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Story of a CA (Part 8)

After that the fun visit of Sunday became very irritating and torturous. His full concentration was on Aina and that boy. He was sure that he has seen that boy somewhere, but where he can’t remember. When they came to hotel then also his mood was not good.

Why this always happen to me. First Anu who lied to him about Deven and now Aina? Hey “DEVEN”. That boy was Deven who was with Aina. He met Deven only once that’s why he didn’t recognize at once. But now he remembers. Deven, Aina told him that he like her brother. So that is the fake cover, because the way he kissed Aina was not a brotherly kiss. So he was right that Anu was also lying about her relationship. This pain was unbearable.

But what if he is wrong? Perhaps Aina is really considering Deven as brother and Deven is misuning her trust. Yes, this is right. Aina can’t be wrong; it is Deven who is lying. Moreover Aina didn’t tell lie about her friendship with many boys.

This view gave him some satisfaction of mind; not truly about till a satisfactory level. Thinking about this when he fell asleep, he didn’t know. In morning Jayant woke him up. He didn’t want to wake up as his sleep was not sound. But that was necessary. So he woke up and get ready in about 20 minutes. After breakfast they all came to office.

Mr. Balraj was also there. Draft of GDR had been arrived and they were suppose to check all the figures correctly. That was really a tough work because five years figures were changed according to international standards. So they need to check all five balance sheets from trial balance level. They started to regroup schedules according to GDR requirements. This was really attention required work. He forgot everything. It was Mr. Balraj who reminded them about lunch. Today’s menu was North Indian. So they got Shahi Paneer ( a cheese dish) which was his favorite but food depend on a person’s mood also and Prakash’s mood was on disaster level.

After lunch Jayant and Satya went outside for a walk but Prakash refused and came to cabin. First work was to pick the phone and dialed Aina’s number.

“Hallo” a female voice came.

“Hi Aina, this is Prakash. How are you?………” after some formal and initial talk Prakash came to his point.

“Aina, do you have a boyfriend?”

“heyyyy, what happened to you? Why these sudden questions like this?”

“Nothing, just wanted to know about you and your life” Prakash was eagar to hear “NO”. But usually happen when you really want something then it doesn’t happen. Same happen to this situation also

Answer was “YES”

Parkash felt like his heart is losing blood. But he wanted to know about yesterday incident and his theory on that.

“Is he Deven?”

“Noooo sily, I told you Deven is like my brother. My boyfriend name is Vipin. He is from Raipur.”

“Where you met, in a seminar?”

“No, actually we didn’t meet yet.”

“What??? You didn’t meet him and you love him? How is this possible?”

“It is love Prakash, love don’t see the distance and face. We are in relationship from two years. We met on orkut and fell in love. We cover this distance via phone, orkut and gmail. You know I have only one picture of him. He is so shy that he don’t send me his picture. But I love him the way he is. Soon we will marry.”

Prakash was unsure what is he hearing? How a girl can love so much to a person she didn’t see except photos, not photos only one photo.

“But you didn’t tell me about Deven, you told me that you are only orkut friend. But you know personally and met him yesterday.” Prakash wanted to know everything actually he wanted to clear all misunderstandings.

“How on earth you know that?” Aina was surprised. “But anyway, yes I know him and I met him yesterday. But you asked me about him two months ago and we met after that. He is like my brother, no relation except this between us.”

“But the way he kissed you, that was not a brotherly love” Prakash was becoming furious because he was not able to understand the whole situation.

“Oh, so you were there. Look I know he is some kind of flirt. I didn’t approve his behavior, but he is like he is. He always shows others that we are so close. He does this when there is some girl with him. I am sure; you didn’t notice there was a girl with him. In this way, he shows how bold he is and by this he can kiss that girl too. He uses me as a mean to get a girl. He introduces me as his sister and talk to her in my presence. It gives good impression so he gets much close to that girl with my help.”

“What the hell? How can you do this? He is using you as a bet to find a girl and you are helping him. Why? Don’t you care about other girls? They think that you are his sister and he is meeting in your presence that’s make him a good and family guy. But he is not. He just uses girls.”

“Leave it Prakash, why we are discussing about this. See, we didn’t talk much from a long time. Now we are talking but see on what matters. You don’t come on gmail also.”

“Ohhh that, that’s because I am really drowned till neck in work.”

They talked until satya and Jayant came from their short walk. Prakash mood was not good but it was also not that much bad as before. Talk to Aina always helps him to keep good mood.

His mobile beeps, a sms came. He didn’t check that. Daily he got many messages from mobile company’s advertisement department. They don’t have any work except sending messages. But that is the only work of them.

They needed to convert INR (Indian rupees) in to USD (US Dollar) and all amount in millions. So Satya put paste special and divide all figures by 10,00,000 (1 million).  He gave file to Prakash for checking. On the very first page i.e. balance sheet Reserve and surplus account was filled with some unfamiliar amount.

He wanted to tell Satya but didn’t dare. Because he knew Satya is great in work that’s why he is incharge. There must be something which he can’t look. After half hour struggle he didn’t figured it out. So he asked Jayant for help, who was also dealing same problem with other years. Then they asked Satya how these figures can be matched with Indian balance sheet. Satya stared them and started to look while saying under his breath “Can’t look the balance sheet only, how can work.”

But with surprise Satya was also not able to find the problem. He spent two more hours but there was some unusual change in amount. In the mean while Mr. Mantri called for Satya to disccuss notes of accounts. So it came to Prakash and Jayant to sort out the problem. Prakash took new excel sheets and repeat the procedure of Satya, which Satya has done twice to check. He studied every figures and atlast found the problem. They put divide formula to full column, that’s make total figures also divided by million and that was the main problem. Immediately they put formulas as the same and divide every figure separately. Problem solved. Now every body relaxed. At last they got balance sheet in USD. Now there work of checking to be start. They decided to do it from tomorrow.

Now Prakash check his mobile there were four message of advertisement, one for loan requirement, two from his friends and one from Divya. That was a forwarded message about friendship. He smiled and selected a message to forward but stopped, it will cost more than 1 rupees as he was in roaming.

He opened Orkut and there was friend request of Divya. He accepted.

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6 Responses to “ Story of a CA (Part 8) ”

  1. bharadwaj says:

    This part of story covers all facets of an article student life, still the suspense continues!
    Extreme lucid narration sir!
    Keep on Mooving!

  2. catarannum says:

    ohoooo….msg ane suru ho gye divya k kya baat hai…..aur ye david sabse bda villan hai kya??? a6a likha hai…..keep writing……….

  3. Annya says:

    interesting story… enjoyed reading it…

  4. Simmi says:

    Really its a intersting story……nd sach me ham kisi ko bina dekhe pyar kar sakte hai…….online pyar b hota hai wo b sachcha wala

  5. CA Prashant Gupta says:

    thanks to all
    i will try my best to wtite next part soon and better

  6. jyoti rani says:

    really awesum and ya also beliene that bina dheke pyar hota h n wo bhi sacha wala haina prashant