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Story of a CA (Part 4)

“Anu, this is for you, it is Deven” while taking receiver Anu saw glimpse of anger in Prakash eyes.

“Hi, Anu here…….” Anu started to talk. Prakash went away to corner chair.

Anu was looking to Prakash while talking. In only two minutes she came to him and told that Deven wanted to know about next seminar only.

“Then, why on earth he didn’t ask me for that? Why it is only you?” Prakash asked Anu in anger. His voice was louder than normal.

Fortunately, there was no other in office that time, so no body was able to hear this anger discussion. This was unfortunate also, because now Prakash was loosing temper and he doesn’t need to keep control on his voice.

“Arey, why are you asking this to me? I told you that he wanted to know about next seminar details only and I can’t help in this if he wanted to ask only me on this matter.” Anu snapped back.

“You are in touch with him or not? You are hiding something from me. Anu, why are you talking to that guy? I told you he is not good person. What is your problem? Why can’t you cut him from your life?” Prakash’s voice was not lower due to Anu’s mood. Anu could sense that Prakash was hurt from her wording and tone.

“Because he is not in my life, that’s why I can’t cut him from my life. Why can’t you believe me? I don’t like or talk to him. After that seminar it is first time, we talked. Believe me.” Anu’s voice was now also normal with routine politeness and affection.

“Ok, I understand. But I just hate that guy. Please don’t talk to him.” Prakash asked.

“Leave the topic; now see this file…….” Anu changed the subject as it was over and there was no need to stretch this matter long.

Next few days were normal. They went on audit but separately. It was bad because both didn’t get much time to talk but it was good also because Prakash was not really convinced about Anu’s reply. So when both were far away from each so they both want to meet each other. In case of Prakash definitely he was dying to talk to Anu. (This was the time when mobile was not in much use and incoming call was also chargeable, so only few people were keeping mobile that time).

But time was not good for Prakash. He was suspicious so he checked Anu’s email account. Both shared each other’s password. So he decided to check the emails and he was shocked. It was true that Anu was in touch with Deven. Because every day both were talking on mails. He was inbox and sent items. Deven was sending mails to Anu and Anu was reply almost daily, even on Sunday.

When he met Anu, he simply and clearly asked her about Deven. Anu replied the same that she doesn’t like Deven and  she is not in touch with him.

Then Prakash was hurt more than anything in his life. He loved Anu and she was lying to him. He told her about emails. Then Anu’s face became colorless.

But she told,” Look Prakash, he is my friend. Don’t think I love him or like him. He is just friend.”

“Then why on earth you didn’t tell me that? Why you were lying to me?” Prakash shouted with tearful eyes.

“Because you didn’t like him, if I have told you then you would have reacted the same like now. And I didn’t want to loose you. That’s why I lied to you.” Anu replied.

“You knew him from beginning na. You were just telling me lie.”

“I called him BHAI, not boyfriend. So don’t take it otherwise. There is nothing between us.” Anu protested as she sensed where this conversation is going. But Prakash was not listening. Anu’s lie broke his heart.

“I am not a small city girl Prakash, I spent my childhood in Mumbai, there girl and boy can be friend and I love the way I spend my life. You are not supposed to tell me to whom I can be fiend or not. It’s my life and I can do with it whatever I want to do with it. I don’t believe you are so old fashioned.” Now Anu was also shouting.

He didn’t listen Anu’s word after that. And that was the last day he ever talked to Anu.

He always missed Anu after that. But he didn’t try to talk to her. He blocked her from email account. He refused to go on audit with Anu also. His CA was angry but he simply told that he is ready to leave the firm. That was a very big thing. As he was good in audit and very hard working so his CA didn’t tell him to do so. That was the end of his first love from his life.

Still he miss Anu a lot. Why Anu did to him that. If she had told him before all the things perhaps there will not be a problem. He was not able to sleep many nights and his mood was not good after that. Even when his inter results came and he passed both groups, he was not that happy which everybody become after this great success.

But time heals everything and if it can’t heal then it gives you patience to bear it in your heart. Prakash put a reason of Anu’s behavior that Anu knew Deven before that seminar. She told lie to him that she didn’t know him and both like each other from beginning. Anu was playing with his heart only and that BHAI thing was just a big LIE. For rest of life Prakash decided to believe on this reason and to hate Anu for her lie about her and Deven relationship. He didn’t know what the truth was, he didn’t ask Anu after that what was the reason, he didn’t listen to anyone after that a single word for Anu. Anu became part of his past, a painful part which he can’t ignore and can’t forget.

His CA decided to attend a seminar in Delhi. In this seminar students and CA’s were coming from all over India. That was a new part of his life where he met Aina. The most beautiful part of his life, the girl who changed his focus and his life for rest of his life.

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