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Story of a CA (Part 3)

“Prakash, you and Anu will assist Mr. Satya Pal for the audit. He is leading the audit.” Prakash was ordered by his CA.

Prakash was happy as it was his wish to talk to Anu, but there was a problem, his senior Satya Pal was very strict. He doesn’t like talking or anything else while doing work. Prakash went to an audit with him before and he was always criticized by Satya every time, because Prakash was not so serious like him. But as Anu is with them, it will be fun.

But it was Prakash’s imagination or if there is a different definition of fun. On first day he was criticized because he didn’t bring all the files of previous audit. Actually he brought all files which were in cabinet, but one file was missing, which was kept by his CA in his cabin for study. He didn’t know that. He tried to explain but Satya refused to accept. On first day, first impression in front of Anu was a disaster. He was angry with Satya and cursing him in heart for spoiling the mood. He didn’t get courage to talk to Anu.

But in lunch time, Satya was invited by a senior official of that company for a meeting. He told that it will take time and because they are new and don’t know about previous audit and about company so they don’t need to go into the meeting. “It is good. Who wants to go to boring meeting which is held on lunch time?” Parkash thought. So he and Anu went to cafeteria for lunch together. Prakash didn’t get courage to talk to her due to morning incident. It was Anu who started.

“Did you read the files?” Anu asked

“No, this is my first time for this company; do you think if I have read all the files then I would make this mistake?” Prakash got irritated by this first question. He thought Anu is teasing him

“I know it was not your fault, how can you know one file is with boss? Don’t worry, it happens, it is small mistake, you can bring that file tomorrow from office.” Anu tried to manage the situation. But Prakash’s mood didn’t cure.

“So, from how much time you are here?” Anu tried to change the topic

“from last 3 months, which are most long and bad months of my life”

“Why long and bad, don’t you like our office, I know bauji (Prakash’s CA’s father, all called him by this name. “Bauji” is used by some people for father and other by respectable old man) is very strict. But you will find he is a good man.” Anu told him.

“Na, office is not a big problem, actually I didn’t want to join CA.”  Prakash started enjoying this life, but incidents like today always reminded him that he is not for CA. Actually still in heart he didn’t accept CA as his profession or goal. He still thinks it is a burden on him.

Anu understood his problem. She was really a nice and intelligent girl. She changed the topic from study. They talked about family. Anu’s father was in air force. Her mother was a teacher. Her bro was a software engineer. Soon they become friends, not only just friends, u can say best friends. In some time they started sharing their all views, thoughts, and emotions to each other.

One day Prakash and Anu were sitting in office and Bauji was with them. His CA went outside. A phone rang. Prakash pick up the phone, the person asked for his CA, which he didn’t know. So he asked Bauji about this. Bauji replied the phone and turned to Prakash “Did you know where Ganesh (his CA) is?”

“No bauji”

“Then why did you pick up the phone, when you don’t know anything?” Bauji shouted. Prakash bent his head and saw Anu with corner of his eyes. She was also quiet.

Then there was silence for some time. Again the phone rang. This time prakash didn’t pick the phone. Bauji shouted “when you are near phone then why you are not picking the phone?”

“what the hell, he shouted on me for once picking the phone and once for not picking the phone” Prakash and Anu laughed a lot after Bauji went to home. That was amazing and interesting incident. Now both started to like each other much. It is not easy to spend full day with bauji in office. They both faced this situation together. So love was definitely to be started.

One year has been passed, now exam were seen near. Prakash was studying at home as he was not able to pay tuition fees. Anu was helping him. She was taking tuitions and her notes were helping Prakash a lot. But office work pressure was not allowing them to take leave or short working hours.

A seminar was organized by his firm. All the articles were instructed to join the seminar. There they met Deven. Prakash didn’t like him much. Prakash found that Deven was some kind of flirt. Because he was more interesting in talking girls, when Prakash tried to talk to him, he just ignored. But that was not his matter, who cares about this flirt guy. But it became his matter when Deven started talk with Anu. Prakash didn’t like it.

After seminar he asked Anu why she was taking interest in Deven. Anu said “No, it was just any other guy, which I met in a seminar, Now I will not keep contact with him” Prakash was satisfied and everything remain normal.

Examinations were near and they both got leave for two months. In this time they were really busy and get less time to contact each other. At last exam were over. Both joined the office again. There was a lot of discussion to discuss about exams and a lot of talk which both were missing from last 2 months.

Same day somebody called to their office to talk to Anu. Prakash picked the phone and when the person asked for Anu, he asked for name of that person. The answer was shoking “Deven”

“kaarraammmmm” A noise came from kitchen. Some bowl was dropped in the kitchen. “who is there?” Prakash asked.

“its me” Divya replied.

But what is Divya doing in kitchen this time. I thought she is sleeping. “What are you doing in kitchen this time? You are not well, doctor asked you not to do excess work” Prakash asked

“just routine work, today was party, so I have a lot of work, otherwise tomorrow you will complain that you didn’t get breakfast on time. But don’t worry, I will take only 15 minutes.” Divya assured him.

“Women, even God can’t say them anything” Prakash smiled.

Then he lost in memories again, about the day, on which he shouted on Anu first time.

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