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Story of a CA (Part 5)

Seminar was good. But Prakash was neither enjoying nor learning from it. His mind was upset from his breakup with Anu. But why didn’t she say sorry, when she knew she was on mistake, she told a lie to him? Why this happened to his life, he didn’t asked for this from God?

“Prakash, note down this point.” Jayant told him. He Jayant and Satya was selected for this seminar from his firm.

“What point, I don’t like to, you note down that.” Prakash told to Jayant.

Jayant showed him eyes, but didn’t say a single word. He knew that Prakash was upset but why he didn’t know.

“Why you came to this seminar, when you were not ready to listen a single word? You could sent Anu instead. Ganesh Sir preferred you instead of Anu and if you were not interested then you could say this to Sir for sending Anu.”

“Don’t take her name, I didn’t want to come, it was Ganesh Sir who forced me to come.” Prakash told and gave jayant Don’t dare to talk me look. After that Jayant didn’t speak to him and concentrate on speaker.

Prakash was getting bored so he stepped out from the hall; outside there were stalls for snacks. He took a Coke and without seeing much move backside and he step on someone’s foot.

“Ouch” a voice came from back. Voice was definitely from a girl but you can’t say that voice very sweet. “Sorry” Prakash saw backside with Sorry look in his eyes. But when he saw the girl, he became statue. She was so beautiful.

“Will you please move your foot from me” Girl asked him with smile. Actually his foot was not on her feet. It was on sandals only, so she was not feeling pain but was amused to see the expression on Prakash’s face.

“What? Oh sorry” Prakash was not sure, what he was doing or what he was thinking. He was only seeing that beauty which touched his heart.

“You are still on my foot” the girl reminded him.

“What? Oh yes, sorry” at last he removed his foot from her foot i.e. sandal actually J

“Hi, I am Aina” Girl introduce herself, she was still enjoying the Prakash’s expressions. She was tall, beautiful, stylish, beautiful, mature and beautiful. He was not able to remove his eyes from her.

“And you?” Aina asked with same smile and same voice which was not so sweet like her face. But now Prakash liked that also.

“oh, I am , I am, ummm, Yes, sorry…… Prakash” Prakash mumbled.

“Nice to meet you Prakash, why are you not in hall? I saw you, you were not focusing on speaker also and you were not mentally present in the hall, you were like…. Like you are not here, you are in somewhere else.”

Now, how on earth she noticed that? Is she keeping eye on him? Buy why? In hundreds of people why she looked only for him? Prakash was confused now. “How can you say that? I was seriously listening and not only listening I was observing.” Prakash tried to show his knowledge, which a ordinary boy do when an extra ordinary girl meet him but as usual like every ordinary boy he saw proving himself fool.

“Because I am sitting next to you” Aina smiled

What, so beautiful girl was sitting next to him and he didn’t even notice. But now what can he do? He boasted about listening NO observing the speaker but the boast was a fuss.

By seeing his look on face, Aina told him not to worry, because she was also not interested in that boring seminar. So they just ignored the boring part of that seminar and started the interesting part-knowing each other.

Aina was from Haridwar. She wanted to become an airhostess (Why can’t she, she is so beautiful). But she failed in exams, they didn’t approved her (How can anyone in their good mind reject her?). Then she joined CA. She was still in inter and failed twice before.

That was the time when Reliance came to mobiles market. Prices of call came down, incoming call became free. So it was easy to take mobile and Aina got one. She gave her number to Prakash. How two days were spent, they both didn’t know. But every good thing has to be end and that seminar was also not exception for this. But both got email address and phone no, so it was easy to communicate.

When they came back from Delhi, Prakash was thinking only about Aina. He was more eager to go on audit now. Because the only reason there he was able to call Aina. In office Bauji didn’t allow a single personal call. Only for Aina Prakash got a mobile phone, it was expensive for him but he used all his savings.  Now both started to start their day with good morning message then reached office message then talk in every hour and if it was not enough, gmail started chat on their gmail software. Now this was a great way to chat each other in office also as Bauji didn’t know about computer much.

Slowly, Prakash got to know that Aina didn’t only talk to him only. She talks to lot of boys from Orkut (Facebook was started that time, so was not popular that time). He got to know because Aina sent him some message by mistake and then told that it was for someone else and even on gmail talk she wrongly messaged him. So he came to know that Aina has a lot of friends to whom she keep in touch on regular basis. But he didn’t mind that because Aina didn’t tell a lie about this. Only first wrong message she told the name of friend and he was a boy. Truth is the base of any relationship. He didn’t like much but he accepted all his friends.

Again a loud noise came from Kitchen. Divya is still in kitchen. A delicious smell of HALWA (A sweet dish) came to him. Why is she doing this at night? She worked a lot full day for evening party. But still she is not taking rest. Anyway he didn’t stop her, because he knew that she wouldn’t listen. She always prefers work and Halwa is definitely for him and she didn’t mind her health for his small happiness. He always thanks Aina for Divya because it was Aina who was the reason to meet Divya.

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