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Story of a CA (Part 2)

He was not happy, when books came from ICAI for foundation course. Accounts, economics, Law were not his liking. Yes, math was OK. But who the hell need this account. We can simply keep record however we want. It was going to be nightmare to study these subjects. But there was no other option.

Prakash started study, he was brilliant student, but as he didn’t like the subjects, he was getting problem in study. Moreover he didn’t know any person who was doing CA. his uncle’s son was on job in Mumbai. So he was only one to suffer this torture.  He started study very hard. At last the day came, he cleared in first attempt. His parents were happy, but why he was not happy?

He remembered the day when his uncle took him to a famous CA of his city. On the way, he was expecting a big office with many people working there (like he saw in movies). But when he saw the office it was opposite of his imaginations. It was a small office (who cares if they have two offices in one city). Only 2 people were working there. Only 2 computers were placed on table. But yes all almirahs were full of files. Everywhere where he was able to look was papers. There were two partners in that firm and both were relative, father and his son. His uncle was previous student of that CA so he didn’t get any problem in articleship.  he got seat under the son. He told he will come from next day, his CA’s father commented on lack of intention to work in new students. He found it rude but didn’t comment. But surely he didn’t like his CA’s father very much.

He started his articleship from next day. Form was filled. He wanted to complete all this in a while. He couriered the farm same day.  He just wanted to complete this CA, there was no happy sign on his face. Even his CA noticed that. He asked why he is so sad. He said it is nothing. His CA joked that don’t worry, you would be sad if you would be under my father. He is really strict. He smiled weakly.

On second day he went for his first audit with a senior. He remembered he started vouching and full day he didn’t get time to talk or think anything else. 3 continuous days he did the same task. Even in his dream he started vouching.

Then he got one other person in his team “Jayant Sharma”. He was his senior, but a jolly person. Soon they become good friends. They shared their feelings with each other. It was Jayant who encourage him. Jayant was very senior he was in final and from last 5 attempts he was failing in first group. His second group was already cleared. But Jayant was happy. WHY? Why on earth one can be happy after failing 5 times? That time he didn’t understand that. But he became afraid “what will happen if he will be failed 5 times like Jayant?”.

“This is life my friend, don’t be afraid, enjoy every moment of life. If you would have joined science and you didn’t get job, then? What will happen? CA is the best course, if you clear then you will sure get a good job or you can do your own practice. No worry about future.” Jayant told him.

“But, what will happen, if I don’t clear exams. I have no interest in CA.” Prakash told him his internal feelings.

“Then what you want to do? You don’t have any other option. Now when you have joined CA, then clear it else you are wasting your time. You can get a job of clerk only and I don’t think it is the life which you want to live. Now you have joined, this is only 3 years, work hard and clear the exams. Then you can live the life in your ways.” Jayant taught him this lesson and surprisingly he understood.

Now there were only 3 years of suffering. He accepted the challenge.

There were 13 articles and 18 staff in his office. Mostly were on audit all the times. But in 3 months he met all of them. All become his friends and most interesting thing was; now he started to enjoy this life, not very much but a little. There were 4 girls also. One was Anu. She was different from others. A shy girl but very intelligent. He wanted to talk to her, but he didn’t get chance.

But he didn’t need to wait for long. Both of them went to a big company audit together.

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