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The Curse (Part 9)

The Curse (Part 9) There was police outside his home. How dare policemen come near to his home? Whether they have got some clue about his night eating work? He needs to ask them. He stopped the jeep outside the gate as there was no way to enter. A policeman came near and tells him […]

The Curse (Part 4)

  The Curse (Part 4) Simran was happy because Manohar was not there but she didn’t know that Manohar was becoming more dangerous. He was turning into a monster who was preparing to destroy life of the city. Manohar went to home. His jeep entered from the main gate. He has washed his face so […]

The Curse (Part 3)

The Curse (part 3) Manohar was restless, his full body was aching. It was like his body needs a good stretch. But what if anybody will see him in this state, he can’t go outside like this. But there is no other option his body was not much bigger and muscular now and his cloths […]