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Story of a CA (Part 6)

Prakash opened his orkut account for Aina. He saw his friends who were very much. Soon he became friend of some her friends. He found some were flirts and one was Deven. Now how on earth he is friend with Aina. He asked Aina for him. She told that Deven is his brother, actually not real brother. But he calls her sis. Now that was the limit. Is he calls every single girl on earth as sister? Anu was also his sister now Aina also his sister. What is going on?

He told Aina to make distance with Deven. She asked Why but he simply told that he don’t like him. So Aina told ok. Because she was not trusting Deven very much and he was only his orkut friend.

Prakash was an audit of a small company, which was started 5 years back. Idea was good but they needed money very much for expansion. Problem was that bank was not sanctioning the loan because they current ratio was not good. His CA was also working on that but every aspect and trick was failed.

Prakash took the project and studied really well and did the same like others, no solution wait… that is no normal solution. But there is one thing, we can get cheques from debtors and give them to creditors on 31st March. It will help.

When he told this to his CA he shouted, what are you thinking, is this some kind of joke to you? You can’t be serious if you are thinking that you can change the accounts on your thinking only. This is wrong and against principals. Be serious on your work. Pay attention, remove this type of ridiculous thoughts from your mind.

“Wait a minute, Mr. Ganesh” Company CEO Mr. Mittal stopped Mr. Ganesh from shouting and cursing Prakash.

“I want to listen, what you are planning to do, young man” Mr. Mittal asked to Prakash.

“Sir, actually I was thinking if we make some accounting adjustment in accounts then there will not a single effect on accounts and our ration will be good”

“How is this possible” Mr. Mittal was curious.

“Sir, we can take cheques from debtors and give these to creditors on 31st March” Prakash told slowly. His CA was staring at him.

“So you are suggesting to adjust debit balance with credit balance” Mr. Mittal also stared to him. But this stare was different from his CA’s stare. Mr. Mittal was seriously thinking about his idea after all his company needed fund to grow.

“What about the bank? Whether bank balance will not be affected by this?

“No Sir, we will adjust the same amount cheques.” Now smile was coming to Prakash’s face as he was thinking that Mr. Mittal liked his idea.

And his thought was 100% right. Mr. Mittal liked the idea and asked Mr. Ganesh to do the same. Mr. Ganesh was surprised but as this was from CEO of company he didn’t refused. But he asked for signed ledgers of these transactions. Which were provided and the idea was finalized.

That was the first time when this technique was used by their firm. It was not normal and sure not according to accounting and finance rules but it really did the trick. The Company got the loan sanctioned.

It was the first time when he dealt with this type of problem and this ensured in which field he need to go. He was good in finance. He was good in audit also. But today he proved his excellence in finance and he liked the field also.

Due to this success, he was chosen to be part of team which was going to deal GDR of a multibillion company (the largest company of their firm). This was the most precious opportunity of his life.

He shared this news with Aina immediately. After all she was the only one, to whom he wanted to share biggest moment of his life. Aina was also happy she congratulate him and asked for party (how can anyone say no for party to her). But Aina was coming to Delhi and for GDR he was also going to Delhi. So it was time to meet Aina second time.

He came to office, everybody congratulate him. Actually everyone wanted to join GDR team as it was life time opportunity. But he was among the three. Satya, Jayant and sure Prakash Garg. Wow. Anu was also in office that day. She was continuously looking for him but Prakash was stealing eyes from her. But Anu took step and congratulates him. He said thanks and over.

So he started preparation for next week visit to Delhi for GDR and meet Aina. That was the time when Aina introduce him to Divya and gave him shock.

8 Responses to “ Story of a CA (Part 6) ”

  1. catarannum says:

    so …finally divya ayi to sahi…..waiting for next part….ab hero ko settle kro yrrr….kitni ladkiya aa gayi………

  2. Simmi says:

    Nice story…….waiting for 7th part…..acha hai ab divya aayi means ab koi or nahi aayegi

  3. Aanya says:

    Good twist to the story…!!

    1. Sameer says:



    it so nice yr , i like it….i think some how very ca and students can releate to it. there are some event which comes in every ca’s life……


  5. Aashima says:

    Gr8 work, Thanks for sharing.

  6. Surbhi says:

    nice part..finally Divya has entered his life..

  7. jyoti rani says:

    lovely yar congrates prakash and ya fially divya cem into the picture but till now prakash didnt disclose that.

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