown in the dustbin. So Raima became pregnant again in next year. This time it was a son. He was named Armaan (means wish). After all it was his grandparent’s long awaited wish. But his grandfather was not able to enjoy his grandson’s childhood for long. He died after one month. He was happy because he saw his grandson’s face but his last wish brought Raima near her death once. During Armaan’s birth her condition was so critical that once doctor lost the hope. But it was Samayra and Armaan’s fortune that she was escaped from death.

Now family was happy. Rahmaan didn’t want another child. They started to enjoy their life full of responsibilities. With two children expenses were high now. Armaan was working hard to keep balance with income and expense. Her mother-in-law always complained for Samayra because she didn’t like her as she was daughter. On the other hand Armaan was always in her lap.

Life was going sweet till Raima forgot to take medicine. She was not keeping track properly. It was not her fault she was busy at home so much with two small children, one old mother-in-law and her own sick condition. It was disaster when she felt that she was pregnant. Armaan ran to doctor for check up. Doctor confirmed their fear. His religion was not permitting still for Raima’s sake Armaan asked doctor for abortion. But doctor refused to do that as this was illegal and child was three months so it was not possible.

Raima was not happy but every bad news brings good news also. For her relief her mother-in-law was very happy and looking after her very well. Actually she was hoping that this time also a boy will be born. Rahmaan was sad to look at falling health of Raima but her mother-in-law really cared her. She was taking care of both children and Raima also in such old age. As her husband was not with her Raima’s mother-in-law was chatting with her whole day. Soon they become like friends because both don’t have other options. While chatting Raima came to know that her mother-in-law was not a bad person. She was fourteen when she married. Her three children were girls so they were killed. Rahmaan was boy so he was permitted to live. All here wishes were crushed by this culture. So her behavior became rude and that’s the reason she don’t want a more girl to suffer all this again. Raima told her that time has changed and now they are not like others. They will look after the girl with more care.

The time came. A new member entered in their life. She was a girl. Everybody was happy to see her and found that Raima is also healthy. Even her mother-in-law welcomed this new girl. She gave her name on her mother’s name Shaheen.

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  1. Simmi says:

    Nice story nd its true..muslim families me aksar aisa hota hai

  2. jtsngh19 says:

    nice one prashant ji………………………anyway happy teddy day

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