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Story of a CA (Part 9)

Next day when they were getting ready in hotel, Prakash got a message. Jayant was in bathroom so he opened the message which he normally doesn’t. This message was from Divya, again forwarded message of good morning. This time also he didn’t reply, but he decided that in office he will reply her on orkut as that was free.

After reaching office, he started to work on desktop which was provided by the company. He started work. Today they were checking the correctness of GDR figures. When lunch time came, nobody knew. Today’s menu was continental food, so they enjoyed pasta, pizza etc. After lunch they went for walk and after that they started work. Prakash opened gmail, Divya was online. So he messaged her. Immediately reply came. So they started chatting. Just routine talk but both enjoyed. Prakash lost the sense of time while chatting. He knew that one hour has been spent when Jayant ask him whether he has completed balance sheet schedules. He told Divya that he has work and log out.

Work was interesting. Mr. Balraj told that next week their overseas auditors who are dealing with GDR are coming. So they had only five days to complete the task. Now the pressure increased immediately. Satya told this to their CA Mr. Ganesh immediately. He changed his programmes and decided to come next day.

Now the work load was high, they decided to work late. About 4 p.m. GM Mr. Mantri asked everyone to his cabin. When they reached Mr. Mantri greeted with them well specially with Prakash. After that first meeting Mr. Mantri was very close to Prakash. Always he came to their conference room and talk to them. He always speaks to Prakash separately, not for work, just some fun. Staff of that company who was in work of GDR were also there. Mr. Mantri instructed his staff to sit late till this work is over. After this he sent them back. Now auditors (Satya, Jayant and Prakash) were there with Mr. Mantri. Mr. Mantri told them his plan of work. Because he ws in charge, it was his responsibility to prepare all work before Monday. The overseas auditors were only for three days and because they were foreigner they were more important and so their time.

In evening Mr. Kapoor, who was AGM, he was not in GDR team but he was incharge of administration ordered for pizza for all. Prakash liked it, it was first time he was in such big company and he was enjoying this kind of attention and hospitality. After that everybody took half hour time for refreshment. Parkash dialed Aina no. He didn’t talk her today. Aina pick the phone but when she listened Prakash voice, she bursted out.

“Don’t dare to talk to me.” Aina shouted

“But.. but what happened? What have I done?” Prakash was not ready for that reaction.

“I tell you, now stop calling me and don’t mail me anymore.” Aina’s anger was out of control

“But please tell me, what happened? Why are you so much angry?”

Aina cut the phone. Prakash dialed again.

“Why can’t you understand? I don’t wanna talk to you ever.”

“But atleast tell me what is my fault?” Prakash was now begging.

“You are talking to every girl, You take gmail id and talk to them.”

“But I didn’t, are you talking about Divya? Heyyy she is your friend and she exchanged number in front of you and I didn’t call her. We just chat and it was she who messaged me first.”

“I don’t wanna talk to ever. Do whatever you want to do”

“You are saying like you don’t talk to anyone, you have more than hundred friends on orkut and you chat to everybody. Moreover you have number of more than half and you are regularly in touch with them on phone. If I talk to one girl then what is big deal?” Now Prakash was getting angry because he was not on fault, he didn’t flirt; he just talked to only one and see who was blaming him, AINA, who talked more than fifty guys. Who had a brother like DEVEN, who uses his so called sister as a bet to get other girls. Now she is angry because one of her friend talked to him. It was NOT even TALK it was just chat.

“Shut up, I don’t wanna liten anything. I don’t flirt to anyone, they are just my friend. You wanted her number and email id to keep in touch. I love only Vipin. I have already told you.”

“Wow, only I am asking everyone for number, tell me, how you have more than fifty guys number and how they have your number? Because you are very much interested to talk to other guys and if you love only Vipin then why you was so much in touch with me? From morning to night we both knew what other is doing. In every fifteen minutes we contacted each other. What was that? And if you love only Vipin then who gave authority to Deven to kiss you? Why…”

“This is ridiculous, I don’t wanna talk” saying this Aina disconnected the phone.

Prakash tried again but Aina didn’t pick the phone. After fifteen to twenty try he didn’t call. Now his mobile rang, there was call from Divya. He picked the phone, a lovely and joyful voice of Divya came to his ears.


“Hi Divya, Sorry but I can’t talk to you right now.” Prakash voice was upset

“Why? I know you are busy. But you seem upset. Are you alright?” Divya sensed that something is wrong with Prakash.

“I will talk to you later, bye” Prakash disconnected the phone.

He went to washroom and cried there for ten minutes. He was not able to work. His phone was beeping, messages were coming. He checked when first message came, perhaps it is from Aina. But it was from Divya. She was worried by his sudden change of behavior. She was cursing herself that perhaps it was her, he is upset. He didn’t reply. But Divya was messaging continuously.

He asked Satya that he is not well so he want to go to hotel. Satya was not happy but he accepted with warning that tomorrow Mr. Ganesh is coming so take medicine and be well quick. Like it is in his hands but he was grateful that he allowed.

He came to hotel and wept till Divya called again. He didn’t want to listen but still he picked the phone.

“Are you alright? Why are you so worried?” A really worried voice came. Divya took his sad behavior as he is worried or something wrong with his work. But by her voice it was clear that she was really caring.

But Prakash was not in situation to understand her feelings. He just said,” Divya, I am alright. But I can’t talk to you right now. I will call you later. Bye.”

Prakash was really hurt by behavior of Aina. He was not able to understand how she can do this to him. Because it was she who talk to almost all guys and exchange number to be in contact, now he only exchanged number with one girl and she is blaming him to be a flirt.

Satya and Jayant were late; Jayant called at 10 p.m. to ask about his health and advised him to take meal because they will be late. But Prakash didn’t eat anything. How could he eat while his heart was full of sorrow?

“Why are you not sleeping?” Divya came to him and asked.

He smiled and said “just thinking about life, how it flows.” Saying this he kissed Divya on cheek.

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  1. jyoti rani says:



  2. catarannum says:


    1. CA Prashant Gupta says:

      he is lucky because he got Divya now
      but you cant say every time he got a new girl
      what about his heart break everytime when someone leave him

  3. catarannum says:

    I hope divya is last….may be prakash will like new colour or new leady…..

    1. I can’t tell you full story right now
      wait for new part

  4. catarannum says:

    If it happens, I think divya can’t bear that heart break….

  5. anitharaj003 says:

    aina behave really confused…
    any way gud turn in story…

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