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Story of a CA (Part 11 Final Part)

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This time Parkash really worked hard. He and Divya decided to work together for study. Divya’s attempt was in next time but she was taking coaching from now on. So they both made a plan, Parkash was good with finance, tax and Law, Divya was superb with Audit, accounts and costing. So they decided that one will study and make notes daily on his/her subject, in evening they will send their notes through email and study. Next day they will ask each other for problem and questions. In this way, they covered 2 subjects daily and by knowing new questions/queries they were studying deeply. This was enhancing their knowledge of subject and deepens their love also.

Exams were good and Parkash was confident because all exams were good. His articleship was over and now he was working on salary with the same firm. After exam he asked for a raise but his CA didn’t approved. He also commented on Parkash’s work. Parkash was hurt so he left the job and joined a private company with much salary. After one month, Parkash got his CA’s message about returning because there was no other senior person except Parkash so he needed him. He offered him higher salary. Parkash was also ready because the company was a small one so his owner gave about all the work to him. These small companies never hire a big department; they hire one or two people and expect that they will do all the work. So he left the company and joined his CA firm again.

Now he was on audit again. Result came and he became CA. He was happy, he got increment but it was not enough. So he started to search jobs. Mr. Mantri offered him a job in his company which he happily accepted. But when his CA Mr. Ganesh came to know this he was angry. He told Mr. Mantri that he is breaking his team and it is not good. So Mr. Mantri withdraws the offer. Parkash was hurt again. Fortunately he found a new job in a shoe company. They established a new plant in a Sonepat industrial area. He got a job and as this was a new plant and not fully developed so he got higher post. He was selected as Manager who was Head of Department in that plant. He was happy and resigned immediately. His CA Mr. Ganesh objected and asked for one month notice. But he told him that due to him he didn’t get job now he is not going to follow professional behavior as Mr. Ganesh didn’t follow the same. Babu ji father of Mr. Ganesh didn’t say anything as he knew that Mr. Ganesh did a wrong thing. He congratulate Parkash on his new job.

Parkash went to new company and found there was only one assistant. He was also new to work, he was simple graduate and didn’t know the accounting work properly. Moreover the company was in operation from last 2 months and nobody was caring for accounts so there was a lot of pending work. Parkash took the responsibility and worked very hard. Two months he worked from 9 am to 8 pm. At last he completed the whole work and in between he taught everything to his assistant Deepak. This company got an order of export to Europe. They made it and it was new to Parkash. He came to know about DEPB, Drawback, Bank Realisation Certificate, BOE, shipping bills, CHA dealing etc. Divya took her final exams and she became CA also. She started to search job now. Parkash tried in his company but there was no post for Divya as his company didn’t hire a girl for job. In this shoe export business they were sending goods to Nava Shewa Mumbai and from there material was sent through ships. His friend told him about a scheme in which Haryana Government was giving benefit of freight to Mumbai. In his company nobody was taking benefit of this scheme. He worked on that scheme and completed all paper works. He got claim of big amount which was more than his annual salary. He got increment and one promotion for this and he became Sr. Manager.

Divya got a job in Delhi. They met in Delhi every Sunday. They were planning to everything. Nobody purposed each other but both knew that they love each other and want to spend life together. Parkash asked his company to shift him to Delhi office which his company rejected. So he searched a new job in Delhi so that he and Divya can stay together. When he got a job in new company they married. Now life was easy when your love is with you.

The door bell rang. Who can be this time? This is so late. Divya opened the door.

“Who is this Divya?” Parkash asked

“Nothing, Ramu (their servant, who was living quarter backside of home) came to help me. I told him that there is no need as all work is complete.”

“I told you, don’t do work so late. Take rest you need to take care of yourself. If you got some problem who will take care of me and you? Aakash and Ashwin are not coming to see you and me.” His tone was hinting anger and disappointment.

What we didn’t do for them. Now we need them and they are not here. Normally Parkash was busy but today he was missing them a lot. Atleast they are his family, they also have some responsibility to them. He remembered when Divya was two month pregnant then she decided to leave the job because she wanted to give her full time to family. So she left job and opened her own office in home. So big salary became zero but it was for their family. So she sacrificed her career and they don’t respect that.

Someone closed his eyes from behind. Who is this? These hands were not of Divya. It is definitely some male but who? Nobody else in home except he and Divya.

“Happy birthday, Dad”

“What? This can’t be… This is Aakash’s voice. How he came here?”

Parkash removed hands and look back there was Aakash and Ashwin with their family. They were all smiling. What a surprise.

“Sorry Dad. We couldn’t come yesterday but happy belated birthday.” Ashwin came and hugged him.

Parkash tried to speak something but his throat was choked. His eyes were full of tears of happiness. His children remember him. He looked Divya she was smiling, she knew about this surprise. This was the best moment of his life. Now he is ready to start a new life.

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  1. catarannum says:


  2. bharadwaj says:

    Superb series sir! I think this is the best narrated story of a CA life with all elements. Thanks for giving it to us!

  3. jtsngh19 says:

    its really one of the great story prashant……………nice and happy ending always awesum…….

    1. ya, everyone like happy ending.
      I am glad you liked this

  4. ca JAYANT SHARMA says:

    cool man. after a very very long time i read the full story at a single go. don’t know how but managed anyhow to spare first half for the story.

    1. Thanks for reading Jayant

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