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Story of a CA (Part 7)

Trip to Delhi was great, he saw corporate office of that company first time and liked it so much. It was like five star hotels. All walls are covered with shining glass or paintings. Big reception and there were two beautiful receptionists. When he entered, he was so busy to see all decorations that he forgot where Satya and Jayant went. He was looking here and there for them. One of receptionist saw and asked to him he want to meet. He was confused but told the name of company. The receptionist told that it is that company office, he needs to tell to whom he want to meet. He then told the name of GM to whom his CA always talks. She told that he can’t meet GM without permission. So she called to GM Mr. Mantri, he didn’t recognized him but after taking his CA’s name Mr. Mantri asked receptionist to send Prkash to him. The receptionist showed him the way.

Prakash went to Mr. Mantri’s cabin. He was expecting a big cabin like this reception. But it was rather small, front side was made of glass so anyone can see inside and Mr. Mantri could look outside. He went inside. He was meeting Mr. Mantri first time. When Mr. Mantri told him to sit down and offered tea to him, which he accepted immediately.

While taking tea they talked, when he told the reason to come then Mr. Mantri told him that this is dealt by Mr. Balraj. So you must go to Mr. Balraj. After completing his tea he thanked to Mr. Mantri and went to Mr. Balraj, where offcourse Satya and Jayant were set.

When Satya saw him he asked where he has been. He told his meeting with Mr. Mantri. Satya was angry, why he didn’t catch them. He told that he was lost.

“Then why didn’t you use your mobile? I think you have one. It is not like that in roaming you will not use your phone because it is chargeable.”

“Sorry, it is not like that I don’t want to use phone when I am in roaming. Actually I forgot to use phone. I was confused, as it is first time I am in such a big corporate office.” (How on earth I can forget that I have mobile phone. And this Satya is making this as I have murdered someone) Prakash thought in his mind.

Mr. Balraj showed them their cabin. Actually this was conference room, but in present there was no conference so it was allotted to them. Satya was still in meeting with Balraj. Jayant and he came to their cabin i.e. conference room. Jayant teased him about the incident. He teased by saying that he was so excited to reach on top that he met GM before Satya do. Actually the GM Mr. Manti was strict and only his CA Mr. Ganesh was allowed to meet him. But due to this incident Prakash met to GM. Not only GM met him, he seems to like him, because when he met him in corridor while going for lunch GM asked him how the work is going on. Satya was not happy because GM didn’t recognize him and he was their team leader.

Lunch area was big and crowded and lunch was really delicious. There was menu for every day of week. Today was south Indian dishes. Which he liked a lot

Work was difficult, they need to check 5 years data and convert them in Million and all notes as per international standards. That work was heavy and really taking every ounce of his strength to do that.

Company booked two rooms for them, Satya was in one room and he and Jayant was in separate room. Actually plan was Satya and Jayant will be in same room, But Prakash was not willing to live alone and He and Jayant were best friends. So he asked to live with jayant, which was not a big problem.

He asked Aina in day (offcourse from company phone, his phone was expensive because of roaming) and she told that she is coming next day. He was happy, they planned to meet in evening. She told him that she is coming to meet some friends and office work.

The next day, he was looking to watch eagerly, Jayant knew the reason so he didn’t asked much. But he told that she is coming in evening so he can work till then carefully, otherwise there can be a mistake which is not affordable as this will be published in international level. He was surprised to see how he liked lunch so much yesterday. Today he was not able to eat that food properly and he liked Chinese very much (today lunch theme was Chinese).

Anyway time spent and it was 5 pm when he got call from Aina, she was in Lotus which was near their office. He told Satya and went. Satya didn’t object as it was already decided in night. Lotus was a Chinese restaurant. As usual, Prakash went there first and Aina came after long 20 minutes. But she got company.

A nice looking girl whose height was about 5’ 1” (much less then Aina) came with Aina. She got a pretty face. Aina introduce her as Divya her friend. This was the first time he met Divya. Her voice was very sweet in compare to Aina. Prakash didn’t know what the reason was but he liked Divya in first meeting, her voice was full of confidence and he got some strange affection by her voice. He thought like he knew that girl from a long time.

But he was there for Aina not for her. They ordered some unknown dish because in that restaurant all name were strange which they didn’t heard before. So they asked the waiter for his help and ordered for vegetarian dishes. Aina told that Divya is her orkut friend and she is also doing CA. Aina was there for some work but when Prakash asked then she didn’t tell properly about work. Divya was doing her articleship in Delhi. She took Prakash’s number and email id. That was just friendly number exchange. That small gathering was good. After one and half hour they all went to their ways. Aina was staying with her friends (not with Divya).

He came to hotel and told Jayant happily with today’s date (atleast he used that word, whether it was a date or not). Next day was Sunday and they planned to visit Palika Bazar because Jayant wanted to buy some clothes and that was one of the cheapest markets in Delhi.

They visit market and purchased some clothes, mostly they were wandering here and there only for fun. They went to McDonald for their lunch. That place is always crowded and on Sunday you need to wait atleast 15-20 minutes for getting seats. So while they were waiting for seats, Prakash found Aina was outside. Perhaps she was coming for shopping there. So he went outside to meet her but surprised she was with someone. A guy aged about 26 was with here. He thought he was her friend but while they met, the guy kissed her on chick. Definitely they are not just only friends. He came inside again. Now he was not thinking to eat burger anymore

7 Responses to “ Story of a CA (Part 7) ”

  1. Aashima says:

    Keep going on. you really have good writing skills.

    God bless you

  2. anitharaj003 says:

    keep writing..

  3. shilpi says:

    that’s cool yr…….i more villains in prakash’s life……….waiting for next part

  4. hiral patel says:

    good story………nice experience of corporate world……………………………………………….

  5. priyanka mehta says:

    its really good…afterall it proves… a CA can also live a happy life with wonderfull moments

  6. jyoti rani says:

    really loovely but dont be judgemental anyway till prakash didnt tell anything to divya ……u have really a interestig writting skills keep going on lovely dear……….

  7. Aanya says:

    Beautiful story… Read all the parts at a go… And its interesting… Plz post next part soon and end the suspense…

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